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HIV/Aids: Why Cure Hasn't Been Found - Abalaka


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George Oji

Managing Director of Abuja-based Medicrest Specialist hospital Dr. Jeremiah Abalaka, has said that the world has not been able to discover a cure for the HIV/AIDS scourge because all HIV preventive vaccines so far developed are designed to elicit anti-HIV antibody production.

Speaking to newsmen in Abuja at the weekend, Abalaka said the only way to outsmart the virus is to design and apply a vaccine that would not be anchored on stimulating anti-HIV antibody production.

"In my study into the research efforts of others, I observed by and large the one track-minded approach adopted by past and present research efforts. In other words, researches into HIV vaccine development have all been consistently anchored on a vaccine that will trigger the production of anti-HIV antibodies.

"All candidate HIV preventive vaccines so far developed and tried by others have failed because they were designed to elicit anti-HIV antibody production.

"Mine does not elicit anti-HIV antibody production. Therein lies one of the many fundamental differences between my HIV vaccines and others," Abalaka argued.

Abalaka who also refuted the allegation that he was infected with HIV/AIDS and ran to London to seek cure, expressed regrets that government has not been able to take up the challenge of organising a public gathering for him to be injected with fresh confirmed HIV-infected blood to either prove or disprove the safety and potency of his preventive vaccine.

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"It is rather disheartening that even foreign countries, including intergovernmental organisations and the NGOs involved in HIV/AIDS campaign have failed to take up my challenge. I am still prepared to do it if any person, institution or establishment would organise it," the medical expert boasted.

Abalaka further claimed that his HIV curative vaccine has continued to restore several hundreds of patients to normal life and activity far beyond what any combination of antiretroviral drugs have achieved.


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