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WorldPeace through world law

As the world becomes more and more interconnected, the need for a world government becomes more and more apparent. As per usual, it is the law and economics that will eventually bring about a world government.

The September 11th attack on the Twin Towers in New York like many events was not only a criminal matter but also a civil matter. George Bush has pursued his 20th century approach to getting his guns and going after the outlaws who engineered the attack.  He could not do this within the United States.  If the crime happened within the United States, he would have to invoke law enforcement to bring the conspirators to justice. 

However, on the international scene, he was able to send our military into Afghanistan and destroy the Taliban in search of al-Quida and Osama bin Laden. 

If there were a strong world government with the power to enforce a law against murder which ignored national boundaries, then there would be little reason for destabilizing governments in the attempt to kill a master criminal and his followers. (By the way, Osama bin Laden is still at large and still a threat to the world. Nice work George.) 

Now lawsuits have been filed relating to the 911 attack but they have been filed in the United States and not in the World Court. Therefore, the ability to execute on the civil judgments that will surely come from the lawsuit will be very difficult if not impossible.

What will happen though is that the lawyers who pursue the case will be laying precedents and drawing attention to the fact that there is a need for a world court and system of justice to handle these matters. This lawsuit will move the world along the path of an increasing body of world law to bring order to the world; the same as laws bring order to nations and states.

As the body of world law develops, the level of peace that exists on the planet with increase. As world citizens understand that crimes against humanity can and will be punished, the level of wild west vigilante violence and retribution will decrease. Other than death, the most powerful deterent to criminal behavior is the loss of money and status. 

As the world becomes more economically interrelated, the body of world law will become more refined and a world government will emerge which will increase the level of WorldPeace. Compared to the world wars of the twentieth century, we presently have more WorldPeace in this century. There will never be a perfect peace because the nature of the universe is constant change and as long as there is change there will be some level of chaos that is always associated with change.

The level of WorldPeace we presently enjoy will continue to increase as a body of world law continues to develop and evolve and the 911 lawsuit that was filed yesterday will significantly advance world justice and WorldPeace.

John WorldPeace
August 16, 2002

September 11 families file lawsuit

By Deborah Charles

WASHINGTON (Aug. 15) - Vowing to avenge the murder of their loved ones, relatives of about 900 people killed in the Sept. 11 attacks filed a lawsuit on Thursday against three Saudi princes, several foreign banks and Sudan's government for allegedly funding Osama bin Laden and his al-Qaida network.

''The terrorists were wrong, but the people who aided and abetted and allowed them to do this are more wrong,'' said Matthew Sellitto, a plaintiff in the lawsuit, whose 23-year-old son died in the World Trade Center in New York on Sept. 11.

''The banks, so-called charities and the individuals named in this action have the blood of my son on their hands,'' he said, his voice breaking, during a news conference announcing the lawsuit. ''And they have the blood of more than 3,000 other precious, irreplaceable people on their hands. And we will hold them accountable.''

In a civil lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Washington, relatives of hundreds killed in the attacks and some Sept. 11 survivors accused seven international banks operating mainly in the Middle East, eight Islamic foundations and charities, the government of Sudan and a number of individuals of helping fund terrorist activities.

The lawsuit, filed by individuals from across the United States and at least six other countries, asked for damages exceeding one hundred trillion dollars. The lawyers said they were seeking ''hundreds of billions'' of dollars in damages.

Individuals named in the suit included Saudi-born extremist Osama bin Laden and several of his relatives, as well as three members of the Saudi royal family: Turki al Faisal al Saud, Sultan bin Abdul Aziz al Saud and Mohammed al Faisal al Saud.

The United States has blamed bin Laden and al-Qaida for the Sept. 11 attacks that killed more than 3,000 people.

Lead attorney Ron Motley, who said intelligence agencies from five countries had helped provide information used in the suit, said the plaintiffs had ''no delusions'' about the case, recognizing that it would be a long struggle to win in court and stop the financing networks.


''This civil action seeks to hold those responsible for a more subtle and insidious form of terrorism, that which attempts to hide behind the face of legitimacy,'' the lawsuit said. ''These entities, cloaked in a thin veil of legitimacy, were and are the true enablers of terrorism.''

''The financial resources and support network of these defendants -- charities, banks and individual financiers -- are what allowed the attacks of September 11, 2001, to occur,'' it said. ''Terrorists like Osama bin Laden and his al-Qaida network cannot plan, train and act on a massive scale without significant financial power, coordination and backing.''

The banks named in the suit were: Al Baraka Investment and Development Corp., National Commercial Bank, Faisal Islamic Bank, Al Rajhi Banking and Investment, Al Barakaat Exchange LLC, Dar Al Maal Al Islami and Al Shamal Islamic Bank.

Charitable groups named included: the International Islamic Relief Organization, Sanabel Al Kheer Inc., Muslim World League, Saar Foundation, Rabita Trust, Al-Haramain Islamic Foundation, Benevolence International Foundation and the World Assembly of Muslim Youth.

''It's up to us to bankrupt the terrorists and those who financed them so they will never again have the resources to commit such atrocities against the American people,'' said Deena Burnett, whose husband Thomas Burnett died on the hijacked airliner that crashed into a Pennsylvania field.

''By filing this lawsuit, this is our only source of retribution, our only source of action to help stop them.''

The 259-page lawsuit alleged that members of the Saudi royal family were implicated in the Sept. 11 attacks. Fifteen of the 19 hijackers who commandeered airplanes on Sept. 11 were Saudi nationals. The lawsuit alleged that Saudi money has ''for years been funneled to encourage radical anti-Americanism as well as to fund the al-Qaida terrorists.''

Saudi Arabia has denied any involvement and repeatedly has said its relations with the United States remained strong. Top Bush administration officials have said publicly that ties between the United States and Saudi Arabia were excellent.

How can we manifest peace on earth if we do not include everyone (all races, all nations, all religions, both sexes) in our vision of Peace?

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