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UN resolution to eject the United States from the United Nations

Regional-USA, Analysis, 3/15/2003

In its effort to gain support for war against Iraq, the US has failed to make a convincing case and failed in its effort to gain the support of the UN Security Council. Having failed, the US is threatening to act alone and outside the framework of the United Nations. This is the ultimate threat the US is using to intimidate and coerce world countries to gain their support. The tactics the US is using are those of despots, and dictatorships that always go beyond the law and will use any means to achieve their interests -- bribe, lie, intimidate, and if all else fails, use force. That is the state of affairs the world is in today.

The US is the dominant power in political, economic, and military affairs and holds a choke hold on many of the international institutions. As such, this political, economic and military monopoly is causing great damage to world development -- as should be expected from a monopoly. But the extent of damage has become so great that this state of affair should no longer be tolerated.

The US is giving the world an ultimatum: Either follow us and do as we say, or else we will do what we want anyway. Many countries in the world may feel helpless against such intimidating power for fear of US reprisal against them politically, economically, or even militarily. They have been conditioned to this mentality, and have accepted the status quo for a long time, with the US managing to outflank any real efforts that limits its power. But the US is now challenging the world on a grand scale, defiant of its institutions -- institutions that it has helped develop and used herself over and over again to its advantage.

So the world is before a choice: to cower and give in to the USA and let things proceed as they have in the past -- with much greater potential of degeneration as the US becomes even much more dominant, or the world can very simply and calmly reply to the US ultimatum with one of its own: If you will not respect the UN decisions and will, then get out of the UN or we will kick you out. This message should be acted on Monday, even if only symbolically as a quick start, toward achieving this goal.

The UN has been handicapped for too long by the UN Security Council, which had been totally handicapped and dominated by the USA. The world needs to have true and effective democratic institutions -- with the true sense of the word -- to resolve conflicts and manage its affairs. Nothing less than the standards of domestic institutions will suffice at the international level as well.

The biggest obstacle to this development has been the United States of America. The United States, itself, is incapable of extricating itself from the position it is in. It is a monopoly that enjoys the position it is in, and would naturally not relinquish this position by itself, while at the same time, the US knows that monopolies are not good. Clearly, there needs to be an outside force to change this situation. So let us give the United States a helping hand in forcing it to do what is right. It will not be easy and it will require courage, but it is the right thing to do, and it will produce the kind of results many want.

It is time to kick the USA out of the UN Security Council for starters, or out of the United Nations if need be. The world can do without such bullies and war mongers and international dictators. No more ultimatums to the UN. If you don't like the United Nations, then get out of it; Tomorrow is a good day to announce this. And if the USA does not announce this itself, then the countries of the world should seize the moment and understand what is going on and act. Make no mistake about it, this issue, at its core, has little to do with Iraq. This is a grandiose game that its details are not the subject of this article. In short, this is about the kind of future the world wants for itself. Here is a chance to show that you don't support dictators and their methods. Kick the USA out of the UN. Enough autocracy, let the world know true international democracy, and let the world see how fast peace and economic progress will flow everywhere; They will wonder why they waited this long; Of course, they felt they could not, because the USA was in the way, and it still is.

Time for the USA to get out of the UN. If not, it should be kicked out. This should be Monday's proposed resolutions at the UN security Council and at the UN General Assembly. Time for the United Nations to grow up and become independent of the USA, and it is time for democratic international institutions. Let a new era of world development begins.

How can we manifest peace on earth if we do not include everyone (all races, all nations, all religions, both sexes) in our vision of Peace?

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