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The world's second cloned baby was born on Friday to a Dutch woman, the head of the Raelian sect in the Netherlands said on Saturday. "A baby girl was born yesterday evening. The baby is healthy and the mother, too," Bart Overvliet told Reuters by telephone. (Rael file photo)...





Clonaid says a second clone has been born.  A new age of super human gods  and  sub human slaves has begun as we assume the role of God creating our own Garden of Eden or Hell on earth.   

The first cloned baby is alleged to be in Florida but genetic testing has been postponed because of the fear of the parents that the child will be taken from them.  A lawsuit has already been filed.  Their fears are real.

The world has already begun to search out these first cloned children for the purposes of marking them as sub humans.  Prejudice and fear has already reared its ugly head.  The question of whether these children are truly human is one that will have to be quickly decided.  Otherwise they will have no rights in any society.

The net effect will be that clones will continue to be born and not identified.  This is a good thing as far as the rights of the clone if they are deemed real humans.  But whether cloning is fair to society as a whole is another question.  No one knows what the long run effect of these clones will be on the human gene pool.  There could be negative genetic manifestations that show up several generations from now.

The drive for money and power and the access to cloning technology have been able to circumvent any government from stopping the cloning of human beings.

The world is so involved with George's war in Iraq that it cannot begin to consider the cloning issue which will have a far greater impact on the human society than anything that Saddam Hussein is up to at the moment.

There is much more to be concerned about regarding human cloning than can even be conceived right now.  This issue has come up so quickly that we cannot even formulate the questions much less the answers on this matter.

The cloning issue has the potential to impact on every aspect of human society from political rights, human rights, to our concept of God and our place in the universe.  No issue can have a greater impact on our beliefs and philosophy than the issue of clones.

There are plenty of third world governments who will be more than willing to allow cloning to take place within their borders for the right amount of money.  

And the cloning will not be restricted to simply helping infertile parents.  The cloning will very quickly move to creating super human gods and sub human slaves.

John WorldPeace
January 4,  2002

World's Second Cloned Baby Is Born, Raelians Say

Sat January 4, 2003 11:41 AM ET

by Eric Onstad

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - The world's second cloned baby was born on Friday to a Dutch woman, the head of the Raelian sect in the Netherlands said on Saturday.

"A baby girl was born yesterday evening. The baby is healthy and the mother, too," Bart Overvliet told Reuters by telephone.

The woman, a lesbian, is in the Netherlands with her partner, but the birth might have taken place in another country, he added.

He said the child was created by Clonaid, the same cloning firm that claimed last month to have organized the birth of the first human clone, named "Eve," to a 31-year-old U.S. woman.

Clonaid's initial claim sparked widespread skepticism among scientific experts, and the company has yet to provide DNA samples or other evidence to support its assertions about last month's birth.

Clonaid was established by the Raelian movement, a religious group that believes aliens landed on Earth 25,000 years ago and started the human race through cloning.

The founder of the movement, Claude Vorilhon, who calls himself "Rael," told CNN on Friday that Clonaid and the Raelian movement were "very different" and he could not personally vouch for the accuracy of Clonaid's claims.

Overvliet said the Dutch woman involved in the latest birth plans to raise the baby with her partner and is not a member of the Raelian movement.

"It's a lesbian couple, but she is not a member of the religion, she got in contact with Clonaid by herself," said Overvliet, a 45-year-old Amsterdam salesman.

Cloning a human is forbidden in the Netherlands, but nothing in the law forbids the birth of a cloned baby, a spokesman for the Dutch Health Ministry said.


Clonaid, which says it has a list of 2,000 people willing to pay $200,000 to have themselves or a loved one cloned, announced its initial breakthrough on December 27 and said four more cloned babies would be born by the end of January.

Cattle, mice, sheep and other animals have been cloned with mixed success. Some of these animals have shown defects later in life and critics of human cloning say it is unethical to subject a baby to these dangers.

The Raelians dismiss fears about cloned babies suffering health problems as propaganda aimed at impeding the progress of cloning.

"These scientists don't want to let cloning progress, they want to stop it because they are afraid of human cloning. They say on purpose that it has a lot of faults and genetic defects," Overvliet said.

He said Clonaid's work was a logical progression of in-vitro fertilization (IVF), the technique used to help infertile couples have children.

"Human cloning is more of an extension of IVF, cloning of humans is actually less complicated than of animals," he said.

The Raelian Movement, which claims 55,000 followers around the world, has around 30 members in the Netherlands, but none of them so far have expressed interest in being cloned, he said.

Aliens who created humans and then departed for their own planet have been monitoring mankind's progress, Overvliet said.

"They now think we are far enough along in science so we can understand how we were created," he said.

On Thursday, Clonaid chief executive Brigitte Boisselier said in television interviews that DNA tests on the baby born to an American woman had been put off because the parents were anxious about keeping their identity secret.

DNA delays cast doubt on cloning claim


SUSPICIONS mounted yesterday over a scientist’s claims to have created the world’s first human clone after she failed to submit the baby for DNA testing.

Dr Brigitte Boisselier - medical director of Clonaid, a maverick scientific research company founded by an alien-worshipping cult - announced the child’s birth a week ago.

Now she says the American parents of baby Eve have changed their mind about submitting the child to an independent medical examination to prove it is indeed identical to its 31-year-old mother.

Dr Boisselier blamed a lawsuit launched in Florida earlier this week for the change of heart.

Dr Boisselier’s Christmas week claims that Eve is the first of five cloned babies to be born created headlines world-wide and have revived the debate on human cloning, with new laws proposed in the US and elsewhere to ban it.

Dr Boisselier says proof may be provided by a second baby due to be born somewhere in Europe in the next few days.

The Eve case, filed by a child advocacy lawyer, calls for Eve to be placed under court protection - if indeed she exists at all - because she may be at risk and is the subject of a "dangerous medical experiment".

"Let’s bring the child before the court so the judge can determine what kind of protective services she needs," urged attorney Bernard Siegel, whose case has been listed for a hearing at Broward circuit court, Fort Lauderdale on 22 January.

"If this child exists, I believe she is being abused in that she is being commercially exploited by Clonaid. Also, this is brand new technology and they have inflicted on her potential genetic defects."

He added: "She is going to be used as a poster child for raising money for their business. Who does that child have who will speak up for her? She is being used like a guinea pig."

Mr Siegel says he is acting on his own and has no connection to any third party on either side of the cloning debate. He says he can only believe that his lawsuit has called Dr Boisselier’s bluff, because it calls for the baby to be produced.

Dr Boisselier is a member of the Raelians, a cult that believes mankind was created by extra-terrestrials. Its French leader, Rael, claims to have been taken aboard a spaceship parked on a French mountain top by a short, green alien, while pink and blue squirrels skipped around outside.

A week ago, Dr Boisselier hastily convened a press conference in Florida to announce that the world’s first human clone had been delivered in an undisclosed location somewhere outside America on Boxing Day.

Former ABC television science editor, Dr Michael Guillen, was given the task of recruiting an independent scientist to test this claim.

Now, however, Dr Boisselier has admitted the test has failed to happen, confirming sceptics’ predictions that after a week’s worth of world-wide publicity for its bizarre beliefs, Clonaid would find a reason to stall.

She said the lawsuit, which demands that the baby and her parents be produced before a judge, John Frusciante, had frightened the parents off. "That is a lot of turbulence for the parents who have gone home and just want to have some peace and spend time with their children," she added, speaking on French television.

But Rael had a different story.

"A judge in Florida signed a paper saying that the baby Eve should be take from the family, from her mother," he told CNN.

"I called [Dr Boisselier] immediately because to take away this poor baby from a mother, I think this is completely crazy, just because she was cloned. So I called Dr Boisselier, and I said: ‘If I was you, I would not test anything.’"

Dr Art Caplan, a bio-ethicist at the University of Pennsylvania, said: "There is no excuse for not testing. This tells me what I suspected all along, that this cloning claim is not true and Dr Boisselier is a fraud."

Dr Richard Seed, an Illinois-based researcher who declared several years ago that he too planned to clone a human, said: "It’s hard for me to believe that she would concoct this, but that is what people are going to think."

How can we manifest peace on earth if we do not include everyone (all races, all nations, all religions, both sexes) in our vision of Peace?

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