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[Bush and Rumsfeld]
One-third of Britons believe that US President George Bush poses a greater threat to world peace than Saddam Hussein, according to a poll released on Thursday. The survey, commissioned for Britain's Channel 4 News, also found that a similar number of Britons had no trust in President Bush whatsoever and almost half thought PM Tony Blair was behaving like his lapdog. (AFP photo)...





[Indian Anti-War Protest]
An Indian demonstrator carries a placard during an anti-war rally in New Delhi 14 November 2002. Hundreds of protestors from various leftist parties staged a march to protest against the US and its allies´ aggressive stance over Iraq. The US warned that Iraq had not definitively averted war by bowing to a UN disarmament ultimatum, and brandished a ´zero-tolerance´ policy towards any future violations by Baghdad. AFP photo




33 Percent of Britons: George Bush poses a greater threat to WorldPeace than Saddam Hussein !!!  (The reality is that Bush is a greater threat to WorldPeace than Adolph Hitler because Bush is about to start a worldwide Christian / Muslim war when he invades Iraq.)

The rank and file people on the street in England, America's closest allies, believe that George Bush is a greater threat to WorldPeace than Saddam Hussein.  The truth is actually moving into the media.

The truth is that Bush is the greatest threat to WorldPeace since Adolph Hitler.  

The problem with George Bush is that unlike Hitler, Bush has the ability to start a world wide Muslim / Christian war.  

Bin-Laden is alive and well.  Bush has been unable to find him, much less kill him.  And the reason is that he has support all over the world.  He is rapidly becoming the secular head of the Muslim world.  Unlike Saddam who is more or less tied to Iraq, Bin-Laden can influence Muslim terrorist all over the world.

We are going to have to listen to the demands of these terrorist.  We are going to have to stop the genocide and aggression of Israel and we are going to have to integrate the people of the Third World into the world economy or terrorism is going to continue to increase world wide.  

The demands of the majority of the people of the world are education, a sustainable environment, human rights, justice and an end to their exploitation by the Imperialist nations of the world of which the United States is the leader.

It is time that the United States become a leader in spreading justice world wide and not try to reinvent imperialist Nazi capitalism in the Third Millennium.

It is time for the people of the United States of America drop Bush and not bombs.  It is time that Americans admit that George Bush is a war monger and that he is a dangerous man who is about to start a world war over Iraqi oil under the guise of stopping Saddam Hussein and his alleged weapons of mass destruction.  We all know that there are more threatening nuclear powers in the world than Saddam Hussein who has no nuclear weapons.

Even Saddam's conciliation to the U N resolution is being scoffed at by the Bush Nazi's.  They, like Hitler, are set on invading Iraq and their truth is that one excuse for invading Iraq is as good as another.

There are anti-war gatherings all over the world.  The one last week in Florence, Italy drew about 250,000 people from all over Europe.  And now the people of the world are beginning to express their belief that it is not Saddam who is a threat to WorldPeace but our own George Warmonger Bush and therefore America itself.  

The leader of the world, the bastion of democracy, is about to become the new Nazi Germany.  It is unbelievable that any real American is prepared to sacrifice all the sacred precepts of our founding fathers two centuries ago.  It is unbelievable where George Bush is leading the apathetic citizens of America.

It is time for Americans of all stripes to wake up to the great evil that George Bush is about to foist on the world.  It is time for Americans to refuse to become 21st Century Nazis.  It is time for all Americans who literally represent all the nations of the world to just say no to George Warmonger Bush.

The American flag, that most sacred symbol of truth and justice, cannot be forever stained with the blood of an Iraqi invasion for control of 112 billion barrels of oil.

John WorldPeace
November 14,  2002

33pc of Britons see Bush as danger: poll

LONDON, Nov 13: One-third of Britons believe that US President George Bush poses a greater threat to world peace than Saddam Hussein, according to a poll released on Thursday.

The survey, commissioned for Britain's Channel 4 News, also found that a similar number of Britons had no trust in President Bush whatsoever and almost half thought Prime Minister Tony Blair was behaving like his lapdog.

Seventy-six percent believed military action against Iraq may be necessary but only 13 percent definitely backed a strike on Baghdad, while nine percent were against. The pollsters did not account for the remaining two percent.

Asked to rate their trust in the two leaders on a scale of 0 to 10, with 10 reflecting total trust, 54 percent gave Bush a rating of two or lower. Thirty two percent rated him zero. Sixty percent gave Blair a rating of five or less.

Of those undecided about military conflict, 49 percent said Saddam posed the greatest threat to world peace, while 32 percent said Bush posed the bigger danger.

Forty-six percent believed Blair, who has given unquestioned public backing to Washington's tough line against Saddam, was Bush's lapdog. Thirty-five percent thought Blair was a restraining influence on the US leader.

US pollster Frank Luntz, who sampled over 3,200 people for Thursday's survey, said the message for Blair was clear: his staunch backing for Bush was harming his image at home.

"I would suggest that Blair ring up the broadcast media and say 'Keep President Bush, keep (vice president) Dick Cheney, keep all Americans with these American accents off television'."-Reuters

U.S.-Iraq showdown looms despite Baghdad's acceptance of UN resolution

Thursday, November 14, 2002 

WASHINGTON (AP) - Iraq's bitterly worded acceptance of United Nations demands that it disarm has failed to ease tensions with the Bush administration. Instead, the two sides are moving into position for a showdown.

President George W. Bush, signalling unabated impatience with President Saddam Hussein, says he will not tolerate deception, denial or deceit as Iraq faces a series of deadlines imposed by the UN Security Council. "The world expects Saddam Hussein to disarm for the sake of peace," Bush said Wednesday with UN Secretary General Kofi Annan at his side in the White House Oval Office.

Annan quickly concurred. The UN resolution that requires Iraq to disarm or be faced with serious consequences, "must be implemented," he said.

"Let the inspectors go in," Annan said. "I urge the Iraqis to co-operate with them and to perform and I think that is the test we are waiting for."

Bush, meanwhile, renewed his warning that if Iraq "chooses not to disarm, we will have a coalition of the willing with us" to do the job.

The international weapons inspectors are to resume their search for illegal caches by Dec. 23 and are to report to the Security Council 60 days after they start looking.

At any point, failure by Iraq to comply with its obligations, and any false statements or omissions in the list, are to be reported by the inspectors to the Security Council.

Administration officials suggested that Iraq may already be flouting the spirit of the resolution, first by declaring Wednesday it has no weapons of mass destruction.

If Saddam continues to make that claim after the Dec. 8 deadline to declare his weapons program, he would be inviting war, U.S. officials said.

The nine-page acceptance letter by Iraqi Foreign Minister Naji Sabri was delivered to Annan's office at the United Nations.

While Sabri declared Iraq would comply with the resolution in an effort to spare the Iraqi people harm, he warned inspectors, who will begin to move into position next week, that Iraq would watch their actions very closely.

"Dealing with the inspectors, the government of Iraq will  . . . take into consideration their way of conduct, the intentions of those who are ill-intentioned among them and their improper approach in showing respect to the people's national dignity, their independence and security, and their country's security, independence, and sovereignty," the letter said.

At the State Department, spokesman Richard Boucher did not yield an inch.

"Iraq needs to account for a lot," he said. "They need to account for the programs that they still had when the inspectors left in 1998. They need to account for the procurements that they've made and the new developments that we know have been ongoing. And they need to provide lists of all their holdings, and  .n.n. the personnel involved and the organizations involved, as well."

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How can we manifest peace on earth if we do not include everyone (all races, all nations, all religions, both sexes) in our vision of Peace?

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