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Date: 9/15/2003 10:05:28 PM Central America Standard Ti
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I find it very interesting how the whole world is in a huge conspiracy against you and only you.  You seem to think that EVERYONE is lying

> Everyone is not a liar.  But the all the Defendants in the lawsuit are.

and that EVERYONE is out to get you.

> There are a lot of people who are out to get me but mostly those are people who oppose me in legal battles.

  How is that possible?

> People who live small lives and do not speak out and who are afraid to even write an email with their name on it have minimun conflict in their lives.  I went to East Texas yesterday to force a doctor to pay significantly for his sexual harassment of my client.  The matter will not even be filed as a lawsuit.  The opposing attorney knew the reality of the situation. The doctor would like to get me because of my role as an attorney.

> The list is pretty long in respect to those I have sued.  People are out to get me in the legal business because I make them do the right thing.  It is the nature of my business.  I also get hate mail sometimes because of my web page.  People do not like me comparing Ariel Sharon with Hitler.  During the governor's race a bunch of Southern Crackers went after me because I advocated removing the Confederate Battle Flag from the Laredo Airport.  The flags were removed without any fan fare.  Some of these die hard crackers are dangerous. 

>You live a very sheltered life.  Joe Delgatto knows he is going to jail.  He definitely wants to stop me.  And Tom Lord may well end up bankrupt.  He definitely wants to stop me, too.

  Do not be so vain
John; so vain to think that the whole church or rather the whole world revolves around John Worldpeace.

> I really don't know what you are talking about.  The whole church is in fact reacting to what I am doing as well as the crooks at Presbytery of New Covenant.  And since I am the only person in the world whose name is WorldPeace (except Kay), and since the whole world is looking for WorldPeace; to some extent people in the world are reacting to me.  I get a lot of hits to my web page every minute of the day now.  And every year the number of hits doubles.  More and more people are revolving around WorldPeace.

  Although it is flattering to you I am sure that it is not so.

>  Well you just don't sit as high on the human pyramid as I do.  You cannot see what I see economically, spiritually, politically, artistically, and so on.  And that is because you have not chosen a life of involvement in the affairs of the world.  Have you ever really thought about how many people I talked to in person and how many people who know me by my web page. 

> I have been on the internet with a web page for almost ten years.  You really just don't get it.  But you are not alone.  Only myself and Kay and a two or three others really understand what I am doing and the impact I am making far beyond the little pond of Heights Church. But like most people, since you know me, you think it is not possible that I could be having any kind of impact.

Well contemplate this.  "THE REVOLUTION WILL NOT BE TELEVISED".  Those who have eyes, see me, those who have ears are hearing me.

So now you say that the
Judge is even in for you because Brown's firm backed her.

>  Well judge Lynn Hughes on the Federal Bench here had three hearings regarding my suit to stop the Hispanic Debates two years ago.  He lectured me in court about things he could only have gotten from Vincent and Elkins.  He was dancing to their drum beat.   All judges are elected with the backing of the large law firms in this state.  The law needs to be changed such that judges announce to all the attorneys how much money they have received from the law firms of the opposing attorneys.  If this was required, you will see a lot more justice.  All judges are forced to acknowledge the biggest law firms in the state.  That is just the way it is. But again you wouldn't know how things really work would you?   If the truth was known about how the legal sytem works, there would be a revolt among the people.  Justice is hard to come by in out legal system.  Or do you remember OJ.

  I just can not believe you think this way.

> That is because you just have not put yourself in a place in your life of being involved.  You did not get the education to give you a leg up on what was going on.  You did not chose a job that would involve you with people your whole adult life.  You made choices that had to do with money as opposed to choices that had to do with life experiences both in the human society and in the spiritual world.   You pray every day but how much of what Jesus said do you really live.   I would venture to say that you know about as much about how the spiritual reality impacts on the phsyical world as you know about the legal business.  And why is that?  Because you have not spent a life meditating on it and experimenting with it.

> Monks and priests and ministers work from a sheltered pedestal.  I have read, studied and meditated as much as any priest or "man of god" but I did not use that knowledge to set up a church or a following. I used that knowledge to see how it really worked in the combative trenches of everyday life.

This woman I represented yesterday is a nice person.  She will not harm anyone.  But from age 9 - 13 her step father had sex with her every weekend.  Think about that.  Do you deal with those kinds of things?  Have you ever had people come to you who had been permanently scarred from that kind of relationship and asked for you help in making sense of it all?  No you haven't.  Do you understand that these people come to me not just to stop people from hurting them but in addition they almost always want to know why it happened to them?  I do not have all the answers, but I do have some input based on book knowledge and other similiar experiences.  You chose to live in a small pond.  I chose to live in the Infinite All.  And that is the difference between us.

So 15 people stayed for the meeting?  I don't know where you went to school John but even back when I went to school 15 people (even less than that were actual members) was a lot less than half the congregation.

> I really sometimes wonder why I spend my time responding to you.  Do you attend all the political rallies that your favorite candidate puts on in the local area?  Does your non attendence mean you do not support that candidate?  Most of the people did not come yesterday because they have seen how vicious the Ellis's and Grable's are.  And do you remember Barbara Myers yelling and getting hysterical last year at one of the meetings.  Do you remember Susy Cisne running around like a chicken with her head cut off.  Do you remember the confrontation? Or were you even there?  I have done a good job of keeping people informed.  And the opposition has done a good job creating a combative atmosphere.  The elderly fear brutes like John Blanco.

> We will see what happens in the official congregational meeting in two weeks if they do not cancel it again.  That is going to be a real show let me tell you.  They ought to charge admission.

  You have said so many times that you represent half the congregation and I just
don't see 15 people being half.

> Everyone who comes to one of these informal meetings becomes a target for Patty and the Grables.  Again, you are not sitting in my place.  You are outside the loop and I am right in the middle.  You have no idea what is really going on.  You have no idea what I am doing.  You have no idea what is going on in the church.  You have no idea what is going on in the courts.  And why is this? Because you are not involved to the degree that I am and have been since April of last year.  And you have actually believed a compulsive liar like Joe Delgatto.  Amazing.

Besides after talking to several members that did attend church yesterday say that
not counting you, your wife and your assistant there were maybe only 10 MEMBERS there at your meeting.

> Well I am not Jesus, but he changed the world with about a dozen men.  Hitler, about a half dozen.  Martin Luther King with about a half dozen.  Gandhi made changes for the most part on his own.  The way the world works is that a few committed people dictate to the herd.  Look at Patty Ellis before I came on the scene.  What a psychotic little tin goddess she had made herself.  And who challenged her?  And now tell me that she has done great things for the church.

Also I did check into your comment on the Ellis' and the Grable's about their meeting.  After doing some checking around I found out that the only people that had a meeting in the Session room was the Missions and Outreach Committee.

>  After church, I went to the session room because that is where we had our last informal meeting.  We did that because the choir was going to practice.  I went to see if the room was available.  Patty, Walter, Stephanie and her kids, and the Grable mob was in there.  Benny was in the hall.  I stuck my head in there to see if the room was available and asked if they were using the room.  The answer was yes and as I left, Benny entered and shut the door.  Who knows what happened after that.  If they say they were not all in there, then they are lying.

> It amazes me how you have focused on the most insignificant and irrelevant facts.  Why don't you take a crack at answering a few of the 75 +/- questions that I asked on August 25th?

  You were wrong there were only 4 members in attendance and I am sure you saw
them leave as they walked out during your meeting.  You should not assume things because you do not know the actual situation.

> I did not assume anything. I just said all these people were meeting with each other after church.  I have no idea what happened after they left.  I had my on agenda.  A few people walked out of the church about 12:45 but I could not tell you who they were.  As it turns out, all the doors were locked except the one at the main entrance.  We found this out when we finished out meeting and left. 

Lastly, I asked if every woman in the church is sent an invitation to the Women's Breakfast and I was told that yes indeed every woman in the congregation was sent an invitation.

>  And when you ask people who are liars questions, what do you expect them to say.  These are the people who have shut down the church as opposed to having a conversation about the church.  And why is this, because they are dark souls who live by their lies.  They hide in darkness and refuse to come into the light.  They lock the doors to the church and close the membership. 

So my question is this: I have attended every breakfast with the exception of 1 and
I have yet seen Joyce, Irma, Carol or Idabel attend a breakfast.  Why is that?

>  Well I think for the same reason that the Grables or Ellis's did not attend the SNAPS event a few weeks ago.  The church is divided in half.  The two halfs do not associate with each other.  Neither side feels welcomed by the other.  And the sad sad thing is that you cannot see that the church is divided and that the lying little minister has no clue as to how to solve it and no desire to solve it.  And that seems to go for the Administrative Commission as well doesn't it.  Wake up.

You have made such a dramatic story out of the fact that none of the corrupt
members attend Quilting so why does Joyce not attend the breakfast if she is indeed invited?

> Same answer as above.  The church is divided and Delgatto has gone out of his way to increase the barriers between the two groups.  He does not want new members to join the church part because they will not gravitate to Patty and the Grables and so their power will be diluted.  But I have a plan to solve that as well.  Stay tuned.

> I had an open meeting.  And guess what, 15 people showed up.  Out of the whole congregation, only 15 were willing to come forth and talk and try to heal the church.  That is the problem.  And you can't see it can you.  That little meeting Sunday showed just how bad things are. 

> The money is safe for now.  Those in charge know they are being watched.  That is all that really matters.  Whoever is left when this mess is over, will have the money to rebuild the church.  Even the Commission has had to admit that the budget must be balanced or the church will go bankrupt.  They say in 2012.  I say in 2005 if the lawsuit had not been filed.

Sadden Heart

> In the end,


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