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December 28, 2003

To: The concerned members of Heights Presbyterian Church

Re: The ongoing lies and the anti Masonic, anti Shriner stance of Mike Cole,

General Presbyter, Presbytery of New Covenant

1) Attached you will find the truth about laying a cornerstone. Those of you who were at the ceremony of replacing the cornerstone for the church remember Barbara Puckett and James McClain saying that the Masonic Lodge would not level our cornerstone because they did not lay it in the first place and that it did not have the Masonic symbol on it. Well as per usual, that was just another lie from the lips of James McClain who was one of the rogue members who formed the Independence Heights, Inc two years ago without the knowledge of the session or the congregation.

In the article below you will see that application should have been made to the Grand Lodge of Texas. James McClain is not the only mason at Heights PC but he is the only one that is a liar and co conspirator with the Administrative Commission.

There are about ten masons at Heights PC that have been masons for fifty years more or less. These men because they were not the lackeys of the Administrative Commission were not a part of the removal of the cornerstone six months ago and were not consulted by the Administrative Commission regarding a leveling of the cornerstone by the masons this Sunday.

The attached article says that an application to the Grand Lodge of Texas should have been submitted for the leveling of the cornerstone. But since Mike Cole is anti Masonic Lodge, he told the Administrative Commission not to allow it. Obviously there are no masons on the Administrative Commission. The reason is that they would be removed from the masons for their treachery and corruption not to mention their anti-Masonic acts.

What should have happened is that the masons in the church should have been invited to see what they could do and then their findings reported to the congregation for approval. But the Administrative Commission has never operated like this. They have been behind closed doors corruptors from the day they came to Heights PC eleven months ago.

2) Further, the box inside the cornerstone was sealed after a secret meeting where the items were placed inside. The congregation was prohibited from any input on what went into the cornerstone for the 100 years celebration. They were even prevented from viewing what was put in there. This is absolutely ridiculous. Barbara Puckett has completely sold out to the Administrative Commission as has James McClain and apparently Carol Parker. I venture to say there is no church in the United States that would have a handful of Presbytery lackeys solely determine what went into a 100 year cornerstone and refuse to allow the congregation any input. Every member who cooperates with the Administrative Commission must eventually account to the congregation for their corrupt acts.

3) Those of you who were there saw Joe try to get the ceremony over as quickly as possible and as soon as he said his piece he got out of there. He did not stay five minutes. He also said he had no answers to any of my questions. It was Barbara Puckett who spoke for him. What a worthless human being he is. He is pure corruption. He should be defrocked but the Presbytery is determined to cover his corruption.

4) In addition, no one from the Administrative Commission was there today. Where was Roy “the weazel” Keezel and Louise “as in Cow” Rowe? They appointed Joe and Barbara and James McClain to do their dirty work and they hid out in their hovels because they were afraid to be confronted by the congregation and to be held accountable for their anti-Christian fascist acts.

5) The bottom line is that masons are not welcomed in the Presbytery of New Covenant. Mike Cole has made it clear through the corrupt Administrative Commission that he is anti-Masons. And that includes the Shriners who must be masons and all the work the Shriners do for crippled children.

This is the same Mike Cole, General Presbyter of Presbytery of New Covenant who closed the membership of Heights PC contrary to the Book of Order and thereby has rejected Christ and scandalized the gospel according to that same Book of Order of the PCUSA.

6) And then there was Betty Tribble and Bennie Grable who both stood on the door steps to the sanctuary and actually called me a SOB as I tried to get at the truth of what was going on. I have said there is a resident evil at Heights PC and if these two rogues and their foul language on the doorsteps of the sanctuary is not evidence of it, then I do not know what is. These people are Christians in name only. It is interesting to me how much foul language is coming out. It was just two weeks ago when Jason Christensen said “I hate you, f____r” in the sanctuary. It may have been Bennie and Betty that taught him that language.

Those of you who were there heard Betty and Bennie and I have the video to prove it. This is just another reason why I continue to video. Without the video, no one would believe this kind of evil actually exists at any church.

It is up to Mike Cole to cleanse and purge the church of this evil. But when you are the source of that evil, you are going to do just what Mike Cole has done, appoint corrupt men and women to foster that evil.

7) There will be a pretrial hearing on January 16, 2003, in the Wolter v. Delgatto, et al lawsuit. I will be filing a lot of hearing notices for that day. You can come to see what kind of ruling Judge Lindsay hands out if you like. The fight for Heights PC is not over. In fact, it has only begun. In the end, I will prevail and Mike Cole and Lynn Johnson and their anti Masonic, anti Shriner, anti Christ evil will be retired just like the corrupt Joe Delgatto.

8) There is a rumor that an interim preacher has been appointed by the Administrative Commisison to replace Joe. I think that he or she may change her mind when he or she considers the consequences of being associated with the likes of Cole, Johnson and the rats of the Administrative Commission.

9) I would remind you that the Administrative Commission has not installed the new session members that are to take office next week. If they do install them, then the corruptors on the session will be outnumbered by the good folks. It will make it harder for the Administrative Commission to continue their bad acts.

10) Lastly, I understand that there is a real problem with the pledges. Within a month the Administrative Commission needs to produce the actual figures for 2003 and the projected budget for 2004. When you see these numbers, remember that the Adminstrative Commission was in charge all last year and these numbers will be a real good indicator of their accomplishments.

As you know, there has not been one open congregational meeting since these corruptors took over. And other than the ten minutes the members were allowed nine months ago to talk to the Administrative Commission, there has been no communication between the Administrative Commission and the membership. How do you solve problems when you refuse to communicate with the congregation? The answer is that you do not.

Slowly but surely we are taking control. Slowly but surely we are forcing out the resident evil. In the end, Christ will prevail and there will be a permanent record on the internet about corruption in the Presbyterian Church, USA.

Never forget, Mike Cole was appointed by the apathetic egotistic bureaucrats above him. The point is that there is a stinch that goes all the way up to the General Assembly.



The medieval stone masons organizations; builders of the glorious cathedrals across Europe are, in fact, forerunners of modern speculative Masonry. References to cornerstones are found in various places in the Holy Bible in both the Old and New Testaments that indicate the antiquity of the cornerstone and its uses. Because Freemasonry is non-sectarian and because Freemasonry is heir to the historical tradition of building, it is the appropriate organization to dedicate or symbolically level the cornerstone of a public or religious edifice. For this purpose Freemasonry provides a special ritual to govern the proper performance of that duty. Among the ancients, cornerstones were laid with impressive ceremonies. The Masonic cornerstone ceremony, like most customs, has evolved over years of use. The symbolism of the cornerstone, when duly laid with Masonic Rites is full of significance, which refers to its form, to its situation, to its permanence and to its consecration. As to its form, the cornerstone must be perfectly square on its surfaces. To Masons, the square is a symbol of morality and truth. In the situation, the cornerstone will symbolically lie between the north, which Masons consider a place of darkness and the east, which Masons consider a place of light. Hence the northeast position of the cornerstone symbolizes the Masonic progress from darkness to light, from ignorance to knowledge. To permanence, the stone, when deposited in its appropriate place, is carefully examined with the necessary implements of operative Masonry which include the square, the level, and the plumb, themselves all symbolic in meaning. The cornerstone is then declared to be "well formed, true and trusty." Lastly, the elements of Masonic consecration are produced and the stone is solemnly set apart by pouring corn, wine, and oil upon its surface, emblematical of the nourishment, refreshment and joy which are to be the rewards of a faithful performance of duty.


Masons of the Grand Lodge of Texas are proud to continue the long time tradition of leveling cornerstones. In 1994, the Grand Master of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Texas leveled the cornerstone on the extension to the Texas State Capitol building in Austin. It was a beautiful ceremony and brought to mind the 1885 ceremony when Texas Masons leveled the cornerstone to the main state capitol building. Throughout Texas history, Masons have leveled cornerstones of schools, churches, local government buildings and public buildings. It is considered a great honor by Mason’s to perform this service in their communities. The Grand Lodge of Texas receives numerous requests to officiate in the Consecration, Dedication, or laying of a cornerstone. Before requests can be considered there are certain guidelines which have come to define the role of Freemasonry in such ceremonies. For example, the building must be a public building such as a police station or school...or of sacred character such as a church. Another guideline is that buildings proposed for the laying of cornerstones must be constructed of brick, stone or concrete. Of course, veneer of such material on steel or concrete supporting frame will qualify. The cornerstone should be an actual stone, cubical in form, upon the face of which should (not must) be carved the words "Leveled (or Laid) by the Grand Lodge of Texas, A.F. & A.M., "with the Masonic emblem and the year carved thereon. The other face of the stone may bear such inscription as may be necessary to describe the name of the institution erecting the building, its board of trustees, or other offices but NOT the name of the architect, engineer, contractors, or builder, as such, should be shown on the stone. It is the Grand Master who has final determination whether a cornerstone shall be laid with Masonic ceremonies.


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