To all the Presbyterian bureaucrats in The Presbyterian Church, USA.


It has been a while since I have written you about the events at Heights Presbyterian Church.  Well things have happened in the intervening time but nothing has really changed.

Mike Cole, General Presbyter of Presbytery of New Covenant, and Lynn Johnson, Stated Clerk, and Art Greer, who recently departed this earth, and the corrupt members of the various committees and Administrative Commission appointed by Cole and Johnson to do their bad acts at Heights Presbyterian Church have rejected Christ.

Everything that is wrong with religious bureaucrats, everything that Jesus said about the Sadducees and Pharisees of his day, apply to Mike Cole and Lynn Johnson and their surrogates.  The biggest threat to the returning Jesus will be contemporary bureaucrats like Cole and Johnson who fear having their demigod status erased as Jesus returns to take over his church. 

Joe Delgatto, corrupt minister of Heights Presbyterian Church will be leaving in February.  The former red headed witch Patty Ellis and her Pentagram painting husband Walter left Heights over a month ago.  And the resident evil at Heights Presbyterian Church is losing its grip thanks to a relentless attack by WorldPeace over the last eighteen months.

But most important of all, the Administrative Commission, that band of twelve rogues appointed by Cole and Johnson to take over Heights Presbyterian Church, sent a letter to myself and my wife on November 13, 2003, saying that we could not join Heights Presbyterian Church.  No meeting of the session.  No congregational vote.  Just the autocratic vote of twelve Judas' who will one day stand before Jesus and explain why they closed the membership to his church to WorldPeace.

The Book of Order says it is an rejection of Christ and a scandal on the gospel to close the membership of a church.  But this is what has happened at Heights Presbyterian Church.  No one has been allowed to join in over eighteen months.

Consider that twelve Judas' who have been running Heights Presbyterian Church have on their own authority banned my wife and I from membership from the church where I grew up.  

This is what is wrong with the Presbyterian Church.  It has been permeated with evil men and women with ego centric intentions.

Read Psalms 37 and pray for Mike Cole, Lynn Johnson and the twelve Judas' on the Administrative Commission if you care to.  Then read Psalm 37 again.

Mene Tekel Peres.



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