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Subj: Hello 
Date: 2/19/2003 11:21:56 PM Central America Standard Ti

Dear Mr. John,
I have read your web page and want you to know that I wholly wish that there would be peace in the world.  But, as you failed to mention, there will never be peace on this earth as long as there is sin.  

Also the Lord does use military might to take out those who seek destruction and are wicked. In the book of Judges, Chapter 2 verse 16: "Then the Lord raised up judges, who saved them out of the power of those who plundered them."  In my bible I quote "these judges were Spirit-filled persons who, in times of national emergencies, led the people in war and, having delivered them from the bondage of foreign oppression, continued to lead the people in peace." 
President George W. Bush is pioneering for a freedom from oppression for the citizens of Iraq.  Right now they are being killed daily at the hands of Saddam Hussein.  If the bigger picture is looked at we can see that the long-term benefits of putting Iraq into the hands of their own democracy, the INC (Iraqi National Congress, which is made up of many factions), and getting them on the road to benefiting from producing and selling their own oil will lead to an economic surge in the country.  Isn't that better for human rights then letting Hussein continue to try out weapons on his own people and stifling the media (and the people) from giving their own opinions, even if they are contradictory to his own.  

As a fellow Christian, you should support Bush, whom God appointed to be in charge of the country at this time of crisis, and create unity instead of division.  As individuals we are called to forgive, but God places at the heads of the nations those He knows will obey Him.  

I am not saying President Bush is perfect, but I do know that I have faith in the God who placed him there. We do not know why the Lord is doing this, but by faith we believe and trust Him that it is in His will.
   With love,
     Candice A
     A student at the University of California, Santa Cruz


How can we manifest peace on earth if we do not include everyone (all races, all nations, all religions, both sexes) in our vision of Peace?

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