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December 16, 2003

To: The concerned members of Heights Presbyterian Church

Re: Update of Events at Heights Presbyterian Church

1) The last eighteen months have been hard on the entire membership but a lot has been accomplished. I understand that Patty and Walter are gone from the church and that seems to be verified by their non attendance. Joe is leaving in February as opposed to June. So the two biggest sources of friction in the church are now gone and leaving. It looks like we are moving ahead to better days.

2) With Patty gone, someone will have to replace her on the session. I feel like that should be Willard Walden. Further, since Kelly Puckett has gone off to parts unknown, she will need to also be removed from the session. This will open two more spots and should return control of the church to a more democratic and open operation.

3) With the changes in the session, the Administrative Commission can be forced out of the church and the congregation can go about the business of finding a new minister. With the continued presence of my web page, I do not think we will have any trouble keeping the next minister on track.

4) I received a letter from the Administrative Commission on November 13, 2003 (copy attached) informing me that Kay and I could not become members of Heights Presbyterian Church. The first thing that came to mind was the question of who are these mongrels, only two of which have even attended church services in the last seven months, who have determined who can and cannot be a member of the church. This is ridiculous.

The second thing that struck me is they signed the letter as The Administrative Commission. We all need to watch these twelve mischief makers and see what the repercussions of closing the membership to Jesusí church will be.

5) I have been very busy filing pleadings with the Supreme Court in the last month. I expected all this but I did not expect it to take place until sometime next year. I have had to do six months of work in the last five weeks. I have done what I needed to do and I am waiting for a rulings from the Supreme Court.

6) Shortly, I will fire up the lawsuit again. I am not going to be satisfied until Mike Cole and Lynn Johnson are sent packing. Until those rogues are removed from the Presbytery, no church is going to be safe. I would suggest that since they are begging for money, they are already having troubles. What does Mike Cole expect when he closes off the membership of the church?

7) I am looking forward to coming to church without having to be prepared to fight. It will be an experience I have not had since returning to Heights.

8) Shortly, we can begin to put things back to the way they were before Patty decided to destroy all the memorials. Keys can be returned to the long time members and everyone can freely contribute their time to the church.

9) I think we all know that the budget will have to be cut. With Joe gone, that is going to help a lot. But the new minister is going to have to earn his or her keep. We cannot continue to spend a $100,000 more a year than we take in. The only way to increase pledges is to increase membership. With Joe and Patty gone, the tension should reduce in the church and visitors will begin to feel a sense of peace as opposed to tension.

10) The battle is not over. There is still the Independence Heights Project that has to be turned over to Presbytery since they are the ones who created the obligation. An audit will need to be performed and when it is found that the Administrative Commission lied to the congregation they will have to be held accountable in court.

11) On Monday, my mother received a letter from the corrupt committee of rogues that were assigned the task of running her out of the church. It is amazing what these mongrels are trying to do. I have attached a copy of their accusations and my responses. You should find it interesting reading.

This attempt by the Presbytery to run my mother out of the church is going to be met with maximum confrontation from me. The gloves are off now and I will not be satisfied until Mike Cole and Lynn Johnson are removed from their positions at Presbytery.

I sent out 1,200 emails to the senior bureaucrats in the Presbyterian Church on December 7, 2003, and the accusation from the mongrel committee sent their evil letter to my mother on December 11, 2003. It was purely reactionary and it shows that Mike Cole is vulnerable. I will be expanding my email list by about 8,000 to every church in the Presybterian Church USA. Mike Cole has not seen anything yet.

12) I also know that what I am doing is effective because the visits to my web page at are significantly increasing. I have the attention of the Presbyterian Church at large.

13) The ghost writers have been silent for quite a while now. They never did answer my seventy-five questions.



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