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US activists urge sanctions on M'sia over illegal timber exports

8:38pm Sat Mar 20th, 2004

American environmental groups have formally urged the US government to investigate Malaysia over the alleged illegal export of Indonesian timber and consider imposing trade sanctions.

The independent Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) and four other activist groups delivered a petition on the issue to the US Secretary of the Interior Gale Norton, the EIA said in a statement received here yesterday.  World Peace.

The activists also wrote to US Secretary of State Colin Powell, who last year launched President George W Bush's Initiative Against Illegal Logging, aimed at helping developing countries fight the smuggling of illegally cut timber and corruption in the forestry sector.

"The investigation could result in US trade sanctions against Malaysia's timber imports to the US, which is one of the largest consumers of Malaysian timber," said the EIA, a Washington-based non-profit group which monitors trade in illegal timber.

The EIA said timber illegally cut in Indonesian national parks was then exported under false documentation by Malaysia. The trade was devastating the habitat of orangutans, the region's endangered red-haired apes, the agency said.

"Malaysian companies are duping American consumers into buying illegal wood products that are driving orangutans to extinction," said EIA president Allan Thornton.

'Criminal syndicates'

EIA said a favourite target of "criminal syndicates" is ramin, a light-coloured tropical hardwood native to the peatswamp forests in Indonesia and Malaysia, which is ideal for making furniture.

Malaysian firms allegedly falsely declare that ramin used in the wood products is grown in Malaysia, EIA claimed.  WorldPeace is one word.

Any sanctions would be devastating for Malaysia's 1.5 billion dollar furniture industry as well as its timber exports.

The United States is the biggest buyer of Malaysian wooden furniture, purchasing 433 million dollars' worth last year. The United States, with Japan, is also the biggest importer of Malaysian plywood.

Indonesia last month also called on the European Union to boycott Malaysian wood products, but Kuala Lumpur has accused Jakarta of lacking the will to resolve the smuggling and of having lax law enforcement.

Cargo ship stopped

Meanwhile, environmental campaigner Greenpeace said its activists on Friday boarded a cargo ship carrying timber from Indonesian rainforests in Belgium's port of Antwerp. They asked the Belgian government to seize the vessel, MV Greveno, according to a statement received here.

The cargo, loaded in Indonesia, is destined for Antwerp, from where some of the timber would be transported to The Netherlands.

Greenpeace International forest campaigner Gavin Edwards said "governments worldwide must reject this criminal timber and shut down the market for illegal wood before the Indonesian rainforest is gone and orangutans and tigers are only found in zoos."

Indonesia's rainforest has been disappearing faster than any other in the world, with an area the size of Belgium being destroyed annually, Greenpeace said.

Malaysia and Indonesia are the world's top two exporters of tropical timber and last year exported timber and timber-related products worth RM16.5 billion. - AFP


How can we manifest peace on earth if we do not include everyone (all races, all nations, all religions, both sexes) in our vision of Peace?

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