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Date: 9/15/2003 8:49:05 PM Central America Standard Tim
From: John WorldPeace

In a message dated 9/15/2003 12:11:12 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

> So what is taking the judge so long to make a ruling?

>> This is a very complicated case. It has to do with personal causes of action, HPC causes of action, and it has to do with challenging the PCUSA as an institution.  This is a major lawsuit.  It goes way beyond the IHP and an audit. It goes to the core beliefs and law of the PCUSA. 

>> In addition, the court has to contend with a lawyer from one of the biggest law firms in Houston lying to her.  She has to deal with Keezel lying to her.  She has to consider how much of the lawsuit she can rule on and not violate the separation of church and state provisions of the Texas and US Constitutions.  You have no idea how complex this lawsuit is. 

>> The judge knows how complicated this suit is and she knows that it could go on for as much as ten years and go to the Supreme Court of the US.  She also knows that I have a reputation of not backing off in these cases.  She also knows I have already backed down the State Bar. She knows that I have no problem going to the appeals court.  And so she knows she has to do the right thing and let the case move forward.

>> After she decides to let it go forward, she has to decide how it will go forward.  She has to decided how to deal with 15 lawyers and 20 defendants.  She has to decide if she can break the case up into smaller cases.  She has to decide if she is going to shut down the IHP, which I think she will.  That will cost someone millions of dollars.  But she knows that the project should not have gone forward. 

>> This is why she has not made a ruling.  She also knows that Reagan Brown lied to her in February and in June.  She knows she is going to have to sanction him.  And I am sure that his firm has contributed to her campaign and so she may be deciding to recuse herself and let it go to another judge.  And if she does, that is a whole different mess.  I doubt any judge in Harris County wants the case.

> Also, do you know when the judge will make the ruling?

>> She is only limited by how long I wait to go to the appeals court and force her to make a ruling.  I will not let the IHP be finished.  If we do not get a ruling within a few weeks, then I will go to the appeals court.  I want to bankrupt Tom Lord, Walter Ellis and Joe Delgatto and put them in jail as well.  So I will not let this project be finished. 

>>By the way, this is another problem, the judge knows that someone is going to have to answer in federal court for what has been done.

>> In a nutshell, we may get a ruling tomorrow or it may next month.  Only the judge knows.
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