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October 21, 2003

To:      The concerned members of Heights Presbyterian Church

Re:      Update of Events at Heights Presbyterian Church

1)  First, I would like to say that my disbarment is going against the State Bar of Texas.  Most of my enemies would like to believe that I am going to be disbarred but the reality is that it will never happen.  The second Judgment for Disbarment that was signed by Judge Fry on August 27, 2003, is not valid.  That order was to become effective October 14, 2003, and I was not to practice law beginning October 15, 2003.  I am still practicing law and will continue to practice law and the State Bar has filed no motions for Sanctions or for Contempt and no criminal charges have been filed for my practicing law without a license. 

The reason the State Bar has done nothing is because they know that the second Judgment for Disbarment is nonsense.  This matter is way too complicated to relate in a short letter.  It is at least ten times more complicated than the matters that are going on at Heights Presbyterian Church.  I will be fighting the Bar for a while to come but in the end I will shut down the grievance process just like I said I would when this mess began.

2)  Louise (as in Cow) Row's sermon was abominable.  Her statements regarding the "vicious lawsuit" were out of line.  The one thing that I found interesting though was her admission that she is an "ego-maniac" and determined to have her way.  I also found it interesting regarding how many churches that had sent her packing.  You know what they say:  "Those that can't teach, teach teachers and those that can't teach teachers become members of Administrative Commissions for the Presbyterian Church.

What was not said in Row's sermon was the fact that the church membership has been closed off; there is a refusal to account for the money and the money that has been accounted for does not add up; the Independence Heights Project was not completed at the time the Administrative Commission took over but was completed after they took over, which means that they are a part of that corruption; and the members have been locked out of the church.  All of these things are wrong and create disharmony. 

Now, I do not care what anybody thinks or says, the fact is that what the Administrative Commission, Mike Cole, and Joe Delgatto have done is wrong. 

Louise (as in COW) Row is a gigantic hypocrite.  The only peace that Heights Presbyterian Church will ever have will come when Joe Delgatto and the Administrative Commission are gone.

3)  As a side note, you will notice that there is no guest book in the Narthex anymore.  Every time they put the guest book out I have and will continue to make sure that the open page has mine and Kay's attendance recorded and that we have been barred from membership by order of Joe Delgatto, Mike Cole, and the Administrative Commission.  The fact is that these people, like all people who do bad things, are ashamed of their acts and they cannot afford for an open guest book in the Narthex of the church to be a constant reminder that they are corrupt and they have closed the membership to Heights Presbyterian Church and they have in fact rejected Christ, per their own Book of Order.

4)  Attached is a copy of a letter from the Stated Clerk of the General Assembly.  That person is at the top of the chain of command in the Presbyterian Church.  She has asked me in her letter to quit using the Presbyterian symbol on my website.  As you can see, I responded to that letter by telling her to Sue Me. 

5)  Things are getting better at our "quaint little church", as Patty calls it.  Our problems have reached the top of the Presbyterian bureaucratic pyramid.  Many people from all over the United States are going to my website ( to see what is going on.  Mike Cole, Lynn Johnson, and Joe Delgatto are not going to be a part of the Presbyterian Church when this thing is over.  They are corrupt, they have rejected Christ by the closing off the membership and in the end they will be purged from their positions of authority in the Presbyterian church.  I do have the attention of the upper level bureaucrats and after this week when the majority of the disbarment lawsuit will be over, I will have more time to focus on Heights Presbyterian Church.  I can assure you that things are going to significantly change very soon.

6)  For starters, I would tell you that we have not seen Roy "the Weazel" Keezel in a while; after I exposed his corrupt letter, his lies about my mother, and his vicious fabrications.  We have not seen Weasel Keezel.  Again it is due to his shame.  Since my letter about the Weazel was written, the committee, headed by Jeanie Larkin, that is allegedly investigating my mother, has gone silent.  They are not willing to do what the Book of Order requires them to do which is to come up with some real evidence to support Weasel Keezel's ridiculous accusations.  They have no evidence and they have shut down their request for my mother to come sit on the hot seat in their little kangaroo court. 

Unfortunately, Carol Parker made several calls to my mother to get her to submit to the bogus, corrupt, kangaroo court of Ms. Larkin.  It bothered me greatly that Carol Parker would be pushing my mother into the 'lion's den' which is nothing more than an extension of the corruption that is Mike Cole and his Administrative Assassins. 

7)  What comes next is not nice, but it is true.  About four or five months ago Carol Parker told the committee that was investigating Delgatto that Delgatto had sexually harassed her.  This consisted of Delgatto discussing private part enlargements which he has investigated on the internet.  Carol took offense at this, and rightly so, and related it after much soul searching. 

That accusation would have been enough to finish off Delgatto, considering what else he had already been accused of by the membership.  But the Administrative Commission determined that they had to save Delgatto and protect his corruption and theirs and so the first thing they did was to offer Carol Parker an opportunity for her to be a guest at their last Presbytery meeting. 

They also told Carol Parker that she could be in charge of rewriting the by-laws of the church.  The by-laws has in part to do with the appointment and dismissal of trustees.  Since there is no such process in writing now, Judge Lindsay, or whatever judge hears the lawsuit, will be the one who determines who is and who is not a trustee at Heights Presbyterian Church.

It is a way that Carol Parker is going to assist the Administrative Commission in removing my mother as trustee so that they can continue to cover up the theft of money and the corruption of the Independence Height Project.  You must remember that the Administrative Commission is absolutely determined that the congregation not know what happened to the Fakes money or what really went on with the Independence Heights Project.

8)  Further, in regards to the nomination of new session members, a democratic process began by asking the congregation who they would like to nominate.  Seventeen members submitted nominations, eleven were for Willard Walden.  Carol Parker called Willard and persuaded him to withdraw his name.  Last Saturday a meeting of the committee was convened and after the voting was over Benny Grable, Jr. was essentially substituted for Willard Walden.  In a word, Carol pressured Willard, who had the most votes, not to be on the session. 

9)  The following are the rules regarding nominations from the floor that apply to positions on the session.

Book of Order  G-14.0200 Electing and Ordaining Elders and Deacons (e) Full opportunity shall always be given to the congregation for nominations by any active member of the church.

Robert's Rules of Order  Nominations and Elections Section 46 P. 421 Line 5 Call by the Chair for Further Nominations from the floor.  After the nominating committee has presented its report and before voting for the different offices takes place, the chair must call for further nominations from the floor.

Heights Presbyterian Church - By-laws of the Congregation  5.5 Nominations from the Floor.  Additional nominations of qualified persons may be made from the floor by any eligible voter. (G-14.0201e)

10)  I have talked to Willard Walden and he feels that he was manipulated by Carol Parker into withdrawing his nomination.  He has decided that he wants to run for the session.  After the committee presents its nominations, there will be a motion to nominate Willard and it will be immediately seconded.

We will not allow Joe Delgatto or any lackey from the Administration Commission to stop the nominations from the floor.  We are not going to allow Delgatto and Terry Myers to cut off nominations like they did last year.  Of course it will all be video taped for the web page. 

After Willard is nominated, then the ballots will have to include his name.  This will mean that there will be five nominations for four at large session positions.  Therefore, each member will vote for four of the five.  There are a number of people who are determined to make sure the rules are followed.  The only problem I see is a fair count.  I am working on this.

11)  You must remember that if the session is tied on any particular issue, then Delgatto becomes the tie breaker. You must also remember that Carol Parker is now in line with the Administrative Commission and therefore in line with Delgatto and the rest of the corruptors.  It is therefore important that Bennie Grable Jr. not be elected to the session. 

The problem with junior is of course that Benny, Sr., Benny, Jr., and Chris Blanco, all belong to the same family.  This would mean that a fourth of the session would be Grables when they do not represent a fourth of the congregation.  More corruption, more influence by the Administrative Commission and now with the help of Carol Parker. 

The congregational meeting for November 2, 2003, is critical to the future of the church.  It is very important that you be there to vote. 

12)  The Larkin committee that is allegedly investigating my mother has not responded since I  send you a copy of Weazel Keezel's frivolous and vicious accusations against my mother.  They must give her the Weazel's evidence per the Book of Order before the hearing.  Then they must have a hearing and then they must file charges and have a trial.  Who knows what these mischief makers will do next.  But for now, I have them in a corner.

13)  Hopefully, before Friday I will have a very hard hitting motion filed with Judge Lindsay.  If she does not set a hearing then I will take her up to the appeals court next week and they will force her to have a hearing.  The lawsuit is about to kick into high gear.  I have allowed the Administrative Commission to do all their mischief.  Now they will have to account for what they have done.  Rest assured the lawsuit will be back on track and going strong within the next thirty days.  The corruptors will be brought to justice.

14)  Lastly, please remember that all we have ever asked is to see the books and have an audit and to have all the documents with regards to the Independence Heights Project.  Mike Cole and his Administrative Corruptors have and continue to refuse to produce these documents for no other reason except to try to hide their corruption.  We are not going to be denied.  We will get those documents and we will deal with those who have stolen from the church.

15)  When you see Delgatto preaching this Sunday think about what he said to Carol Parker.  Think about all the lies he has told regarding the Independence Heights Project.  Think about how he became Patty's boy.  Think about how he quit ministering to half the congregation.  Think about his refusal to remove the Satanic Pentagram from the side of the church.  Think about whether or not he is worth $64,000 per year.  Ask yourself if Delgatto is not the sole reason that the church is in the mess it is in right now.  Who else but Delgatto is at the bottom garbage can.

Then think about Patty Ellis who came from St. Phillip Presbyterian Church.  And how almost every committee appointed by Lynn Johnson has a St. Phillip member on it.  Think about Diane Feiler McGehee, attorney at law, who is Patty's friend from St. Phillip.  Think about Gail, the current church secretary who is Patty's good friend.  Think about what happened to Heights PC when Delgatto and Patty teamed up. Think about the memorials. 

16)  In addition, several accusations were sent by me to Lynn Johnson a month ago regarding Delgatto's closing of the membership and refusing to call a special session meeting to consider my membership when officially requested to do so per the Book of Order. The corrupt Lynn Johnson has refused to convene an investigative committee.  The rotten stink coming from the Presbytery of New Covenant is overwhelming.  The sooner those people are sent packing the better off we will all be. 

As far as I am concerned the Administrative Commission has done nothing of value.  And I am sick of Weazel Keezel and Louise "As in Cow" Row and the lying little mr. hirling from Oaks Presbyterian Church who have come and lied to the congregation from Christ's pulpit. 

We are at a point in time where we can retake the church if we all show up and make sure no more of the corruptors get on the session.

And for those of you who are interested, there is supposed to be a thirty minute show on Channel Two this Saturday at 5:30 pm where I and the other "dark horse" candidates for mayor of Houston get to speak for three minutes. The show has already been taped.  It will air asecond time on Sunday November 2, 2003.

Keep the faith!

In the end,



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