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January 13, 2004

To: The concerned members of Heights Presbyterian Church

Re: The corruption continues

1) It is a sad day at Heights Presbyterian Church in that it seems that there are no end to the number of members who are willing to betray the church for their own personal aggrandizement. There are some of you who may have questioned the fact that Carol Parker has become the newest lackey of the Administrative Commission after her manipulation of Willard Walden so that Bennie Grable Jr. could be on the session for 2004. However, as you will see below, there is no question but that Carol Parker has replaced Patty Ellis as the new Judas promoting the corruption and bad faith acts of the Presbytery.

2) First, let me remind each of you that the whole point of the lawsuit was to get to the bottom of the Independence Heights Project and to get an audit of the church finances. There was no other purpose for the lawsuit. You also know that at every turn Delgatto, Windham, Patty Ellis, James McClain and others have tried to thwart our efforts to get the truth out to the congregation on these matters. You know that the Administrative Commission came in for no other purpose but to cram the Independence Heights Project down the throats of the congregation and to stop a full audit. There has been no audit for the years 1997, 1998, 1999 and 2000. An annual audit is required by the Book of Order (G-10.0401(d)), but as per usual the Book of Order is meaningless to Delgatto and his co-conspirators and to that snake Mike Cole at Presbytery.

3) Second, the only reason that a special congregational meeting was called was to dissolve the contract with Delgatto. The reason was that we had filed another accusation against Joe for refusing to call a special session meeting back in December 2002, to consider my membership. In order, not to have to proceed, the special congregational meeting was called and Joe discharged so that the additional accusations against him would not have to be processed.

4) Third, I would like to remind you that the new members of the session have not been installed. This could have easily been done at the special meeting on Sunday but it was not. The reason is that the Administrative Commission must respond to the session and the new members change the composition of the session such that the corruptors on the session would become a minority. If the new session members were installed, the Independence Heights Project would be looked into, audits would be performed and the lawsuit would continue and the Kangeroo Court that has been set up to remove my mother from the session and membership in the church would also be stopped. This is just more evidence of the resident evil at Heights PC and the evil at Presbytery.

5) Those of you who were at church on Sunday for the special congregational meeting heard Charlie Windham question the rewriting of the rules by Carol Parker regarding the appointing of a trustee from the congregation at large. Charlie was right in that a member of the congregation can be trustee. In fact, all the trustees could be members of the congregation and non members of the session. From the Book of Order G-7.0400 "The elders in active service in a church who are eligible under the civil law shall, by reason of their office, be trustees of the corporation, unless the corporation shall determine another method for electing trustees."

I did not say anything because I wanted each of you to witness the fact that Carol Parker is a liar, the lackey of the Administrative Commission and working against the congregation. Carol Parker lied and then, as you saw, whispered to Lynn Johnson what he was to say to the congregation. Lynn Johnson supported the lie that a non session member could not be a trustee. He did this from the pulpit as he has done on several prior occasions. If you remember the Book of Order rule that he quoted which allegedly allowed the appointing of the Administrative Commission did not in fact allow the on the spot appointing of the Administrative Commission because the Presbytery did not talk to all the members of the session. This is because Suzie Cisne in her corruption did not call all the session members in February 2003 and tell them that eight of the session members were going to the Presbytery on February 8, 2003, to request the appointment of an Administrative Commission. The rush was because we were headed to court on Monday February 10, 2003, and the Administrative Commission needed to be in place so Reagan Brown, attorney for Presbytery, could lie to the court and abate the lawsuit.

6) I would also point out that Arlene Boing is not a member of the session and yet the Commission appointed her as trustee last year. If Lynn Johnson were correct, then why did the Commission appoint a non session member to replace Anna Fay as trustee. Arlene is as corrupt as the rest of the Commission lackeys.

7) The changing of the by-laws was about changing that one section regarding trustees. The rest of the changes were just diversions to cover up Presbyteryís real need to change the trustee requirements. You see the Kangeroo Court set up to sit in judgment on my mother, knows they cannot remove her as a member of the church but they wrongly believe they can remove her from the session. If she is not on the session, then they think they can stop the lawsuit. Well this is not true but it is the best plan they can come up with. I have more than a few surprises for these corruptors in the lawsuit.

8) The point is that Carol Parker is a Benedict Arnold and is working hard to cover up the corruption that Delgatto and members of the Presbytery have foisted on the church since the time that Patty Ellis arrived on the scene. Carol has done the bidding of the Administrative Commission and rewritten the by-laws of the church in preparation for the attempted removal of my mother from the session and the ending of the lawsuit. The lawsuit will go to trial on January 26, 2004, and then there will be an appeal that will go on for years. Believe me, there will be an accounting before this matter is over no matter how long it takes.

9) You have to ask yourself why Carol would betray the congregation. What is motivating her to do these bad deeds against the congregation. Those who are trying to destroy the church are pretty well known now. The Grables, Patty and Walter Ellis, James McClain, Charlie Windham, Suzie Cisne, Carol Parker, Barbara Puckett and Kelly Puckett are the ones who are working hard to sell out the congregation. If you look at this list, you will see that with the exception of Charlie Windham and James McClain, they are the next generation in the church. When Patty Ellis came to Heights PC she was alleged to have said that the church needed to get rid of all the old people. I think that the acts of these corruptors reflect that attitude: remember the destruction of the memorials and the changing of the locks to stop the senior members from having access to the church?

10) There can be no question but there is an all out effort to cover up the wrong doing of these people with regards to the Fakes bequest and the Independence Heights Project. I do not care what any of you think, money has been stolen from the church and Delgatto and others have received kick backs for promoting the Independence Heights Project. And the cover up goes on with Carol Parker being the most recent member of the corruptors.

11) Regarding the Kangeroo Court for the purpose of having a trial against my mother, I have written three letters demanding that Presbytery provide the names of Presbyterian attorneys to represent my mother and for the supporting documents that go along with Roy "the Weazel" Keezelís accusation against my mother. Those demands have been refused.

Yesterday, Stephen Beyer, the moderator of the Kangeroo Court, called my mother and told her they did not have a list of Presbyterian attorneys but they would find her an old minister to help her. Well the Book of Order allows mother to have a Presbyterian attorney and she cannot go through the Yellow Pages calling attorneys and asking them if they are Presbyterians. As you know, they would not allow me to become a member because to do so would allow me to represent my mother in the Kangeroo Court. The corruption in this matter is so great that it is beyond belief. The Presbytery laughs at the Book of Order. All this will come out in the lawsuit sooner or later and there will be an accounting.

The reading of the charges against my mother was to take place this Saturday, but unless they provide a list of attorneys and the supporting documents to the bogus charges, then my mother will not be attending the Kangeroo Court.

12) The web page I set up has been getting a significant number of visits. On Sunday there were 288 visits to the web site. The web site is getting more attention from the members of the Presbyterian Church, USA as well as others who are looking at the site for evidence of corruption in the Presbyterian church.

Very sincerely,




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