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[DICK Cheney]
DICK Cheney 

speaking out of the side of his mouth





DICK Cheney: "We want to kill Saddam, help the Iraqis govern themselves and get us some oil."

If there is a more dangerous war monger in the world than DICK Cheney, I would like to know who it is.

Saddam and others rattler their little swords and talk about the "mother of all wars".  That is of concern but not a whole lot of worry.

But when DICK Cheney who is just a heart beat away from being the President of the United States (in a time when more than one world criminal has at the least considered assassinating the President) says he wants to go kill Saddam and a lot of Iraqis and Americans in the process because he wants to help the Iraqis govern themselves, then you had better watch out.

And as far as our European allies being squeamish, I would tell DICK we need to listen because these people know what it is like to fight an all out war on their own soil.  

The only good thing about DICK Cheney is that he has a bad heart.

John WorldPeace
September 8, 2002

DICK Cheney: Saddam seeking weapons

.c The Associated Press 

WASHINGTON (Sept. 8) - Saddam Hussein is ``actively and aggressively'' trying to build a nuclear bomb, Vice President Dick Cheney said Sunday as he argued that the United States is justified in striking first against any government that plans to attack America.

President Bush outlined a new foreign policy doctrine in June warning he will take ``pre-emptive action, when necessary, to defend our liberty and to defend our lives.'' He mentioned no specific nations at the time. Cheney said Saddam seems to fit that description.

``We find ourselves on the one hand with a demonstrated greater vulnerability - Sept.11 - and on the other hand with the very clear evidence that this is a man who is resuming all those programs that the U.N. Security Council tried to get him to forgo some 10 or 11 years ago,'' Cheney said on NBC's ``Meet the Press.'' ``And increasingly we believe the United States will become the target of those activities.''

Saddam has the technical expertise and designs for a nuclear weapon, and has been seeking a type of aluminum tube needed to enrich uranium for a weapon, Cheney said. ``We know we have a part of the picture and that part of the picture tells us that he is in fact actively and aggressively seeking to acquire nuclear weapons,'' he said.

The Iraqi president has also stepped up his efforts to produce and deliver biological weapons, Cheney said.

Assessing Saddam's suspected weapons arsenal, Secretary of State Colin Powell said, ``I think he is a danger to American interests right now, our interest in the region and, in due course, interest elsewhere as he develops the capability to deliver this kind of weapon at greater ranges.''

Powell, on ``Fox News Sunday,'' added: ``But I don't think we should just sit around and wait to see whether or not he does it or not.''

Iraq's vice president on Sunday denied that his country is trying to collect nuclear material or building up sites that U.N. weapons inspectors used to visit. Taha Yassin Ramadan, speaking to reporters in Baghdad, charged that the United States and Britain are seeking an excuse to attack Iraq.

``They are telling lies and lies to make others believe them,'' Ramadan said.

Critics - some of them in countries allied with the United States - have questioned whether military action to achieve the U.S. government's goal of removing Saddam from power is legal under international law.

In the aftermath of Sept. 11, the administration must consider pre-emptive strikes to head off attacks against the United States, Cheney said.

``If we have reason to believe someone is preparing an attack against the U.S., has developed that capability, harbors those aspirations, then I think the U.S. is justified in dealing with that if necessary by military force,'' he said.

Squeamish European allies have neither the experience of a massive attack like the one on Sept. 11, nor the ability to topple Saddam, Cheney said.

Cheney said that if the United States led an attack on Iraq, American forces would have to stay there for a prolonged period afterward to ensure ``we stood up a new government and helped the Iraqi people decide how they want to govern themselves until there was a peaceful stability.''

War could be very costly, he said.

But, he added, ``The danger of an attack against the U.S. by someone with the weapons that Saddam Hussein now possesses or is acquiring is far more costly than what it would cost us to go deal with this problem.''

``The risk here that has to be weighed isn't just what's it going to cost you to do this today, it's what will the cost be if you don't do it?'' he said.

09/08/02 11:40 EDT

How can we manifest peace on earth if we do not include everyone (all races, all nations, all religions, both sexes) in our vision of Peace?

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