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January 13, 2004

Stanley C. Beyer, Moderator : c/o Lynn Johnson, Stated Clerk

Presbytery of New Covenant via fax at 713-526-8814

Re: PCUSA v. Joyce Wolter

1) In speaking with my mother yesterday, she told me that you are not going to give her a list of Presbyterian attorneys because no such list exists. The Book of Order allows her an attorney and you therefore must provide her with a list.

2) You have still not forwarded to Ms. Wolter the supporting documents to the accusation filed by the corrupt Roy "the weasel" Keezel.

3) Your Kangeroo Court which is in violation of the Book of Order before you even get started will proceed without my mother unless you provide the list of attorneys and the supporting documents to the accusation so that my mother can speak with an attorney about the charges. My mother will not allow you to say she waived her right to an attorney by her attendance at your little "dog and pony show".

4) You sir are just another corrupt lackey of Presbytery supporting the evil that they have done at Heights Presbyterian Church. Mike Cole, is probably the most corrupt General Presbytery in the Presbyterian Church. The Administrative Commission, of which Keezel is a member, is doing the devilís work in that the Commission was formed outside the Book of Order, no audit of the financial records of Heights PC has been performed per the Book of Order, Lynn Johnson has refused to process accusations against Joe Delgatto the corrupt ex-minister of Heights Presbyterian Church, I have been refused membership contrary to the Book of Order (not to mention that not one member of the Administrative Commission talked to me or my wife about membership or my twenty four years of attendance at Heights PC before rejecting our application) and now you are going to refuse to follow the Book of Order regarding giving my mother a list of Presbyterian attorneys or the supporting documents that allegedly support the lies in Keezelís accusation.

5) Please respond to this letter by fax by fax and CMRRR to the above number. My mother will no longer speak to you or anyone else in person about this matter because of the history of lies that are told by all the members of Presbytery and all the corrupt committee members appointed by Lynn Johnson. If you are not willing to put these matters in writing, then it is because you intend to continue to tell lies.

Very sincerely,



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