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September 25, 2003

To: The concerned members of Heights Presbyterian Church

Re: Update and Sunday’s Annual Congregational Meeting

1) I am working diligently on the lawsuit. The judge abused her discretion in her last ruling in many ways and I am going to call her to account. The court does not have the authority to summarily rule on a case without hearing any evidence and without considering the pleadings. This is a complex legal matter that will be best understood after I finish my Motions to the court. At that time I will give you a specific update on the lawsuit and its issues.

2) Attached is the latest email that I have responded to. It is one example of about 30 just like it that I have responded to and posted to my web page at in the last several months. One of the things that I would point out is that none of these ghost writers as I refer to them has answered even one of the 75 questions I posed on August 25th. Yet even they will admit that I have responded to every single question in every single email from them and put all of their emails and my answers on the web page. In that sense, I am having a one sided conversation.

Second, one of the most irritating things I have to deal with in responding to these ghosts is their constant allegations that I have lied about something. Yet none of them have been able to come up with one single lie that I have told. The few things that I have misquoted have been retracted. But there are no lies. Not like Delgatto’s admission that he lied to the congregation, the session and the Presbytery regarding the Independence Heights Project. Maybe one of these days one of these parrots will think for himself or herself and either come up with some lie I told or just admit that I have never told a lie. In fact, no one has been as open as I have. No one.

3) It is very important that everyone attend the congregational meeting this Sunday. (Actually I think they will cancel it) There are going to be votes taken and every vote will count. As closely as the congregation is divided, if you are not present, then you are not going to be able to complain about anything that happens from here on out.

4) Now this is very important. The meeting has been billed as the annual congregational meeting that was supposed to have taken place in February. That means that any subject can be brought up. This is not a special meeting of the congregation. In a special meeting, they must publish the agenda of the meeting and then stick to it. No agenda has been posted. The meeting was billed as the annual meeting.

Now what this means is that the following issues can come up: 1) The locking up of the church. 2) The source of funds for the new Youth Vision and the concerns that the church property is vulnerable to these troubled kids. 3) Whether or not Joe must retire in February when he turns 70. 4) A vote can be taken on whether or not to terminate the services of Joe Delgatto. 5) The question of why John WorldPeace cannot become a member when he has petitioned Joe on several occasions, Roy Keezel in church, Lynn Johnson and Mike Cole and the Administrative Commission. Roy Keezel said I had to talk to Joe. Johnson and Cole said I had to talk to the Administrative Commission who is represented by Roy Keezel. 6) You can demand to see the actual financial figures for 2003 to date and demand that the Administrative Commission vouch for those numbers. 7) You can demand to know where the 1997, 1998 and 1999 financial records are that the Administrative Commission refused to consider. You can demand to see those books to verify that they exists. 8) You can also demand a vote on getting out of the Independence Heights Project altogether. Since the Administrative Commission says there is no obligation, then you can call a vote to remove every tie between HPC and the Project. 9) You can demand to see the contract with Diane Feiler McGehee that was allegedly signed by Patty Ellis and Madeline Delgatto. 10) You can demand to know who donated the grand piano to the church. 11) You can demand to know why Stephanie Potts is the liturgist as opposed to Candy. 12) You can demand to know why the Pentagram has not been completely removed from the sanctuary. And you can demand to know why Walter Ellis said he was not going to remove it. 13) You can demand to know why the church’s web page has not be updated since May 2003 and who is actually updating the web page and how much it costs. 14) You can and should ask the question of whether or not HPC is obligated to the monthly operating deficit (this is not the building deficit) on the IHP. The Administrative Commission did not speak to this issue in their first interim report. You can demand to see the HUD documents that specifically spell this out. 15) You can demand to know why the 35 complaints that were sent to Presbytery prior to the Administrative Commission were never investigated. Remember Lynn Johnson said he only sent the 22 complaints given to the Administrative Commission in February to his investigative commission. 16) You can ask why the Administrative Commission said that Tom Lord has a corporation called the Housing Corporation of Greater Houston which does not exist. 17) You can ask why the Administrative Commission approved the IHP without a vote from the congregation when HPC was not obligated to the IHP at the time the Administrative Commission took over. 18) You can ask why Roy Keezel is on the Administrative Commission when he had a personal conflict with John WorldPeace as far back as 1999. And why it is that Roy Keezel has filed an accusation against Joyce Wolter when it is known that he has a personal conflict with John WorldPeace. 19) You can discuss who is going to be allowed to have a key to the church. 20) You can ask where the contents of the cornerstone are and why the masons were not allowed to remove the cornerstone as well as when it is going to be replaced. 21) You can also bring up the demand that no two members of the same family can be on the session.

The most important issue that is going to come up is approval of the budget. I will say that anyone who approves a budget that spends $10,000 more per month than the church takes in is dooming the church to bankruptcy. A demand can be made to see the books right in the meeting. They say the books have not been taken home by Joe. Well they should be in the church office. They can be retrieved during the meeting. You can demand to see the supporting numbers for anything on the budget as well as the records for 1997, 1998, and 1999.

5) Remember, this is your church and your annual congregational meeting. You can do as you please. This is the first time there has been an open meeting since the lawsuit because the corruptors did not want questions asked which would show the number of lies that have been told. You people are not sheep. This is your church and the purpose of a congregational meeting is to discuss congregational business. The October and January congregational meetings were cancelled to keep the congregation in the dark.

Based on my informing you that they cannot control the agenda of the annual meeting, I think they will cancel it.

This is very important, if you do not bring up these issues, then later on they will say that the meeting was open for discussion but no one brought these things up and that will be the end of it. So you are in a position on many of these issues to either speak now or forever hold your piece. I would suggest to you that the future of the church hangs in the balance and that you make sure these issues are brought up even if the moderator tries to cut off any debate. It has to be on the record that the questions were asked. Also, the moderator must abide by Robert’s Rules of Order but I do not think he will. To do that would open all these things up to discussion and they cannot afford an open discussion; not in church and not in court.

6) Why do you think that they sent Joe off on vacation this Sunday. They do not want anyone to question him in the congregational meeting. They cannot afford the little liar to be questioned in an open meeting.

7) I would also like to point out that no one has spent more time talking to both sides in this matter than myself. The people who are with me have always talked to me and those who are opposing me have been very vocal on my web page even though they have refused to give their names. Also, do not make any assumptions as to who I am and who I am not talking to. To talk to me in the open is to court the wrath of my enemies in this matter. So even those who are against me and want to talk to me do so with the understanding that I will not point them out.

The truth is that no one has done more to straighten out the mess at HPC than me. Joe does not talk to half the congregation as evidenced by his lack of attendance at the last SNAPS event. The Administrative Commission has spent only ten minutes with each of the members and never has there been an open meeting with them. The lawsuit is the reason the Patty Ellis and Joe Delgatto are now under control. The lawsuit is the reason that the money has to some extent been accounted for. My web page has been a place for people to vent. I have become a lightning rod for a lot of the tension that existed in the church way before the lawsuit was filed. Things are better because of me. Things are more open because of me. The church is not ruled with an iron fist by Patty Ellis any longer and Joe is on his way out. There is a lot more to do, but no one has put as much effort into healing this church than I have. No one.

So when the corruptors act like they are winning because the judge made a ridiculous ruling or because the State Bar is writing stupid disbarment orders they are just deluding themselves. Things are better now than they were 18 months ago when Delgatto, Walter Ellis, James McClain and Charlie Windham were doing their deceitful acts behind everyone’s back. All that is out in the open now and the Administrative Commission due to the lawsuit is constantly looking over its shoulder. We are moving ahead because I have the lawsuit hanging over the heads of the Administrative Commission. And that lawsuit will be there for years to come.

8) I say again, this is probably one of the most important Sunday’s in the church’s history. It is your opportunity to demand some answers. The moderator cannot stop you from speaking up. He can overrule your motion. He can refuse to open the issue for discussion but you can discuss it anyway because the rules are not being followed by Joe, the session, the Administrative Commission and especially by the Presbytery.

9) I have no doubt that there will be police there this Sunday. I have no doubt that there will be an attempt to have me removed from the meeting. However, if several members insist that I remain, then the police will not interfere because they do no enforce house rules. The only thing the police will do is maintain order. So since I will not become disorderly, they will have no reason to remove me.

10) For those of you who do not come because you do not want to deal with the potential conflict, I would suggest that there will be no conflict. The only evidence that there was ever going to be physical violence came from Terry Meyer and the Grable bunch and particularly John Blanco. You should not let your fears get the best of you. You have a responsibility to your church and you should not allow the brawlers in the church to keep you out of this discussion. As I said, I expect as per usual there will be police present.

Hope to see you Sunday,



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