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September 29, 2003

To:      The concerned members of Heights Presbyterian Church

Re:       Passing the threshold into a new day

1)  I think we all felt a sense of peace flow through the church yesterday that has not been present for many years.  That peace had to do with the presence of the senior members of the church who came to the church out of concern for its future and a communal desire to put the church back together.  What you felt yesterday was the rebirth of a congregation and a exiting of some of the darkness that has possessed the church for the last three or four years and was symbolized by the Satanic Pentagram that was painted on the side of the church and which Delgatto and Walter Ellis determined would not be removed.  A new day is dawning at Heights Presbyterian Church and it is not due to the Administrative Commission or Delgatto or the Ellis's.  It is due to faith and prayers and a commitment by the seniors at the church.  Yesterday there was a quiet affirmation that this is the church of Jesus Christ and that the resident evil that has gripped the church will be purged.

2) I deliberately said nothing yesterday.  I deliberately allowed John Hirling, Lynn Johnson, Chuck Johnson, Ms. Flowers, Roy Keezel and Louise Rowe of the Administrative Commission to show their true colors and their intent.  What we saw was that John Hirling like Joe Delgatto is on his way out as a minister of the Presbyterian Church.  John Hirling thinks that he can stand in what I consider a sacred pulpit of Jesus and lie without having to account for those lies.  You saw the face of darkness in the presence of John Hirling.

When asked by Willard why it was a member of Patty's class was on the nominating committee, Hirling said that the session made the decision. That was a lie because there has only been one thirty minute open session meeting since the Administrative Commission took over in February.  There have been two other session meetings where the first and second interim reports were handed down. 

John Hirling is on the Administrative Commission and is the one who told my mother in her living room that if she did not drop the lawsuit she would be dealt with.  (Presently, they are trying to remove her from the session mostly due to the corrupt acts of Roy Keezel.)  John Hirling said he knew nothing about the locking out of the senior members of the church.  He was questioned about it twice and twice he lied.  He just ignored the fact that Jesus was standing beside him as he chose to tell these lies and ignored the fact that Heights has been reclaimed by the good people who have supported it and loved it for the last six decades.  Hirling was given a chance to do the right thing and he chose to lie while in his sacred robes and in the sacred pulpit.  And for those lies his career will be terminated.

John Hirling refused to open the annual congregation meeting for a discussion of the problems in the church.  I did not confront him because I wanted to make sure than anything and everything that happened at the meeting would rest on his shoulders.  I wanted to make sure that he would not have me to blame for his bad acts.  Contrary to what Mr. Hirling said, as a man who deals with conflict resolution every single day of my life as an attorney, conflict is not resolved by refusing to discuss it.  Conflict is resolved like lancing a boil.  You open it up and let the poison flow out.  When the majority of the poison is removed, then the body begins to heal.  This is what has been happening on my web page.  All the ghosts have been venting their poison and I have been airing it.  And the truth is that these ghosts have nothing left to say. 

The ghosts have had every single one of their questions to me answered.  Yet they have refused to answer a single one of the 75 questions I posed on August 25th.  In addition, they have not produced a single lie that I have told even though they continue to say that I have lied.  I have not lied about anything.

John Hirling made a statement that he did not want to get into the real issues that was dividing the church because it would have caused conflict. The truth is that John Hirling knows that he and the Administrative Committee, Mike Cole and Lynn Johnson from Presbytery, Joe Delgatto and the Patty Ellis conspirators know that they have lied and infected the church with their corruption which cannot stand the light of an open discussion.  He knows from reading my web page that their lies are nothing more than smoke and mirrors to hide the resident evil that they represent.  The truth is the truth and when you reside in darkness, the darkness becomes your truth and light is what you fear. 

When given the power and authority and opportunity to do the right thing, John Hirling chose to continue to do wrong and chose to lie in the name of Jesus and from the pulpit that Jesus established for his disciples.  And for this, John Hirling and all those he represents have condemned themselves.  But the good news is that our church will soon be purged of the resident evil that seemed to have had a choke hold and death grip on it a eighteen months ago.

3)  I am still pointed to as the one who along with my mother has caused all the problems at Heights.  Yesterday, the corruptors saw that they were out numbered by those of us who are determined to preserve the legacy of the church as well as giving it a new birth.  You can rest assured that a head count was taken yesterday and the corruptors realized that those of us who are determined to put the church back on track can call for a vote on almost any issue and win that vote.  I did not stand up yesterday because Mr. Hirling stated for the record, of which I have a recording, that as moderator he was deliberately ignoring the Book of Order and Robert's Rules of Order and denying any discussion other than about the nominations.  That statement stops them from saying that the members of the church had no complaints.  That statement said that he would stop any discussion and he would use the uniformed policeman to enforce his corrupt ruling.  These are not his exact words but this was his message and it was endorsed by the Stated Clerk of the Presbytery, Lynn Johnson, who did not correct him.

4) The corruptors and ghosts have said over and over that I am losing this battle based on a bad ruling from the court.  Well as I have said, Patty and Joe no longer rule the church with an iron fist unopposed.  The money that the church has is accounted for to a large extent and is protected from further waste and theft.  There has been an open admission by the Administrative Commission that the church cannot continue to spend $10,000 per month more than it brings in and not go bankrupt.  And most importantly, Joe Delgatto, has stated that he INTENDS to leave.  This is not a flat out commitment.  It is a half commitment and a hedge.  Knowing that the court's ruling will be reversed in time, the reality is that the church has gone through some very positive changes since the lawsuit was filed.

You have no idea how much anger I have about the lies that Hirling spewed from the pulpit.  I can assure you that the lawsuit will go forward now with a vengeance and we will have an accounting and we will in one way or another remove ourselves from the corrupt Independence Heights Project. (By the way, I predict that due to the shoddy construction, that sometime just before completion the Independence Heights Project will burn down.  This way the insurance can be collected, all the corrupt profits can be made and the evidence sent up in smoke.  We'll see.  In my years in the insurance, accounting and law business, I have seen this happen often.  The fire department will tell you that 95% of all commercial fires are arson.)

Further, I intend to move deliberately to have Joe gone by December 31, 2003, so that his presence does not infect another year at Heights.  His retirement statement is one that was enforced on him by the Administrative Commission because they recognize his corruption and they realize that the church will never begin to heal until he is gone.  Delgatto is coming to this end by his own corrupt choices over the last three or four years.  Last year I told him that he would be terminated due to his bad acts.  Now you are seeing it happening.  But believe me Joe has much to account for and his troubles will not end when he leaves Heights.

When Joe is leaves, Patty and her family will soon follow.  Joe and Patty had a symbiotic relationship and one cannot survive without the other.  I can assure you that part of the motivation of my web page was to send thundering message to any future minister of Heights as to what happens when you become the leader of part of a congregation, especially when the part you align yourself with is a source of darkness and wrong doing.  My web page will be a constant reminder to those who would lead our church that arrogance and kingship will not be tolerated.  Heights church is on its way to returning to a democratic form of stewardship as opposed to a fascist dictatorship founded on darkness and evil.

5)  After Joe leaves, then the Presbytery must be purged from our presence.  These people have done nothing but lie to us (more on this below).  They have aligned themselves behind the corruption and only due to the lawsuit have they been forced to do the right thing.

These corruptors do not understand the Book of Order nor do they believe in the Holy Bible that they quote.  It is undeniable that Joe, Patty and her posse, Mike Cole and Lynn Johnson of Presbytery, and others have closed the membership of the church.  More specifically they have closed the membership to me in particular.  The Book of Order of the Presbyterian Church specifically states that to deny membership to anyone based on anything other that a non belief in Jesus is a REJECTION OF CHRIST AND A SCANDAL ON THE GOSPEL. 

Again, when you come from a place of darkness, you do not understand that the divine order of the universe will not tolerate standing in Christ's church and doing evil.  For a year and a half there has been a concerted effort to stop me from becoming a member of HPC by the resident evil at the church.  Joe Delgatto, Mike Cole, Lynn Johnson and every single individual member of the Administrative Commission, bureaucrats of the Presbyterian Church, have undeniably turned their backs on Jesus Christ our Lord and in their arrogance closed the membership to our church.  I can assure you that Jesus has not missed nor has he determined to allow this rejection of his holy word to continue indifinitely. 

The veil of darkness is being removed from Heights Church and I can assure you that if the membership is not immediately opened there is going to be a purging of the church bureaucracy of which Joe Delgatto is going to be the first to go.  You cannot take a solemn ministerial oath to God and Christ and then commit evil in his name.  If anyone believes the Bible and the lessons it teaches over and over about the wages of darkness, then you must believe that God's justice is close at hand.  There is no way that Joe Delgatto, Roy Keezel, Mike Cole, and Lynn Johnson who I have personally asked to be a member of the church can justify their determined efforts to stop me from REACTIVATING my membership.  Each of these people have received my affirmation of a belief in Jesus as well as the documentation that proves I was a member as well as the testimony of many of you that from 1948 to 1972 I faithfully attended our church.

Only the most corrupt bureaucrats serving their own personal interest and fostering the dark ways of evil could block my membership.  Every week I write in the ritual of friendship (which has returned to the pews since I made an issue of it) "J & K WorldPeace banned from membership by Joe Delgatto and Mike Cole."  I also wrote that in the guest book in the Narthex and I noticed that the guest book had been removed because of the shame of those who have blocked my membership.  As long as I am a guest, I will continue to write the same thing in the guess book periodically so that every page will be a testament to the undeniable evil that has had a choke hold on this congregation for the last four years. 

As God and Jesus are my witnesses, I am not wrong in this matter.  Evil has closed the membership of the church and any member or bureaucrat who supports that closure has rejected Christ and scandalizes His gospel.  Every day that goes by, every day that the membership remains closed is a fresh assault upon the church and upon Jesus himself.  I have Roy Keezel in the pulpit along with Joe Delgatto rejecting my membership and I have Mike Cole on tape the day of the 100th anniversary rejecting my membership.  Their denial is documented and something for which they will be held accountable in the very near future.  To lead the congregation of Christ's church away from Christ is abominable.

6)  I have reviewed all the financial documents that have been given out and I would show you now concrete examples of the lies that have been told in the name of Jesus to the congregation and to the court by the Administrative Commission.

A.  If you look at page 11 of the Second Interim Report you will see that by the end of 1995 there was $675,000 that had been received by the church from the Fakes estate.  Then from page 11 to page 13 number 4 it states that between December 1995 and December 1999, a period of four years, that $192,000 was spent on making up the church deficits and major repairs.

When you go to page 5 of Exhibit "A" of the second interim report, at the bottom left of the page you see that the total cash remaining in December 1999 was $660,000. 

So what is interesting is that between December 1995 and December 1999 the Fakes money was only reduced by $15,000.  Now applying a little math you have the following:

Balance as of December 1995……………………………………………………$675,000
Expense between 12/95 and 12/99…………………………………………….. <$192,000>
Balance as of December 1999…………………………………………………… $660,000
The interest and dividend income
Between 12/95 and 12/99 must have
Been at least………………………………………………………………………$177,000

Now on page seven of the Congregational Report for 1999
It shows that the amount of interest earned at Compass Bank was……………….$  7,750

And on page eight it shows that the interest/dividends earned
On the deposits at Nations Securities was ………………………………………..$76,053

Total interest and dividends for 1999 was ………………………………………..$83,803

Now $83,803 from $177,000 leaves……………………………………………… $93,197

And what we are to derive is that for the years 1996, 1997 and 1998 the average interest was $93,197 divided by 3 or $31,065 per year.  Now are we to believe that the interest and dividends for 1999 was almost as much as the three prior years on the same amount of money?  The answer is no.

So we have to wonder what was the real amount of interest and dividend income for the years 1996, 1997 and 1998.  We have to wonder why the Administrative Commission just slopped some expense numbers together.  And isn't it interesting that the Administrative Commission refused to give any real numbers for those years as well as 1999.

Here is a possible scenario without actual numbers from the Administrative Commission.  There are two ways to increase an investment account, a) through actual interest and dividends paid on the investment and b) the increase in the value of the investment.  So in addition to the interest and dividend payments there is the increasing value of the investment itself, ie the increasing market value of the stocks, bonds, etc.

Without seeing the investment accounts for those years, we do not know exactly what these numbers are.  And with the lies and secrecy that has existed around every financial document request that I have made, you really have to wonder exactly how much money was earned in those years.  And as you have already seen and will see in two more examples below, we cannot trust the numbers that the Administrative Commission has given us.

Plus you have to remember there has not been an audit since Joe Delgatto came to HPC in November 1997.  There is no question but that something is being hidden by the Administrative Commission and Joe and his coconspirators.

B.  Regarding the 2002 financial statement per the September 2, 2003 Second Interim Report and the 2002 Annual financial report to the congregation that was given out three weeks later on September 28, 2003.


On page 3 of Exhibit "A" of the Second Interim Report it says that the total expenses were $203,358 but on page 7 of the 2002 Annual Report it is $190,252.  This is a $13,000 difference.  It also shows you the worthlessness of the CPA statement that came with the Second Interim Report.  That cover letter said the CPA firm only added up what was given it by the Administrative Commission.  Well these expense numbers vary by 7% from one report to the other and within three weeks of each other.  Now can anyone imagine what would happen to the economy if things were only 93% accurate?  The real numbers would not vary from report to report and I think we all know this.


On page 3 of Exhibit "A" of the Second Interim Report it says that the Total Revenues was $61,447 but on page 6 of the 2002 Annual Report it says that the income was $205,144.  Now these numbers are comparing apples and oranges and this was done purposely to confuse you.  So let me adjust the $205,144 for you .

Total receipts……………………………………………………………………….$205,144
Less cash received which is not income
     Bank of America………………………………………………………………….$70,511
     Edward Jones………………………………………………………………………$5,740
     Money Market account……………………………………………………….…...$22,500

Plus investment income
     Edward Jones per page 5 of the 2002 Annual Report……………………………...$5,740
     Money Market…………………………………………………………………….….$428
Less loss in the Bank of America account per page 5 of the 2002 Annual Report…<$58.059>
Now what is interesting is that the loss reported on page 3 of Exhibit "A"
of the Second Interim Report was <$65,854>.  This is a $8,000 difference between
the two reports.  Why?

The adjusted 2002 Annual Report income number is ……………………………….$54,502

The difference between the two reports is $5,467 which is a 10% difference and the reports are therefore only 90% accurate.

Financial Summary:  The reality is that "figures do not lie but liars figure."  The reality is that two financial reports issued by the Administrative Commission within three weeks of each other do not match.  There are no investment account numbers for 1997, 1998 and 1999 nor are there any accounting numbers for those years nor is there a statement as to why those numbers are not available.  In addition, there has been no audit since Joe Delgatto arrived at HPC.  Lastly, the CPA's involvement was worthless. 

In a nutshell, we need a full audit with all the numbers accounted for and not a manufactured financial statement.

7)  If Joe is leaving, then a committee should be immediately appointed to search for another minister.  I would remind you that it took 18 months to find Joe who was the best of a bad crop of applicants.   When Joe goes, the budget will be relieved of a $5,000 monthly burden.  We can rent a preacher each week for less than half of that.  If the Administrative Commission does not appoint a minister nominating committee, then Joe's INTENDED resignation is just another lie.

There is no way the congregation can heal until Joe is gone and we all know this.

8)  I intend to seek a position on the session for next year.  I think that after I put some additional pressure on Mike Cole, he will have to open the membership and reactivate my membership.  Regardless of what the nominating committee does, there can be nominations from the floor and my name can be submitted at that time.  I feel that I have enough support to be elected to a place on the session.  I am interested in your input on this matter. 

9)  Again, I want to thank all of you for your dedication to purging the darkness from HPC.  I want to thank you for your patience in this long battle that may well go on for another year.  I want to thank you for your decades of devotion in good times and bad that has established a hundred year legacy in Christ's name.  Many of you are honoring the memory of your parents who were also members.  In the end, truth and justice will prevail and the corruption and darkness will be cast out.

Very sincerely,



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