Subj: Re: WorldPeace and Presbytery- Reply 
Date: 1/3/2004 11:14:22 PM Central America Standard Tim
From: John WorldPeace

In a message dated 1/3/2004 2:51:56 PM Central America Standard Time, writes:

Subj: WorldPeace and Presbytery
Date: 1/3/2004 2:51:56 PM Central America Standard Time
Sent from the Internet

While searching the web for materials for an up coming
assignment, I came across your web site concerning the
Presbyterian Church.  Much of the material you have
posted on this site will work wonderful for my class.


However, research aside, I do have one question for
you.  What do you wish to gain from your “attack” on
the Presbytery and Heights Presbyterian Church?

> To show the hypocrisy of all religious bureaucracies whose primary objective is to first preserve the bureaucracy and second to spread the message of its founding father and third to subordinate all women on the planet.  Oh have you as a female not noticed that none of the major religions were founded by women.  And in the Book of Genesis, God says that women must serve men.  Forever.  And since Judiasm bled on down into Christianity the Mormonism and Islam into Bahai'ism we have have the little girls in the world such as yourself sucking up the inequality bullshit and passing it on to your little female children just like you mommy did to you.  Hello.

As a Christian, I feel I must tell you how outsiders
view your web page. I, as well as several of my dorm
mates, do not see your fight as a courageous attempt
to remove greed, corruption and evil from the
Presbyterian Church, but that of a single individual.

> As was Jesus one man.  As was Gandhi was one man.  As Mother Teresa was one woman.  There are those who are on the playing field and there are those cold and timid souls who go to college to get an A, which shows not free thought but conformity with the teacher's thought.  So you work hard to please.  The best students are hired by the biggest law firms because they are conformist.  Hello.  Now don't be late for class little missy.  Suck up for that A.

> I would rather have my ass kicked on the playing field rather that be one of those cold and timid souls in the bleechers who know neither victory nor defeat.

Who, dare I say slanderous,

> There is no cause of action for slander in Texas for anything said in relation to a live lawsuit.  Write that down in your little non conformist book sweetie.

attempt to gain attention

for himself,

> actually for WorldPeace.  Try to get it out of your mind.  WorldPeace that is.  Try to forget me now sweetie.  I am etched on the back of your little grape until you return to the dust from which you came.   Hell girl, WorldPeace may be the last thing you think about when you die or maybe the next time you are with your boy friend.

(while being lost in his own prophetic
propaganda), by attacking an established Religion and its parts .

> Isn't the relentless attack on the Jewish bureaucrats, Pharisees and Sadducees, what got Jesus killed.  The truth is often paradoxical missy.  Can you say paradoxical.  Hey a human being without a religion is like a fish without a bicycle.  And by the way, religion is not God.

  Sad, really sad.  Yet at the same time

your “struggle”  brings joy and laughter into the
lives of struggling college students, and for that I
Thank You. 

>  Well glad to please.  As the Tao says, if you did not laugh your ignorance would not be so obvious.  That is Tao te Ching.  Not on the exclusionary Christian reading list.  Maybe you can sneak a book out of the library on Lao Tzu.  But don't let any men see you. 

On one of your “ranting” pages you asked the
rhetorical question as to why Heights Church had not
held a Congregational Meeting in over a year.  I think
if you look at your own web site an  par use your many
postings you can answer that question yourself.  It
has nothing to do with cover-up, greed, or ‘satanic
worship, but everything to do with you and your
“constant harassment” of the Pastor, Session and
members of this congregation. I ask you,  “How can a
meeting be held when it is constantly interrupted by
an individual seeking self gratification?”

>  There has not been a meeting in over two years.  Now tell me missy, is the Presbytery, and 150 members of the church and the pastor all afraid of WorldPeace.  If that is so you better start looking under your bed at night.  The reality is that the preacher is retiring early and his consort Patty Ellis is gone.  I am on track with the purging of the evil.  It required a non conforming mind.  Sort of like Martin Luther King, and the Buddha and Mohammed, and Baha'U'llah, and Joseph Smith and....  Hey, how are things in the herd lately. 

Well, I shall close now as I never meant for this to
be a dissertation.

> It wasn't. 

  I would like to thank you for the

excellent material provided in your web site for my
class.  I plan to give this web site to my professor
in the hopes of receiving extra credit  for my

>  Moooo said the cow.  Extra Credit.  Damn girl you are on your way up the male ladder, right to that glass ceiling.  Tell me how many white males are at the top of the old college pyramid where you attend and how many females.  Just like God said, women serve men in every bedroom and in every board room.  Hey it takes a non conforming comedian like WorldPeace to break that glass ceiling for little missy's like you who haven't even noticed that you and all the other women in the world, globally speaking, are second class citizen.  Hell in the Middle East they still remove women's genitals to keep them in line.  Hey it is the established religion.  Now do you think that is what God meant?

and to allow all of her classes to “enjoy”
your quest to rid the Presbyterian Church of injustice.

>  Hell I can't purge all the evil.  All I can do is get little girls like yourself to think outside the box for a few minutes.  I am happy with that.  And how many of the really big law firms are run by women at the top?  Can you say NONE.  Hey you girls do best as transaction attorney.  Not to many of you can survive as trial attorneys.

As a Christian, I will pray for you.

> Good.  It is your duty to pray for all men.

As a college
student, I will bookmark your web site so I and my
fellow students can return often when we need a good

> Men always have the last laugh in Western society.  We sold all women on the alleged fact that God said you have to serve us.  I guess maybe the joke is on you.  You know there is one car dealer here in Houston with 128 male salesmen.  No women.  They say they cannot hack it.  And they said it in court.  One of the 128 took my female client for a ride and give her a bonus.  Funny, that is just what their attorney told me as he laughed.  She got a bone-us so what is she griping about.  Of course we lost the case because the judge would not let me tell the jury that he was a male stripper on the side.  Male judge that is.  Remember.  God says.

As a future Attorney, I hope to meet up with
you one day in court.  One always likes to go up against a “sure thing” for the win.

>  Chances are you will never make it that far.  You have to kiss a lot of male ass to get that far missy because I can tell you are not independent enough to make it in that area of law.  But hey, you will have the degree hanging in your daughters nursery to show her even as you pass the old Adam and Eve story on to her and prepare her for the reality of second class citizenship.

> Maybe you should look at my web site regarding my fight to put an end to the State Bar of Texas grievance process.  Now that is where the real shit storm is brewing.  I know you are not the kind of attorney who would put her ticket on the line and take on the Supreme Court of Texas.  Are you?

By the way..... You should really consider changing
your name from WorldPeace to MuckRaker or

>  That's OK honey.  I am still a male and still out rank you.  And honey be careful who you marry, because all little conforming girls are expected to take on their husbands name just like God said.  Hello.  I will bet you are a real cutesy little girl.  One day you will wake up and find the joke is you.  And the joke is really sad.  The law was written by men, both sectarian and secular.

>  Hopefully while the crazy old peace man is on duty your daddy, brother, son will not be killed by some Iraqi.  So laugh away little girl.  Follow old George on his imperialistic quest for oil.  Hang that picture of your dead son on the wall and have a drink to crazy people like WorldPeace who are out there fighting like hell and advocating peace.  I am an advocate for peace but I am not a pacifist.  The truth is ofter paradoxical.

> Honey you do not have a dog's chance in hell in the real world where men reign and will continue thanks to pretty little missy's like you who bought the second class citizenship without question. 

Carolyn Aldrich

Matthew 5:11,12
Psalms 57:3

>  Excuse me, how many gospels were written by women?  Did you know that Jerome edited all the existing books about Jesus in the year 400 CE.  The ones that were written by women went into the shit can because women are crazy and God said they were servants forever.  And oh yes, after Jerome finished, he told all his Christian buddies to burn everything that did not conform with the official conformist bible.  It was Christians who burned the library at Alexandria.  Ah yes, the Bible, a book written by men for men.  Night night sweetie.  Sleep tight.  Glad I could put a smile on your face and the rest of your little herd.  Remember you will always be number two.

In the end,


ps. If you ever come to Texas, the execution capital of the world, look me up.  I will gladly buy you a Starbucks.  I like to keep up on things at the dairy farm.


How can we manifest peace on earth if we do not include everyone (all races, all nations, all religions, both sexes) in our vision of Peace?

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