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Jewish group blows up Palestinian school, wound 29 students

Palestine-Israel, Military, 4/10/2003

The occupied Palestinian territories yesterday witnessed an incident which raised a question on whether Israel has started to implement its plan to transfer the Palestinians. This was when an extremist Jewish group detonated an explosive in a school in a town in Jenin that resulted in wounding 29 students. This operation, to some, recalled the terrorist attacks used to be carried out by the Zionist gangs and results in al-Nakba ( setback ) of 1948 when the Jews occupied Palestine.

Meantime the Israeli army broke into Beit Hanoun in Gaza where five Palestinians were killed and thereby the number of killed Palestinians during the 24 hours in Gaza tolled 12.

Palestinians in Jaba village near Jenin said that an explosion took place in a Palestinian school, and this resulted in wounding 29 students. Lutfi Abu Oun, the chairman of the municipality said that two of the wounded are in a grave health condition and that all the wounded were admitted to hospitals in the nearby Jenin and Nablus.

Eye- witnesses said that blood was scattered everywhere among the crushed glass of the students desks and stationary.

A Jewish group calling itself "revenge in the name of children" claimed responsibility for the explosion. This very extremist group claimed responsibility 6 months earlier for placing an explosive at a school in Sour Baher ( Jerusalem area ) and resulted in wounding three students.

The spokesman for the Israeli police Jim Kleiman said commenting on claiming responsibility by the Jewish group for the explosion "we do not have evidence proving this announcement. We have started investigation and we will decide if there is a need to send a team of experts in explosions to take part in the investigations."

For his part, the advisor of the Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon, Zalman Shoufav ( Israel's former ambassador in Washington), said that the "accelerated incidents in Baghdad, which did not bewilder me and the nearby collapse of Saddam's regime might create the appropriate conditions for the foundation of a new Middle East which is more peaceful that we hope to have a positive effect on other terrorism forces or supporting terrorism in the areas." He added "with the Iraqis getting rid off, thanks to the US and the UK, from their barbarous dictatorship, we hope that our Palestinian neighbors will derive also the necessary moral lesson and to assign the authority to a peaceful leadership that work for fighting terrorism and violence and makes with Israel peace negotiations that is based on a settlement."

A Palestinians security source said that more than 15 Israeli military vehicle and bulldozers incurred today early morning from Beit Hanoun crossing, Ereiz, to the north of Gaza towards Salah Eddine street for a distance of 2 kilometers in the territories of the Palestinian territories. The source said that the Israeli bulldozers blocked the main entrance of the town after they deployed into it.

Palestinian medical sources talked about the killing of five Palestinians by the bullets of the Israeli occupation during the incursion operation. Ezz Eddine al-Qassam group, the military wing of the Hamas movement, claimed responsibility of Sdeirout city and Natsareim settlement to the south of Gaza noting it was a quick response to the assassination of two of its members.


How can we manifest peace on earth if we do not include everyone (all races, all nations, all religions, both sexes) in our vision of Peace?

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