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Tele-evangelists and their billion dollar Jesus shows

The two major religions of the East and West are Buddhism and Christianity. Both Buddha and Jesus were traveling ministers who possessed nothing more than the clothes on their back. They owned nothing and taught people that the kingdom of God and that kingdom had little to do with material possessions or wealth.  (I know that Buddhists do not believe in the anthropomorphic God of the West but they do believe in the Dhammakaya or all inclusive essence that can generally be referred as God) 

The Pope is vicariously the richest man on earth. And that is so because for 2000 years the Catholic church has placed the preservation of the Catholic bureaucracy over the spreading of the message of Jesus. This is why pedophile priest have plagued the church for centuries. The church bureaucracy is more important than the teachings.

Now we see a plague of tele-evangelist who run 24 hour a day, seven day a week telethons begging for money in the name of Jesus. They have built massive empires begging on such a grand scale that it would make Jesus sick. 

In fact, God help Jesus if he does return in the flesh because the tele-evangelist will be the first to advocate his heresy. The tele-evangelist have as much to lose from the teachings of a modern day Jesus as the Jewish establishment had to lose from the original teachings of Jesus 2000 years ago.  

The truth is often paradoxical and this especially applies to tele-evangelist. They have gotten extremely rich in their selling of Jesus. And society is so blind that it allows these men and women to operate tax free. 

It makes one want to throw up when one steps back and considers the reality of these preachers indicating to their audiences that the more they pay the more Jesus will love and bless them. 

It is important to understand and acknowledge that religion and spirituality and God are not the same. God is the all inclusive Infinite Potential that has no beginning nor an end. Spirituality is an understanding that we are more than these physical bodies which our souls inhabit. It is understood that we are all children of God and that those who take from the poor the little they have by preaching the fear of God and the need to seek Jesus through the payment of money are in truth the sons and daughters of Satan. Religion is a bureaucracy whose primary purpose is to perpetuate itself by declaring itself an instrument of God. Well God does not need mortal men and women to sell the idea of love one another and to acknowledge God like another brand of soap power.

The path to God and the euphoria of good deeds lies in reaching out to one's neighbor and to one's family; to be aware of the suffering that exists within one's every day world. You cannot experience the words of Jesus by sending your money to the entertainers whose theme is "Jesus is good business". That is sterile giving. 

A rich young man once asked Jesus about the path to heaven. Jesus told him to sell all he had and give it to the poor. The young man sadly walked away. And so it is with the demi-gods who presently dominate television selling Jesus. Men and women who become rich by manipulating the poor to give what little they have so that the tele-evangelist can add more television stations to their ministry.

Take the money that you would give to these charlatans and hand it to those within your daily routine who obviously need the help. Do away with the religious hucksters and experience the true joy of helping others who you know are in need. 

Turn off your television and turn on to humanity and God.

John WorldPeace
July 18, 2002