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October 5, 2003

To: The concerned members of Heights Presbyterian Church

Re: The return of Democracy and Justice

1) There are many more things going on at Heights than many of you know about. But, thank God, real positive change is taking place for the first time in a long time and the rays of hope are bringing a new dawn. The most positive thing that happened this Sunday was Carol Parkerís announcement that the entire congregation would be asked for their input into the nominations for the session. As you all know, last year the nominees were railroaded down the congregationís throat. This year, in stark contrast, everyone has been given an opportunity to voice their opinion thanks to Carol.

A year and a half ago, in order to carry out their corruption regarding the Independence Heights Project, Patty and Joe closed the session to the congregation by declaring every session meeting an executive meeting. Later in the year, because of my presence, the session meetings were moved to Barbara Puckettís then Patty Ellisís and then Amy Grableís home. Then several congregational meetings were cancelled all in an effort by the corruptors to create and maintain a totalitarian dictatorship at HPC contrary to everything that is American. Well this morning you saw the reestablishment of democracy at Heights Presbyterian Church.

If there is a fair vote by the congregation on the many issues facing the church, then democracy will be restored and like everything else in our society, everyone will have a vote and the majority, not the minority, will rule.

If you go back and review the correspondence and court pleadings starting in January 2002, you will see Patty Ellis, Charlie Windham and Joe telling the congregation that they know what is best for everyone. They insisted that people who had worked as members of a church community now work through committees and anyone who watered the yard or cut down dead trees or maintained the air conditioning system must immediate stop. And Joe was working hard to make Patty the head of every committee. How stupid. How dictatorial.

2) I want to assure you that I showed a lot of restraint when I did not get up and challenge Charlie Windham and his little pay your dues sermon. It is obvious that many of you are continuing to withhold your monies and it has become undeniable to the corruptors that they cannot support the church on their own. They are hurting and the end of the year is rapidly approaching when they are going to have to account for the fact that contributions are way down.

What Charlie Windham was saying was that all of you who have withheld your pledges have lied to Christ about your promise to support the church. What Charlie Windham was saying was that you are obligated to send your money even though there would be no accounting for the money and that you would continue to be locked out of the church. What the silly man also wants you to ignore is that the church has closed its membership and that is also part of the reason that contributions are down.

It was Charlie Windham on his own nonexistent authority who signed the commitment to the Independence Heights Project in May 2001. Yet he now chastises the congregation for lying to Christ while failing to mention the fact that he concealed his bad acts for almost a year.

What is also interesting, is that the most recent pleadings of the Administrative Commission in the lawsuit are that Joyce Wolter had no authority to file a lawsuit without the approval of the other two trustees, Charlie Windham and Anna Faye Bond. Yet they failed to mention how Charlie Windham on his own, without the approval of Anna Faye Bond and Joyce Wolter who disapproved of the Independence Heights Project, was allowed to sign the IHP commitment. The double standard is obvious. It just astounded me that Charlie Windham would have the guts to admonish the congregation after his breech of his HPC trusteeship and his concealment of his bad acts.

I strongly suggest that you continue to withhold your contributions until there is a full accounting as opposed to the sham accounting that the Administrative Commission has tried to foist on the congregation. There is money to pay the bills and when the money for the last six years have been honestly accounted for, then and only then you should consider paying your withheld contributions into the church. When you know that the money that you contribute to the church will be used in a proper and democratic manner, then and only then you should contribute. Remember, your withholding of pledges is part of the reason that progress is being made in the church.

3) You notice that Joe continues using up his vacation. This is because he must do so before he retires or he will lose it. Every opportunity that the commission has to keep Joe out of the pulpit is an opportunity for the church to heal a little bit. The Administrative Commission does not want to come right out and say they decided that Joe had to go four months ago because that would look like the congregation was right and that he is corrupt.

But the fact is that even though the investigating committee gave Joe a clean bill of health, it does not mean that they were totally blind. It meant that a deal had been cut for Joe to quit if they gave him a clean bill of health. 98% of all criminal prosecutions end in an agreed plead out. Only 2% of criminal prosecutions actually go to trial. It is the way that criminal justice works in America and it is the way it works in almost all lawsuits especially when there is someone like me who is unrelenting in his pursuit of the truth and justice.

4) What you probably did not know, is that last week I sent three letters to all the members of the session, all the members of the Administrative Commission, Joe Delgatto, Mike Cole and Lynn Johnson regarding my membership. One of those letters had to do with the fact that my mother and Irma Jenke signed an official request for Joe to call a special session meeting to consider my membership last December which he refused to do. I had been holding this back for the proper time to present it to the Presbytery for consideration.

When Joe refused to call the special session, I sent a letter to Lynn Johnson requesting that I become a member of HPC. Attached to that request was a copy of the official request by my mother and Irma Jenke for the special session meeting. But no complaint was filed against Joe at that time for refusing to call a special session and so Lynn Johnson did not have to have an investigation of Joe for failing to abide by the Book of Order in his refusal to call the special session meeting. But Lynn Johnson did respond to my letter by saying that since I was not a member I could not complain about not being made a member.

If Joe had called a special session meeting on my membership, there would have only had to be two session members present in order to pass on my membership per the Book of Order. So Joe knew if he called a special session and my mother and Irma showed up, which they would, they could have voted to have me added to the membership rolls. Of course Patty told him no and that was it.

By responding to my letter, Lynn Johnson admitted that he had received a copy of the demand by my mother and Irma to call a special session meeting and he therefore cannot now say he did not know anything about Joeís treachery.

Joe is a lame duck preacher and the official accusation that my mother filed last week demanding that Lynn Johnson investigate Joeís refusal to abide by the Book of Order and call a special session meeting last December is going to be the final blow which will send Joe packing before the new year.

I have always told Joe that if he refused my membership it would cost him his job. I have several post cards that I sent last year that said that but his arrogance and hubris and his alliance with the Ellisís, Charlie Windham and the Grableís made him think he was invincible. WRONG.

I also sent accusations from my mother, Irma, Bill Alford and Vernon LaCompte complaining of Joeís closing the membership to me. I also reminded Mr. Johnson that I had a video tape of Roy Keezel in the pulpit with Joe hiding behind him refusing to speak to the issue of Joe blocking my membership, my wifeís and my Aunt Rose Nichols that same day. I also reminded Mr. Johnson of the video tape that I have on which Mike Cole also refused to allow me to become a member.

These three letters that were sent to the session, the Administrative Commission, Joe, Mike Cole and Lynn Johnson require them to open the membership or answer to the Presbyterian Church for their treachery. They will have to answer to Jesus in due time. They know that they cannot ignore these three letters and they know that the end is very near for Joe Delgatto.

And do not discount the fact that the large turnout of the seniors last week set the stage for my letters to the congregation last week showing the lies that have been told by the Administrative Commission regarding their accounting for the Fakes bequest. And then I followed those accounting letters up with the accusations against Joe Delgatto for closing the membership and refusing to call a special session meeting. The third arrow I fired last weed was a challenge to the Administrative Commissionís attempt to remove my mother from the session.

5) It is important that my mother be removed from the session because as a member of the session, per the by laws of HPC, she is a trustee even though she was allegedly removed as one of the three designated trustees at HPC.

The Administrative Commission in their last court pleading relied on the Texas Trust Code in a lot of its argument to get Judge Lindsay to make her wrongful ruling. The problem with the law however is that it is always a two edged sword and so when the Commission cited the Texas Trust Code to support their lies they subordinated themselves to the entire Code. And here is the problem for them.

The Texas Trust Code says that if there is no formal written method from removing a trustee, then the civil court has jurisdiction to decide who is and who is not a trustee. Therefore, my mother was illegally removed because there is no formal removal process in either the Book of Order or the by laws of HPC. Consequently, the judge will have to make a determination as to who is and who is not a trustee or I will have her recused from hearing the lawsuit.

6) Now in an attempt to sucker my mother into a kangeroo hearing on her alleged bad acts as trustee which were alleged by Roy Keezel and the investigatory committee (who found that Patty Ellis and Madeline Delgatto had falsely accused my mother and Vernon of having an affair and for which they refused to reprimand Patty and Madeline but instead allegedly accused my mother of acting contrary to her oath as a trustee). And by the way there were only two people on the committee who investigated my mother and would you believe that one of them was another old friend of Patty Ellisís from the infamous St. Phillip Presbyterian church which gave us Diane Feiler McGehee and Jeanie Flowers of the Administrative Commission. What a coincidence.

Now here is another example of the double standard practiced by Presbytery. Carol Parker last year, before Mike Cole took over the Presbytery, took a significant number of compliants to Mr. Kaufman at Presbytery. Nothing was acted on because Carol had not put those complaints in a proper format. A proper format is found in the Book of Order where a member of the congregation or a member of an administrative body states who they are accusing and specifically what they are accused of. In addition, the accusation must be signed.

Well neither Roy Keezel nor anyone on the Patty/Madeline investigatory committee signed an accusation against my mother. But Lynn Johnson still set up another committee to investigate these unofficial accusations. The committee never sent to my mother a copy of those non existent accusations nor did they give her official notice of a hearing on those non existent accusations. So to cover all bases, I sent a letter to the chairman of the investigating committee and Lynn Johnson last week reminding them of this.

So this is more documentation of the Presbyteryís random enforcement of the Book of Order and their corruption in general. There is nothing but evil and wrong doing coming out of the Presbytery of New Covenant and I am slowly but surely creating an undeniable case that is going to end the careers of Lynn Johnson and Mike Cole. But for now, the Delgatto business must be finished first.

When the Book of Order says that it is a rejection of Christ and a scandal on the gospel to close the membership of the church, that is exactly what it means. And Delgatto, Johnson and Cole have done just that and I promise you that in the end they will all three be purged from the Presbyterian church for there evil deeds against Christ.

7) I know that many of you are sick of this mess. I know that you would like it to just all go away. I promise you that will eventually happen. But before it happens there will be an accounting and I am not just talking about a financial accounting. I am talking about the evil deeds of dark souls who almost succeeded in taking over HPC. In the course of any lawsuit, things change from day to day as a case weakens or gets stronger as new evidence continuously comes forth. This is all that is happening at HPC.

The lawsuit and peripheral inner church purgings will continue until the following things happen.

a) There will be a full and complete and balanced accounting of all monies from January 1997 to the present.

b) There will be a full disclosure of the Independence Heights Project and the bad acts of all the participants.

c) There will be an open discussion among the congregation followed by a secret ballot on how to proceed on the IHP.

d) There will be an open vote on Delgatto if he has not already left the church by the time the first three above are accomplished.

e) The Administrative Commission will remove themselves from Heights Presbyterian Church with a formal apology to the congregation for their corruption of the Book of Order and a personal apology to my mother for their harassment of her.

f) There will be a final resolution to the lawsuit, either by a mediated settlement or by a final decree from the Supreme Court of the United States if the Presbytery actually wants to push me that far.

8) In the meantime, we should all pray for peace. I will continue to restrain myself as much as possible in the sanctuary while vigorously pressing for justice in the courts and in the Presbyterian Church at large. I have never lost this kind of battle. I will not lose this one. And I will not lose this one because Heights is Christís church and the undeniable wrongs that have been done will be accounted for and the resident evil will be purged.

However, it is important that you remind yourselves that the preservation of Heights Presbyterian Church, your church, will always require constant vigilance and mindfulness. You must remind yourselves that darkness only gains a foothold when good people refuse to act. You have to remind yourself that the crisis that existed at HPC at the beginning of 2002 was due to a lack of vigilance regarding the churchís business for several years prior. Joe had been doing his foul acts long before he conspired to commit HPC to the IHP. He just managed to stay under the radar due to a lack of vigilance on the part of the congregation.


John WorldPeace


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