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[four horsemen of the apocalypse]




The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Albrecht Dürer










Apocalypse: The potential reality of Al-Qaida snipers in America: Apocalypse

The world has only begun to realize the potential chaos that a hard core group of individuals who are both religious fundamentalist and political anarchist can foist upon civilized society.

And the lesson to be learned is that without justice, there is chaos: not only locally but now globally.

The military powers of the world have a history of imposing their will on the less organized nations of the world.  There has been exploitation of lesser developed nations on a global scale for centuries.  Imperialism has reigned and now goes under the name of capitalism.  In the name of economics, the vast majority of people of the world have been exploited and subordinated to the more advanced and more predatory nations of the world.

Further complicating this exploitation are the religious under currents that cut across all human societies.  And the most violent and self righteous religions are those that have evolved from Judiasm: those being Christianity and Islam.

The Jewish mindset was clearly established when God allegedly instructed Joshua to enter the land of Canaan and kill virtually every human being living in the land.  This was a mandate from God himself to commit genocide on all non Jews.

That mandate was adopted by the Christians as they have for the last 2000 years committed genocide on a global scale in the name of Jesus.  All of the native populations of the Americas were destroyed by the Christians who invaded from Europe beginning in the 1400's.  For the last 2000 years Christians have responded to what they considered a holy mandate to bring the salvation of Jesus to all heathens (non-Christians) of the world.  Christians have a history of believing that non-Christians have no chance of heaven after death.

The Jewish mandate and Christian mandate of God sanctioned genocide was also adopted by Mohammed.   Islam openly conquered the world by making war on all Infidels (non-Muslims).

Now we have begun to return to the days of the Crusades where Christians and Muslims openly warred against each other.  Even though it has not been billed as such, the war that America is waging against Osama bin-Laden and Saddam Hussein is in fact a Judeo-Christian war against the Muslims who very much represent a very large percentage of the Third World population.

We are seeing the beginning of a world wide rebellion.  We have begun to see on a world wide scale what Vietnam showed the United States and France: that a small undeveloped country made up of determined communist could defeat the most powerful nation in the world.

Now due to the oppression of the Palestinians in specific and Third World Muslims in general there is open rebellion in the world against the most powerful nations in the world.  

The destruction of the Twin Towers in New York was only one facet of international terrorism.  The potential of Al-Qaida snipers in America is another more devastating facet.

There is no connection to date between the Washington D C area sniping and Al-Qaida but it does not take a rocket scientist to see the potential.  If little George begins a war against Iraq, he will not be able to protect American citizens from hundreds of Al-Qaida snipers across the land.

Unlike Israel and Palestine where guns and bullets are hard to come by, in America gun ownership is a sacred Constitutional right.  Guns can be purchased almost as easily as buying a loaf of bread.  And thanks to technology, there are high powered weapons available in America with silencers that in the hands of a trained marksman can kill from a half a mile away.

In response to an invasion of Iraq, Al-Qaida could through the use of snipers alone shut down the United States' economy.  People would quit going to the malls, quit traveling, quit buying.  People would quit gathering in large numbers for fear of a suicide bomber.  

Gun powder is easy to obtain in America and Timothy McVeigh showed what a lot of fertilizer and a little chemistry could do.

Al-Qaida and its attacks in New York and Bali and this sniper in the Washington DC area have demonstrated to the world the ability of a group of "true believers" to wreak havoc anywhere in the world and to cause chaos in the most powerful nations of the world.

little George has refused to participate in world conferences on global warming, human rights and economic growth in harmony with a sustainable environment.  little George believes that the United States is immune from the lessons of Vietnam where an undeveloped nation with a little help from friendly nations could defeat the most powerful nation on the earth.  

little George ignores the lessons the Palestinians have taught Israel: that you can't stop suicide bombers.  All the technology in the world cannot protect Americans from one suicidal man with a sniper rifle.  

The bible clearly tells us that those who sow the wind, reap the whirlwind.

I have all my life considered the possibility of the chaos of Armageddon.  I had hoped that all my visions and dreams would not come true.  But as I evaluate the determination of little George to dominate the world through the use of weapons of mass destruction and the determination of Islamic terrorist to challenge the most powerful nations of the world with low technology applied by religious zealots, I must consider Armageddon in the form of ongoing terrorism and the eventual loss of every freedom that Americans hold dear in response to that terrorism.

The path of peace and WorldPeace and an end to global terroristic chaos is founded on justice.  Until there is justice in the world and an end to capitalistic exploitation of undeveloped nations, there will be no peace.  Until the Neanderthals like little George are removed from positions of power and replaced with Democratic leaders who apply justice on a global scale, there will only be an increase in terrorism worldwide.

The world has become one society and the world citizens who have been disenfranchised are rising up and demanding justice.   If little George is allowed to invade Iraq, then a level of chaos is going to exist in the world like no one can even imagine.  Political agendas will be fueled by Western religious beliefs that killing in the name of Allah (Islam), Yahweh (Judiasm) or Jehovah (Christianity) is one's religious duty.

This war will be a war of the Western religions which the Buddhist (China) will sit out.  The Hindus will probably be drawn into this war because the Muslims of Pakistan will go ahead and strike at Hindu India.

The oppression of Palestinians by the Israelis must stop.  This is the greatest injustice that exists in the Westen World today and it is a rallying point for all Muslims around the world.  The United Nations must step in and solve the Israeli Palestinian conflict.  This will be an undeniable tangible commitment to justice and will go a long way to reducing the tension in the world between Christians, Jews and Muslims.

If little George invades Iraq, then all the horrors of the Book of Revelation will begin to unfold; not exactly as related in that book but none-the-less just as horrific.

The four horsemen of the Apocalypse have mounted their steeds.

John WorldPeace
October 15,  2002


How can we manifest peace on earth if we do not include everyone (all races, all nations, all religions, both sexes) in our vision of Peace?

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