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Subj: Re: World Peace...What do you think they're Tyring to Do 
Date: 3/12/2003 3:46:29 AM Central America Standard Tim
From: John WorldPeace

Found your website....bull crap!

> Really?

Start supporting the US dipshit and there will be world peace.

> Really? As the only super power left in the world, we seem to be abusing it.  We seem to be intent on creating chaos and havoc instead of enforcing the peace.  Why is that? 

How ironic that we may have to fight a war to achieve it. 

> You mean kill for peace don't you?  And while we are at it, kill for Christ too.

What do you think WWI and WWII resulted in peace.

> Actually WWII resulted in the Korean and Vietnam Wars as well as Bosnia and by the way the Zionist in Israel after WWII began to ingnite terroristic bombs in order to achieve statehood by displacing Palestinians.  No those wars did not create WorldPeace.

until jackasses like the leader of Iraqi think they can spread hatred to other parts of the world in the name of a religious belief. 

>So it is a religious crusade by Christians to overcome the Muslims. Right now we seem to be the bad guys.  America has never pre-emptively struck any nation.  So what is different now?  We destroyed the League of Nations.  Now Bush is trying to destroy the United Nations with his unilateral acts.  Do you really think there will ever be WorldPeace without the United Nations?  Do you really think that 300 million Americans can dominate 6 billion human beings around the world?

Wake up Attorney at Law. While you have a right to your simplistic ideas, you
actually slow down the peace process by dividing public opionion. 

>  I am glad to know I have that much power.

Your a lawyer, you know how a member of average American can be persuaded
by a good act. The facts mean nothing as long as the defendant is percieved as innocent.

>  Sorry, but you lost me.

Either support your government in its effort to protect US intersests and allows you to Plaster your face on an Internet website or leave.

>  Have you been in the military?  Have your parents?  Have your children?  Have you actually served your country?  Did you ever put your life on the line for your country?  Or are you one of those who can talk the talk but refused to walk the walk?


How can we manifest peace on earth if we do not include everyone (all races, all nations, all religions, both sexes) in our vision of Peace?

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