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Global Amnesia

We have to question our technology when we consider that brain surgery was possibly performed five thousand years ago. When we consider the pyramids and the massive stones that create structures all over the world and the fact that these megaton stones are sometimes precisely placed to align them perfectly with the stars, we cannot help but wonder what caused the global amnesia that has unquestionably occurred in our recent past. 

We are required to consider the possibility that all this ancient knowledge remains in the human unconscious and that it is just possible that the technological revolution that was birthed by the second world war (which ended with the unleashing of nuclear power) is not solely the result of advancing science but also a reawakening of the human consciousness to the ancient knowledge that resides within the global society.

If one considers that World War Two was the Armageddon of the Book of Revelations, then we are living in the beginning of the one thousand years of peace. There was no immediate line of demarcation between war and peace but the lingering local wars exist the same way that the wind slowly dies down as a hurricane passes by.

It is hard not to consider that the violence of the twentieth century awakened a global mindset that we as of yet do not fully understand. However, when we step back for a moment and look at things from a global perspective without the filters of religious mythology which has a long history of cultural destruction and the elimination of all things that do not comply with an elitist relgious philosophy, one has to conclude that there is evidence all over the world that humanity took a step backwards at some time in the recent past.

As men and women all over the planet continue to unravel the past, I believe that we will continue to awaken our memories and emerge from our amnesia. The sooner that we let go of out self imposed refusal to open our minds to the fact that the world society is rich in evidence of a higher level of civilization than has ever before admitted, the sooner that we will be able to let go of the chaos that we have created by elitist national, racial and religious philosophies which continue to eat away at the global society like a cancer.

Embedded in the unconscious of the present generation of Indians, Asian, Egyptians are the memories of a past that in many ways rivals the present state of human society. Only by acknowledging the fact that these people possess this knowledge in their cultural and racial subconscious will we allow ourselves to begin to explore these possibilities and maybe avoid whatever it was that sent humanity into the dark ages five or ten thousand years ago.

John WorldPeace
August 22, 2002

Ancient skull shows signs of brain surgery

LONDON A Bronze Age man whose skull was fished out of the River Thames survived one of Britain's earliest forms of brain surgery, archaeologists said yesterday.

 The 4000-year-old skull, found in October, has a 4,5cm by 3cm hole in the top, suggesting the man had undergone trepanation, a procedure in which a portion of the skull is removed from a living patient. The bone had re-grown around the hole, indicating the patient an adult male who lived around 1750 BC survived the operation, performed without anesthetic. 

"Trepanning is probably the oldest form of surgery we know," said Simon Mays, an expert on human skeletal remains with the conservation group English Heritage. "The trepanning on this skull would have been carried out with a scraping tool, probably a flint, using great care to avoid piercing the brain." The procedure was long thought to cure headaches and migraines by relieving pressure in the head, it was also thought to release evil spirits that caused epilepsy or mental illness. 

A variation is still used today to alleviate pressure from bleeding in the brain. 

About 40 trepanned skulls have been found in Britain, with the oldest about 5000 years old. English Heritage said the surgery appears to have become a speciality in Britain, with practitioners using the scraping technique more accurate than sawing, gouging or drilling through the skull to give a "remarkable level of survival". 

"The skull shows that there were people in Britain at the time with significant anatomical and surgical skills, ones not bettered in Europe until classical Greek and Roman times more than a thousand years later," Mays said. 


How can we manifest peace on earth if we do not include everyone (all races, all nations, all religions, both sexes) in our vision of Peace?

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