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[South Korean Veteran]
A South Korean war veteran takes part in a protest south of Seoul following the disclosure that North Korea has a nuclear weapons programme







If Russia and China supplied North Korea with the bomb, who do you think is helping out Iraq?

Someone tell me how this works.  Russian and China supply the materials to make a nuclear bomb to a country and then the United States attacks that country without confronting the nations who supplied the materials.

This is one of the great nonsensical fallacies of little George's war with Iraq.  He should be going after the supplier and not the end user.  But there is the dilemma.  little George cannot make war on Russia and China.

So little George sends a message to Russia and China that if they are going to supply countries with nuclear weapons, then the United States is going to take over that country.  Russia and China it is assumed will not go to the aid of that country.  Or will they?

It is a dangerous assumption that little George makes if he assumes that Russia and China are going to allow the United States to take control of the oil in the Middle East.  That would shift the balance of power in the world a little too much.  It would put France, England and the United States together against Russia and China.  This would be a three two split between the permanent members of the United Nations.

No there is a lot more to attacking Iraq than little George wants to acknowledge.  There is not only the threat of a worldwide Christian Muslim war but also the threat of a world war between the major powers of the world.

It looks more and more like the horrors of Armageddon and the Apocalypse are about to play out on the world stage.  And it is little George who seems to be intent on being the catalyst for such a war.  Just like it was Ariel Sharon who re-ignited the killing in Israel when he visited the Temple Mount on September 28, 2000.

It is interesting how little events begin world wars.  

The Jews were destroyed by the Babylonians and then by the Romans.  Now they are about to be destroyed again.  There are no people on the earth more tenacious than the Jews.  The question is whether it will be Jehovah, the God of the Christians, Allah, the God of the Muslims or Yahweh, the God of the Jews who will prevail in the coming war.

Is Osama bin-Laden the anti-christ or is it Saddam or is it little George.  Stay tuned.  The horsemen cometh.

John WorldPeace
October 19,  2002

US accuses Russia and China over North Korea bomb

The White House issued a thinly veiled warning to all three to distance themselves rapidly from Pyongyang’s quest for weaponised uranium or risk Washington’s wrath.

Addressing North Korea’s major trading partners, Ari Fleischer, President Bush’s spokesman, said: “These countries want improved relations with the United States and they have no interest in a nuclearised North Korea.”

Two of the State Department’s top officials were in Beijing yesterday, urging China to use diplomatic and economic leverage on North Korea to stabilise the situation after the Stalinist state’s potentially volatile disclosure. John Bolton, the Undersecretary of State, will tomorrow give the same message in Moscow before going to London and Paris for talks with the world’s other major nuclear powers. As part of the US diplomatic response, Jim Kelly, Assistant Secretary of State for Asian Affairs, will leave China for South Korea and Japan, two alarmed American allies in the region.

It was not clear how far the US was accusing Moscow, Beijing and Islamabad of allowing parts to be sent to Pyongyang, or blaming lax security for the trade. US officials think that technology for the gas centrifuges needed to make weapons-grade uranium came from more than one country.

North Korea promised to freeze its nuclear weapons programme in 1994, but admitted this month that it had pressed ahead, the White House said on Wednesday. Donald Rumsfeld, the US Defence Secretary, believes North Korea succeeded in producing some nuclear weapons.

US officials think Pakistan’s involvement in the North Korean programme dates from the late 1990s. In return for its nuclear technology, Pakistan is suspected of receiving North Korean-made missiles to counter India’s nuclear arsenal.

President Musharraf denied helping North Korea. “There is no such thing as collaboration with North Korea in the nuclear arena,” he said.

A top Pakistani nuclear scientist was suspected of having links with North Korea when General Musharraf sacked him in 2000. Abdul Qadir Khan, known as the father of Pakistan’s nuclear bomb, was allegedly sacked after the US told Islamabad some Pakistani scientists may be involved in nuclear co-operation with North Korea.

Dr Khan was the founding head of Khan Research Laboratories, Pakistan’s top uranium enrichment plant, and also in charge of a ballistic missile programme developed with North Korea.

Government sources in Islamabad confirmed that for the past four years the US had warned Pakistan about suspected nuclear links with North Korea. The Bush Administration remained determined to prevent the disclosure from escalating into a crisis while its energies are focused on President Saddam Hussein and the worldwide threat from al-Qaeda. The White House kept secret North Korea’s admission for nearly a fortnight so as not to distract from the congressional debate authorising Mr Bush to use force against Iraq.

Condoleezza Rice, Mr Bush’s National Security Adviser, said that the US did not have to force a showdown similar to that with Iraq because both countries were part of the “axis of evil”. She said: “We have other ways to deal with North Korea.”

But many Republicans were pressuring Mr Bush to toughen his stance against North Korea. Some urged a complete reassessment of US policy towards the country, ending attempts to lure it into the open.

How can we manifest peace on earth if we do not include everyone (all races, all nations, all religions, both sexes) in our vision of Peace?

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