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Subj: Bush, the rote-trained 
Date: 2/20/2003 11:56:19 PM Central America Standard Ti

     Saw parts of an interesting show on PBS tonight, concerning the "hawks," mostly of the older Bush group.  It went over what they want and why, and how they all went to Austin to rote-train George Warhawk Bush so he could be the new president. 

      It said even though there were plenty hawks, their agenda couldn't make it, e.g., though Clinton was irritated enough to specifically want to take out Iraq, his administration was about form, rather than substance.  So they needed someone else.

     They got Cheney and Rumsfeld to counteract Powell.  Cheney had something to do with rewriting stuff left over from elder Bush's time, and that agenda was the early format for George W's speeches and such.

     However, when the 9-11 NY attack occurred, it began to divert the public's attention, helping focus them (not unlike Pearl Harbor did, although in that case actually there was a specific country that attacked us, and there had been a bigass war going on all over for awhile).

     Of course, the show acted like 9-11 was a surprise and totally done by foreign terrorists, yadda.
George W was simply reacting, and later got up for stepping up the war pressure, first by attacking (defenseless) Afghanistan, but soon to move on to bigger Iraqi fish.  The show said GW was simply taking this opportunity to get hawkish.
    Lotsa semi-insiders on the show, including Bill Kristol, etc.
    It certainly highlighted George W as a willing puppet of sorts; I would venture though he didn't particularly know what the hey was going on with all the politics and war talk, he sure liked being the president.  Talk about a one-up on his brothers, etc.
    Anyway, it didn't give me any warm and fuzzies.  It's all looking fairly sick now.  The news and the politicians all talk about what they'll do after they shoot the Iraqi fish-in-the-barrel.
    And didn't those German assholes sell a bunch of portable chem-weapon trucks to Iraq way back?

    Anyway, the media keeps making the French look like idiots as much as possible.  But I agree with the masses world-wide who favor using inspectors and pressure to keep Saddam Hussein offset.  Annihilation of the country is not necessary.  The show tonight definitely showed that as a possible positive.  They said in the early days Bush was more reluctant--they even showed part of a speech where he said we would be cautious.
      Your webiste has many excellent points how he's foolhardy and warmongering. 
     Hitler had the backing of some big banks and the huge pharmaceutical manufacturer IG Farben; I think he also got loans from Jews, who he then killed off. 
    George W has the tax-paying USA to bleed dry, if necessary.  He's really having a great time out there.  There have been a lot of PBS shows lately on WWII, showing how hard Americans worked to support the war effort.

     I recently wrote a letter to my Congresspeople/boneheads mentioning how Congress never bothers to declare war, so the people have become numb to the idea--they go along with having the president(s) bomb whoever they like.  That's not the way the US is supposed to work.

     And by the way, there ARE trains and concentration camps apparently newly built across the country--various land has been used oddly in preparation of something, and some of the patriot right-wing sort of groups believe the gov plans to come after the general public.  People who speak out against those that would rule such as Bush & the boys will simply be taken away.  As you said, we have fancier better modern methods to keep track of people now.
    I heard that you can get a little man to do amazing things, when the big man makes him think he's important.  It's a case of catching flies with honey, not vinegar.  George W may not particularly realize the havoc he represents; I suspect he's that dumb.  However, there are plenty bastards right in the wings, awaiting every chance to control guys like GW.  They've been in power for decades, maybe forever, in a sense.  The masses never even know, never dare to get cynical and paranoid enough to look over there shoulder and suspect the very obvious, smiling, sweet-talking-heads.  Preachers will tell you--Satan will lie, will deceive.  I think plenty politicians are some kind of virtual Satans--white-collar psychopaths defined as good and successful and progressive.  SO a lot of people are confused into believing "today there is no black or white, only shades of gray."  Those politicians wouldn't lie to US, would they?  They wouldn't have a lot of TV shows, making the various political bureaucracies and policing departments look heroic, would they?
       This again is why we need hood-ornament-cruise-missiles.
Keep up the good work, 
another feather in that vast, right-wing conspiracy,
--- John D


How can we manifest peace on earth if we do not include everyone (all races, all nations, all religions, both sexes) in our vision of Peace?

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