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[S O S at the Earth Summit]

Muslim children participate 23 August 2002 in the opening ceremony by the NGO forum on the sidelines of the World Summit on Sustainable Development which takes place in Johannesburg, from 26 August to 04 September. (AFP Photo)




Little George: The CEOs' CEO; Terrorist killer; Global ignoramus; A Nero in his own time.

There is presently an earth summit in Johannesburg, South Africa of all the nations of the world.  In 1992, the UN held the first Earth Summit conference focusing on "sustainable development"; meaning development that integrates environmental, social and economic objectives.

The main issues to be covered in the Johannesburg summit are poverty, natural resources, globalization, health, regional priorities, means of implementation and sustainable development governance. WSSD will address two fundamental challenges: improving the standards of living of the world’s poorest and reducing the effects of consumption of the world’s richest.

The George Bush's of the world are elitist robber barons who measure people and countries based on little more than wealth.  Ken Lay, Tony Sanchez (The mafia connected democratic candidate for governor of Texas), and other like minded "Bush Pioneers" (political contributors of $100 thousand plus to little George) are global sociopaths who are enjoying the last remnants of global elitism which considers the world and its six billion inhabitants as little more than targets for the insatiable drive to have more food than they will ever eat, more houses than they can live in, more cars than they can drive and more wealth for the sake of wealth than they can ever enjoy.

The United States of America is the hope of the world.  It is the only country where diversity of race, religion and nationality is embraced.  It is the world's premier democracy.  It has been a leader in the technological and scientific revolution that has vastly improved the human condition within its borders.  It is the world's proof that capitalism works.

Yet from this island that is America, little George rules on a perceived mandate that more is better, that people who are suffering in the world deserve to suffer because they refuse to educate themselves and get a job and work hard.  And consequently, there is no reason not to exploit their environments for the sake of more money, more money, more money while polluting the world with careless abandon.

The time is coming for an accounting and the sooner that the reign of little George is over, the sooner the world can hopefully find a replacement who understands that the United States has a mandate to lead the world as opposed to exploiting it.  Hopefully we can find someone who does not deny global warming and who thinks that maybe all the flooding that is presently going on in Europe and Asia has something to do with our abuse of the environment.  

The little George's of  the world will create a cesspool of the entire earth and tell themselves it isn't so while they run up their bank accounts in the name of arrogance.  The measure of a little George man is his pocket book not his social consciousness.

In the end, little George will have to account to history and to his God for his tenure as the most powerful man on the earth.  The questions will be asked and answered, "What did you do with the incredible power that was given you?" and "Is the world a better or worse place because you were the President of the United States?"

Little George did not attend the world conference on Global Warming, he did not attend the world conference on Human Rights and he is not going to attend the Earth Summit.  I guess he is just too busy killing terrorist who he claims attack the United States because they are jealous of us; not because of the way the United States exploits the world and fosters world wide injustice for the sake of business, money, power, money and money.

I am proud to be an American and I am a firm believer in democratic capitalism: but I am not a global predator.

John WorldPeace
August 24, 2002

65,000 fly in for Johannesburg jamboree 


THE heavy irony of the World Summit on Sustainable Development has not gone unnoticed by the more jaded observers. As 65,000 representatives of governments, business, charities and pressure groups fly into Johannesburg to save the world, the cynics arch their eyebrows and ask precisley what effect their attendance will have on the environment. 

It is a fair question. Air travel is the fastest-growing source of greenhouse gases, and experts are forecasting that it will account for ten per cent of man-made greenhouse emissions by 2050. 

Future Forests, a UK eco-business that specialises in helping companies and individuals offset and reduce their emissions, has tried to encourage the planting of trees to ease delegates’ "carbon conscience" in the run-up to the summit. 

If they plant enough, so the theory goes, they will offset the greenhouse emissions from their plane rides and make their trip "carbon-neutral". But delegates’ subscription to the ingenious scheme has been poor. 

According to Future Forests, based on a return flight from London and a ten-night stay, each delegate will produce around 6.6 tonnes of CO2. 

The summit, they claim, will produce about 289,619 tonnes of CO2 from all the flights venues, accommodation and ground transport. 

To put this in perspective, the figure is equivalent to the annual CO2 emissions of approximately 371,306 Africans, or the annual emissions from 86,196 cars in the UK. These facts beg the question: Is it all worth it? 

Critics who denounce the summit as little more than a huge talking-shop were given more evidence to support their claim last night - as the leader of Britain’s delegation warned it was likely to produce "just more exhortations" rather than concrete results. 

In an interview with the Financial Times, Margaret Beckett, secretary of state for environment, food and rural affairs, says it is "absolutely possible" for the summit to be a success, but this will be "something we must strive for" - rather than what to expect. 

The United Nations first turned its attention to the environment in 1972, when it held a conference for environment ministers in Stockholm. 

But it was not until 1987 that the World Commission on Environment and Development published the Bruntland Report - Our Common Future, the first document to recognise the need for, and use the phrase, "sustainable development", meaning development that integrates environmental, social and economic objectives. In 1992, the UN held the first Earth Summit conference on environment and development, with 150 delegates coming to Rio. For the first time, world leaders registered the severity of the crisis facing the environment and gave a commitment to sustainable development. 

With so many influential parties present - with the significant exception of George Bush - Johannesburg offers an opportunity to strengthen this commitment. 

The main issues cover poverty, natural resources, globalisation, health, regional priorities, means of implementation and sustainable development governance. WSSD will address two fundamental challenges: improving the standards of living of the world’s poorest and reducing the effects of consumption of the world’s richest. In addition, it will aim to push for ratification of agreements such as the Kyoto and Biosafety Protocols on climate change and genetically modified organisms. 

Jack McConnell, the First Minister, has made a big play of going to the summit and talked up his commitment to the environment. His attitude has been broadly welcomed by many green groups, but environmental statistics published by the Executive on Thursday show there is a long way to go. 

The amount of domestic refuse going to landfill sites has increased by 35 per cent, a figure which undermines a commitment to recycle 25 per cent of such waste by 2010. The current rate is six per cent, one of the worst in Europe. There has also been a big rise in carbon monoxide produced by traffic. 

As George Baxter, a spokesman for WWF Scotland, puts it: "The verdict since the last Earth Summit in 1992 is quite simply that Scotland must try harder."

How can we manifest peace on earth if we do not include everyone (all races, all nations, all religions, both sexes) in our vision of Peace?

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