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Subj: Lost... 
Date: 2/24/2003 3:44:48 PM Central America Standard Tim


First I'd like to say I like your art, it's very moving.

> Thank you.

 I also came across your site about a week ago, and well at first I was absolutely against it
(as I had not read into everything, just happened upon an article).  As it
was, it wasn't so much you that I was against, as it was the article you
posted.  So I happily decided to check through your site, in order to ensure
that I wasn't jumping to any incorrect postulations about your position,
which it turns out...I was.

The article I was referencing was " This one in
reference to Jews and Christians and the coming war.

I used to attend Cornerstone Church not too long ago, and I did enjoy the
time I spent there.  However, due to work and extenuating circumstance, I've
been unable to attend for quite some time, and I was curious to Hagee's
thoughts on the war issue.  Now, I realize that the article is fairly old,
however, it does follow along the character of Hagee, and I found that it
generally falls into where I figured he would be.

I feel lost now.  I don't know what I have left of my faith.  I believe in
Jesus and God and I believe the Bible, and I too want WorldPeace.  I am
pretty liberal in my thoughts and in my actions, and I feel that there is no
church that accommodates to my belief.  I consider myself nondenominational,
and more left than right.

I guess I was wondering what is a Christian to think/do in this time of
crisis, when there is no other person to turn to but God himself. 

> Well the problem with Christianity is the religious bureaucracy that feeds off of Jesus.  And that also includes the billion dollar Jesus shows that compete with the other entertainment on the TV.  John Hagge is just a egocentric windbag who uses Jesus to promote John Hagge.

All religions choke off the message of their founders because the bureaucracies must first preserve the bureaucracy and second spread the message of Jesus.  John Hagge has to pay for all the TV time and so he has to sell a little "snake oil" to keep his gluttonous face on the airwaves.

Jesus said that the two basic laws were to love God and to love one another.  If you hold to these two principles and look past the, for the most part, corrupt religious bureaucracies which are little more than preacher unions, then you should be able to easily find you way and reconnect with your faith in God.  Don't let the worldly institution of the church bureaucracy convince you that religion and God are the same thing.  

Religion refers mostly to the man made bureaucracies that give lip service to Jesus but in reality put more effort into preserving the bureaucracy than spreading the word of Jesus.  Spirituality is a knowing that there is more to life than the physical reality.  It is a knowing that there is an all inclusive oneness of all human beings on a spiritual level.  Jesus had no church.  He only had a message.  Jesus did not have a billion dollar TV show.  Jesus did not live in a mansion.  Jesus did not wear $2,000 suits.

Now you know the difference between Jesus and tele-evangelist and between Jesus and most preachers.

 I find  the fact that Bush refers to himself as being a Christian almost degrading.
  How can someone who adamantly pushes for war be considered as a God
fearing, peace loving, Christian. 

> If Bush did not need the Christian votes, I doubt that he would give Jesus a mention.  He says he is a reformed alcoholic.  He says Jesus saved him.  I guess Jesus saved him to start world war three.

 In fact, I've taken part in a couple of peace rallies here in San Antonio (where I live) and I get called
"un-American".  Am I not being more American than those who sit there and
throw accusations at me? 

> Well, we will see what they say when their brothers and sons start coming home in body bags.  They will have to ask themselves if the price of cheap gas was worth it.  

I believe that there are many things in this world that are wrong.  I don't necessarily agree with abortion, however, I do feel that it should not be outlawed, as people do have a choice. 
Besides, abortion is not legal after the third trimester (I believe, don't
have anything as a source for this) which I agree with.  Perhaps it should
be moved to like halfway through the second, but that's another issue.

> Once the fetus is developed enough to live outside the womb, abortion should be prohibited.  I think that would be at the beginning of the eighth month of pregnancy.  

It is interesting to me that many of the conservative people who are pro-lifersd are also pro-war.  I guess they want to save all those babies to eventually go fight in America's future wars.

In any event, I'm not advocating abortion, I'm adopted, it's hard to agree
with the idea, but I understand that the right to choose is very important,
and it is not the government's place to push religious ideals upon the
people.  I thought we had the whole separation of church and state thing (at
least the idea of a state sponsored religion).  The right wing idealists
have taken over the congress and Senate, and are imposing their beliefs upon

> Something else that is interesting about these pro-lifers is that for the most part they are anti-welfare.  In other words, they do not want a child aborted but they do not want to support it once it is born.  

Another issue is that of the electronic voting.  What do you think of this
matter. I continue to read articles that relate to this matter and it seems
to be a general consensus that machines owned by republicans is not a very
good idea.  With no exit polls, and no paper trail to follow, a "machine
error" could easily lead to one candidate being picked over another.  I
think the old paper style voting method with counters is the best way to do
voting...what do you think?

>  The vote has always been manipulated.  The electronic system can also be manipulated.  If people knew the truth about voting, especially in the local elections, there would be another revolution.

I want to commend you for furthering the fight against the madman who is in
office, thanks John for all the hard work.


(should anyone reading this want to respond directly to me my email is


How can we manifest peace on earth if we do not include everyone (all races, all nations, all religions, both sexes) in our vision of Peace?

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