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January 2, 2004

To: The concerned members of Heights Presbyterian Church

Re: Now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of their church

1) A new year has begun and it is time to put the negativities of the past behind us. It is time to finish the house cleaning that I began in April 2002, by filing the lawsuit. We have accomplished the removal of Delgatto and his consort Patty Ellis. We now have to speak to the errant members of the congregation who under the influence of Patty Ellis and Delgatto’s darkness have committed bad acts against the congregation and Heights PC and against Jesus. The time has come to get rid of the corrupt Administrative Commission. So let us review the facts.

2) None of you who have been going to the church for any period of time can deny that my mother has been a committed servant of the church. She has not been the only one but she is the one the evil Mike Cole and Lynn Johnson in their darkness have targeted to remove from the church hoping to hide their evil. This is wrong and all of you senior members know it. Like many of you, when the church had no Fakes money, my mother was supporting the church. For years she and Vernon and Leon and Irma worked on the church premises keeping the plants watered and the lawn manicured. But when the psycho Patty Ellis arrived, she began to drive out all the seniors in the church demanding that no one do anything without her permission and eventually locking seniors out of the church who have a lifetime of service to the church. Who is going to deny this?

3) The Grables, as lackeys of Patty Ellis, believed they had been promoted to the rank of little tin gods as they took possession of the keys to the church. But they refused to open the church for the choir and the boy scouts and refused to make sure the church was locked on many occasions. In addition, this gang cornered me in the pews when I filed the lawsuit and wanted to fight. John Blanco has assaulted Imra. And now Bennie Grable has used profanity on the steps of the sanctuary as recent as six days ago. Why is anyone listening to these people.

Now, with the aid of Carol Parker, they have placed Bennie Jr. on the session giving their gang three of the twelve positions on the session. How ridiculous. This is insane and it is time for these people to be put into their place. No doubt they have a significant amount of time in the church but their acts can no longer be tolerated. Enough of the Grables. If they can’t rejoin the congregation, then they need to go follow Patty Ellis to whatever unfortunate church she decides to take over next.

4) The Administrative Commission has done nothing to heal the church. The healing process could have been easily accomplished by having weekly open meetings of the entire congregation. But they do not want to do this because the corrupt few who do their bidding cannot justify their bad acts in an open forum. The last thing the evil ones at Presbytery want is for the truth to come out.

And what is that truth? The truth is that money has been stolen from the Fakes bequest and we have been allegedly committed to wrong doing in the Independence Heights Project.

5) I want to remind you that it was Patty Ellis, Joe Delgatto, Suzie Cisne, Kelly Puckett, Bennie Grable, Chris Blanco, Charlie Windham, and a few others who brought these imps of Satan from the Presbytery into our church. And they did it by not informing my mother and Carol Parker and Irma Jenke and Janet Mahon that they were going over to Presbytery that dark day of February 8, 2003.

Time has shown that the Administrative Commission does not care about anything but protecting Joe Delgatto and covering up their own corruption. The only reason these dark souls have put up such a fight against the truth is because they have stolen money. In one way or another, they have stolen from the church and from Jesus. Soon the truth will come out.

6) Anyone who cooperates with the Administrative Commission, knowing how evil they are, and I am especially talking to those of you who have had your churches closed by the corruptors, is an enemy of the majority of good Christians who have supported Heights PC all these many decades.

We have identified the enemy as the Administrative Commission. If you support these people after all you have seen in the last eleven months, then you are condemning Heights PC to financial ruin. You cannot make a deal with the devil. We all know this. And the Administrative Commission is about as evil and corrupt as they come.

Here are the Administrative lackeys and remaining corruptors.

Barbara Puckett. No one has done more to harm the church by working with these people and Joe Delgatto and Patty Ellis than Barbara. There were no pictures at the 100 year celebration. The corner stone was ripped out of the wall with no ceremony and few witnesses. Who knows what was really in the cornerstone? I know if there was fifty cents cash in the stone, Joe would have pocketed it. No masons were involved. This was a big occasion and Barbara through her arrogance and ignorance has harmed the church by botching the ceremonies. In the relaying of the cornerstone last week, it was Barbara who stood behind Joe and did the talking for him. And there was no ceremony or discussion of what was to be put into the cornerstone before it was relaid. Why? Why? Why?

Well the answer is that Barbara is the new Patty. Remember how Patty was instrumental in closing all the session meetings to the congregation? Everything was to be a big secret. Well Patty is gone and Barbara has now taken her place. Nothing has changed but the straw women being propped by the Commission.

How many of you who have in the past been ushers or liturgist but are now prevented from serving in those capacities? Why? Again it is because the congregation has put up with this nonsense. Barbara Puckett has sucked up to the Administrative Commission to everyone’s detriment. No good has come out of the Commission or anyone associated with them.

You know, unless I am mistaken, about forty years ago, Barbara was sitting in Sunday school class with me and her brother had an epileptic fit. I remember that she immediately got on the floor to help him and told the rest of the class that everything was alright. I never forgot how she handled that incident. I am almost sure it was her. It is hard for me to believe that she is the same teenager from long ago.

James McClain. What a joke. He lied to the congregation when he along with Walter Ellis and Joe Delgatto and Tom Lord secretly formed the Independence Heights Inc in February 2002. Last Sunday, he lied at the cornerstone ceremony saying that the Masons would not relevel the cornerstone. James has no letter from the Grand Lodge of Texas. All he has is the words out of his lying mouth.

Bennie Grable and clan. What a joke. Here is the man who sold out the whole congregation so his family could use the church as an extension of his home. These people instead of buying ice at the local convenience store have on occasion emptied the ice machine in the fellowship hall. All of this so the Administrative Commission would hire John Blanco to build those dangerous closets in the Fellowship Hall and hang lights in the hall to resemble an electric snake on the ceiling.

Charlie Windham. Charlie’s corruption goes all the way back to May 2001 when he obligated the church to the Independence Heights Project. All those smiles and handshakes and little mini sermons that he likes to give and yet all the while he was plotting and scheming with Joe Delgatto and Tom Lord to take money from the church behind everyone’s back. This is not a joke. This is not a lie. It is the truth. There is no excuse for this and there is no reason for it except that monies have been paid. Why did Charlie resign from all his positions of power in the church in October? Does anyone know the answer to this? I do. His corruption and lies to the congregation have begun to catch up to him.

In addition, it was Charlie and Arleen Boing and Suzie Cisne who have filed false affidavits in the court regarding the lawsuit in their alleged capacities as trustees. Actually, they are lackeys of the Administrative Commission and will do anything, just like Judas.

Oh yes, and where was Roy “the weazel” Keezel and Louise “as in cow” Rowe when we reset the cornerstone last week. What gutless souls these two are. They cannot even face the congregation and begin to explain their bad acts. They stir up mischief and then Joe and Barbara follow through like little lap dogs.

Carol Parker is the latest supporter of these corruptors. The power in the church is the congregation and not these dark souls on the Administrative Commission. Carol sold out Willard Walden in support of Bennie Grable Jr. and the Administrative Commission in trying to maintain control of the session (By the way, the new members have not been sworn in and the new year has begun.). Who knows what happened to Carol. I hope she wakes up. But if she continues to work with these people, then she is for them and against the congregation. Virtually everything the Administrative Commission has done has been against the congregation. No one on the Commission can be trusted to do anything but evil.

These are the main culprits. Those of you who have any influence over these people need to speak with them and show them what they are doing. Hopefully they will come to their senses.

7) I made a commitment to clean out the resident evil at Heights Presbyterian Church because it was the church of my youth and many of you taught me as a young man. I am honoring my commitment. I am also honoring my commitment to my mother to fight this battle. I am honoring John Fakes in the preservation of his bequest that gave new life to Heights PC. And most of all, I am honoring my commitment to Jesus to stop the evil that is the Presbytery of New Covenant and save this church. With his continued help, I will persevere and we will overcome this nonsense.

8) The time has now come for the good members of this congregation to join together and retake the church. It is time to get on board and put these corruptors in line and purge the church of the evil that is the Presbytery of New Covenant and their imps, the corruptors of the Administrative Commission. These people can be controlled and removed. Believe me we can win this battle.

We have money and we have membership and we have a 100 years of tradition. If Mike Cole tries to shut down this church, then I will begin a revolution within the entire Presbyterian Church USA. Believe me, I already have a good start with my web page at We have a lot of support from churches all over the United States. These people cannot afford a high profile because if they stand up at this point, the PCUSA will deal harshly with them. The same way that Patty Ellis would scream in the church at anyone who crossed her.

You are all going to get the opportunity to voice your concerns under oath in the coming Presbytery Inquistion (Kangeroo Court) against my mother. You will be called as witnesses and then you will either stand up for what is right and the church or you will turn your back on the undeniable corruption that is attempting to destroy our church.

9) I had a very busy year in 2003 but none-the-less I am battling just as fiercely as I have since I filed the lawsuit. Have no doubt that I will not abandon the church. I know that some of you may think that I have been a little too harsh and too hard hitting but those of you who attended Vernon’s funeral know that I am no loose cannon. You have to fight fire with fire.

Jesus said to turn the other cheek at the same time that he relentlessly challenged the Jewish religious bureaucrats who were enslaving the people. Even unto his death, he challenged them. Well nothing has changed in 2000 years. The Mike Coles and Lynn Johnsons and their lackeys Weazel Keezel and Louise Rowe are the new Pharisees and Sadducees. If you slap my wife, I am not going to turn the other cheek. If you corrupt the church, I am not going to turn the other cheek. If you turn you back on Jesus, you will reap the rewards of Psalm 37.

10) It is time to stand up, stand up for Jesus you soldiers of the cross. It is time to purge Heights PC of its resident evil. It is time to put an end to the Administrative Commission and Mike Cole and the other Presbytery of New Covenant corruptors.

It is time to give Heights PC a new birth. It is time to reach out to the community and reopen the membership to the church. It is time to hold back every pledge and donation in protest. It is time to send a strong message to those who would enslave the congregation and break faith with Jesus.

Keep the faith,



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