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December 31, 2003

To:      The concerned members of Heights Presbyterian Church

Re:      The trial of Joyce Wolter, Accusation by Joyce Wolter, misc

1)  I would like to first remind all of you that the Administrative Commission when it determined that Kay and I should not become members of Heights PC did not talk to either Kay or myself.  Not a single member of the Administrative Commission spoke to us about anything.  I wonder what they used to determine that we should not be members?

2)  I would also like to point out that other than myself and Willard Walden, the almighty Barbara Puckett again made no arrangements for taking photos to memorialized the relaying of the cornerstone.  No group pictures.  Nothing.  I will be able to produce pictures in time with the video that I took.  Barbara did not provide for photographs of all the dignitaries at the hundred year reunion, why would anyone think she had the brain pan to make it happen at the laying of the cornerstone.

3)  Attached you will find a letter from the Permanent Judicial Commission wherein they state that they intend to proceed to remove my mother from all positions of authority at Heights PC and probably membership as well.  You will also notice that Kelly Puckett, Suzie Cisne and Charlie Windham are the only members of the congregation that will testify against my mother.  Kelly is just her mother's stooge, Suzie is as flaky as a box of Post Toasties and Charlie has to protect himself from the evil he did as a coconspirator in the Independence Heights Project.

Virtually every member of the congregation is going to be called by my mother as a witness.  And everyone who is called is going to be asked to testify about whether or not they signed an accusation against Joe Delgatto and whether or not they stopped pledging to the church.  Charges that have been alleged against my mother.  I am curious to see how this will be handled.  These rogues at Presbytery are going to have to deal with testimony against the Commission. 

They are going to have to deal with the fact that there has been no communication between the Commission and the members of the church other than that ten minute farce every member had in March.  It is all relevant to the credibility of the Commission witnesses who are the majority of those testifying against my mother.  Isn't it interesting that the majority of witnesses against my mother have never even attended HPC nor spoken with the members of the congregation.  They will all be asked this on the witness stand. (Who did you talk to and when?)  Mother has been a member for over six decades and these corrupt dogs didn't even know HPC existed ten months ago.  Such is the corrupt administration of Mike Cole.

In addition, I will have a list shortly of all the rules in the Book of Order that the Presbytery dogs have violated.  The point will be that they are selectively enforcing the Book of Order against my mother.  I have twice asked for a list of Presbyterian Attorneys so that my mother could hire someone.  (This is necessary because they wisely refused my membership in order that I not be able to defend my mother against their bogus trial, similar to the one Jesus was given by Ciaphaus before Jesus he was crucified.) 

Further, per rule D-10.0202 of the Book of Order: "The investigating committee shall (a) provide the accused with a copy of the statement of alleged offense described in D- 10.0101 which states, to wit: "Procedure preliminary to a disciplinary case is initiated by submitting to the clerk of session or the stated clerk of the presbytery having jurisdiction over the member a written statement of an alleged offense, together with any supporting documents."  We have made several requests for these supporting documents and they, like the list of Presbyterian attorneys, have not been provided.  In their Kangeroo Court, they allow trial by ambush: everything is a big secret until you take the stand.  This is not the way things work in the judicial system.

4)  What is interesting in this matter is that I am listed as a witness for the Commission and I will also be a witness for my mother.  So you know what is going to happen when I take the stand.  That alone should strike fear into the black hearts of these corrupt lackeys of Mike Cole and Lynn Johnson.  Especially when we start playing video and tape recordings of those two dogs as well as that day in church when I confronted Roy "the weasel" Keezel as he tried to protect Joe who was hiding behind him; regarding my wife, myself and my aunt joining the church.

5)  Also attached find my mother's accusation against Bennie Grable and Betty Tribble for calling my mother a "bitch" as they stood on the steps to the sanctuary last Sunday.  I believe their exact words to my wife were that I was a SOB.  Well if I am the son of a bitch then who is the bitch?"  And by the way, I believe there were a few children present.

6) Further, and as per usual, Lynn Johnson refused to process my mother's last accusation against Joe whereby he refused to call a special session meeting to consider my membership.  Just more evidence to show that they are selectively enforcing the Book of Order.

And by the way, the testimony in this trial is going to be evidence in the main lawsuit.  We will get to question Joe and Charlie about the IHP.  They have put the IHP up as an issue and so there will be testimony about it. 

7)  Also attached you will find a letter from one of the ghosts to Kay.  I cannot read the return address and I would ask for anyone who can read it to let me know what it says.  For those of you who think I am exaggerating the evil at the church, I do not know how you can continue to ignore the cursing of Jason Christensen, Betty Tribble, Bennie Grable and this ghost. 

8)  All this is about trying to stop the lawsuit and nothing more.  By getting my mother out of the church, they think, I repeat the word "think", they can stop the lawsuit.  That is not going to happen.  That lawsuit will go on.  What is going to happen in this little Kangeroo Court that these corruptors have set up is going to in essence put the Presbyterian Church on trial.

Many of you thought that I could not get rid of Patty Ellis.  Well she is gone.  Many of you thought that Joe would never leave.  Well there are only six Sundays left before we give him the boot.  When he gives that last benediction on February 14, 2004, the darkest cloud that ever stood in the pulpit of Heights Presbyterian Church will have gone.  For those of you who think that Presbytery is all powerful, stay tuned.  I have not yet begun to fight.

9)   I am working on a large banner to put on my car with a message like "Purge Mike Cole and Lynn Johnson from the Presbytery of New Covenant.  Go to"  I am thinking about putting this on my car and driving around various churches in the Presbytery of New Covenant on Sunday morning.  No one is safe as long as these corrupted bureaucrats are in power.  It has been my experience that religious bureaucrats are not very creative and therefore Mike Cole has no idea how many legal options I have to deal with him.  In the end, he like Delgatto will be gone but not forgotten as long as the internet is around.

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