Response: Judge Lindsay had signed an order on December 6, 2002, prohibiting any discussion of the Independence Heights Project. Both Reagan Brown and Roy Keezel, attorneys who believe they are above the law were present in the March 24, 2003, meeting and initiated a discussion about the Independence Heights Project. Joyce Wolter held up a copy of the court’s order. Doug Harper and Reagan Brown said the judge’s order was meaningless. Brown and Keezel know that the judge’s order was valid unless they filed a motion to overturn it. Which they had not done. So the court’s order was valid.

Joyce is being persecuted in this section because she filed a motion in the court to have Brown and Keezel and Harper sanctioned for their contempt of court.

What the rogues in this committee are saying is that Joyce should be reprimanded because she dared to file a motion in the court to sanction the illegal acts of Harper, Brown and Keezel and the rest of the Administrative Commission. It other words, Joyce refused to quietly participate in the corrupt acts of corrupt men and women and for that she is being persecuted.












Joyce never videotaped anything. There is not a single witness to Joyce ever using a video camera in the church. Suzie Cisne, Delgatto and Louise Row are simply corrupt liars. We already know Delgatto is a liar per his court testimony where he admitted that the tried to commit Heights PC to the corrupt Independence Heights Project without the knowledge of the session, the congregation or the Presbytery contrary to the Book of Order. Louise Row is nothing but another New Covenant minister who has been run out of more churches that she cares to admit. She is nothing but the lap dog and lackey of Mike Cole and Lynn Johnson. Suzie Cisne is just a mindless and misguided member of HPC who will tell any lie for a little stroking from the Administrative Commission.













Joyce was and is a trustee of the church and in that position is mandated to preserve the assets of the church per the Book of Order. In that position, she gave fair warning to those who would continue the corruption of the Independence Heights Project. These are the same session members who also approved a budget that is $100,000 over contributions. The project is corrupt and eventually this will be proven in court.

The corruption of the Independence Heights Project put an end to Delgatto’s career just like I warned him it would in April 2002.














Now this is really something. Joyce who has been working on the church landscape for over fifteen years along with several other members is now being persecuted because she hired some men to trim the trees on the church property and then asked to be reimbursed.

Under the Administrative Commission and the evil Patty Ellis, members of Heights PC have been locked out of the church and told not to touch anything in the church without permission. How stupid. This is no way to run a church. In every other church in the world, members are encouraged to maintain the church. Only at Heights are members who have maintained the church for decades told to stop because of the ego mania of the likes of a crazy Patty Ellis and her little lackey Joe Delgatto. When Patty was in her peak last year, Joe would not sharpen a pencil without calling Patty on the phone.


















This is really interesting because if I remember correctly there were over thirty five accusations filed against Delgatto and each accusation listed about six violations of the Book of Order. What about the rest of the members who filed the accusations? Is the whole congregation to be removed from the membership rolls?

The accusations have yet to be determined in court. There is no group of people more evil and more corrupt than the Administrative Commission. All these people are an abomination to Christ.

Time and again we read in the New Testament about Christ cursing the Jewish religious bureaucrats. He never had anything good to say about the Sadducees and Pharisees.

It seems nothing has changed. It is all about money and these corrupt lackeys of the Administrative Commission are little more than the dregs of the Presbyterian Church who have been rejected by congregation after congregation and so they attach themselves to the likes of Lynn Johnson and Mike Cole and grovel at their feet for the scraps they are given.










The lawsuit was filed because Joe Delgatto, Charlie Windham, Walter Ellis, Art Greer and others conspired with the corrupt Tom Lord to obligate Heights PC to the corrupt Independence Heights Project. They are all corrupt and they are being dealt with one by one. Walter and Patty Ellis have left the church, Delgatto is retiring, Charlie Windham a member for almost fifty years, has quit singing in the choir, quit coming to church, resigned from the session and Art Greer is dead. Let those who have ears hear and those who have eyes see. Heights PC belongs to Christ and there is no place to hide for those who corrupt his church and close the membership. The evil of Mike Cole and Lynn Johnson and the Administrative Commission will be dealt with in due time by Christ. I find it strange that the corrupt men and women from Presbytery of New Covenant who play lip service to Jesus ignore the lessons of the Bible regarding the wages of corrupt acts in the name of Christ.












There is nothing that Joyce has lied about. The liars and corruptors are those who would now sit in judgment on her. But the ultimate judge is Christ and judgment has already begun to be enforced even as the corruptors are too blind to see it and too arrogant to acknowledge it.













The Administrative Commission has never abided by the Book of Order. The Administrative Commission was formed when the corrupt Suzie Cisne and the insance Patty Ellis and others ran to the Presbytery in February 2002, telling lies. Suzie admitted that she did not tell four members of the session that eight of them and their little king Delgatto were going to the Presbytery and tell lies.

Interesting that the Administrative Commission was held in check by WorldPeace through the lawsuit. In essence WorldPeace placed a leash on those who invited the Presbytery into the church. Cisne and company made a deal with the devil and they are one by one paying the price. Mike Cole and Lynn Johnson sit in their positions of power by the will of Christ and like many of those in the Bible who committed corrupt acts in the name of Christ, they will be held accountable in due time. Read Psalm 37.











WorldPeace has his own destiny with the corrupt Mike Cole and Lynn Johnson and their Administrative dogs. WorldPeace and his wife have been banned from membership in violation of the Book of Order. What WorldPeace does has nothing to do with Joyce. WorldPeace has his own mission and agenda.
















No one videotaped but WorldPeace and his assistant LeAnne Lyne. Joyce never videotaped anything. No one can testify to Joyce videotaping. WorldPeace videotapes because of the lies that come from the pulpit from Lynn Johnson, Roy Keezel and John Hirling as well a Mike Cole. The tape records the facts. This is why the Administrative dogs hate the tape. But the truth is that none of them dare confront WorldPeace. WorldPeace has Mike Cole on tape clearly stating that the has closed the membership of the church. The taping will continue as is needed but it has nothing to do with Joyce. And since WorldPeace is not a member of Heights PC, the Administrative dogs have no jurisdiction over him. Due to their lack of power, they focus on Joyce who is innocent of this charge.














The lawsuit was filed to stop Patty Ellis and get rid of the corruption of Joe Delgatto. It has worked. Joyce is a trustee and the money that has been stolen will be accounted for and Joe Delgatto will go to jail along with Tom Lord in the end.

As far as the children go, it is their parents who create these mindsets. It is the Grables who taught their children to try to literally knock down Kay WorldPeace in front of the education building. These children learn hate and hateful acts at home not in a sixty minute exposure to WorldPeace once a week. The worst case scenario happen Sunday a week ago when Jason Christensen came over to WorldPeace and made some hateful remarks and left saying “ I hate you F----r.” I have never spoken to Jason in the last eighteen months I have been at Height PC.

My uncle and Kay’s sister were both downs syndrome children but I never heard such talk from either of them. And that was because they were not raised by parents who would plant such thoughts in their heads. Kay and I always felt that these children were gifts from God and only special parents were given these special children by God. Kay’s sister died at fifty two and it made Kay cry for days that one of these children would have been programmed with such hate. It is just a further verification of the resident evil that had taken hold of Heights Presbyterian Church.
















Thirty five members of the Heights filed accusations against Delgatto. The corrupt committee of rogues appointed by Lynn Johnson found the evil little man innocent, big surprise. The accusations were true. To say the whole congregation is liars takes a lot of arrogance on the part of the Administrative Commission. But such is the Administration of Mike Cole. Delgatto is a liar. Madeline Delgatto and Patty Ellis accused Joyce and Vernon LeCompte of having an affair. A committee found against Patty and Madeline but refused to admonish them. Instead they said that Joyce needed to be reprimanded.

What I find interesting is that none of these people are witnesses to these accusations against Joyce. But the corrupt Jane Larkin sent a letter so stating.










WorldPeace is not mindless. He has his own agenda and mission to deal with the evil that exists at Heights PC and in Presbytery of New Covenant. It is the corruptors who are withering just like it says in Psalm 37. Yet the corruptors have learned nothing. So be it.













Joyce is not videotaping. WorldPeace is. Not a single child has made these statements. If they have made these statements, they have been planted there by misguided parents. We will see which children come forth with such testimony.















There have been no session decisions for over a year. So who knows what these people are talking about. There has been no session meetings since February 2003 when the Administrative mongrels took over. All the people witnesses in this section are therefore liars. And as per usual there are no specifics as to what exactly Joyce did. Just a bunch of non specific lies.














This is really the funniest accusation of all. The Administrative Commission gave the congregation a financial report that was short over $100,000 and did not balance. The majority of the congregation has quit supporting the church due to the fact that the Administrative Commission refused to account for the monies. But only Joyce is being persecuted. I think this is really sad when Joyce has supported the church financially for over sixty-two years. Now these rogues come in and bear false witness in the name of Christ.














I, John WorldPeace, in the name of Christ, condemn the corrupt acts of Mike Cole and Lynn Johnson, Joe Delgatto and the Administrative Commission and in particular Roy Keezel and Louise Row, as well as Charlie Windham, Suzie Cisne and Kelly Puckett. I condemn them individually and as co-conspirators for the evil they have committed in the name of Christ and against the members of Heights Presbyterian Church. As it is written, so let it be. Mene Tekel Peres.


How can we manifest peace on earth if we do not include everyone (all races, all nations, all religions, both sexes) in our vision of Peace?

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