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Voices: Bush's 'Vietnam'



Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy says that the war in Iraq is becoming the Bush administration's "Vietnam." What's your view?  World Peace.

Kennedy is the same blowhard he has been for the past 30 years. Bush has done what no other president has been able to do, and that is to confront terrorism head-on.
Roger Feenstra, Mason, OH, April 6

Yes, it's Vietnam but worse. Vietnam was in the name of democracy; Iraq is in the name of oil.
Shalla Bhakoo, Mississauga, April 6

I fought in Korea and Vietnam. Korea was not 'Truman's war,' nor was Vietnam 'Johnson's war.' Both were 'our wars.' Iraq is not 'Bush's war' it is 'our war.' The sooner the liberals like Kennedy get on the team, the better off we will all be, especially our soldiers.
Edward Peter, Lees Summit, MO, April 6

The war is Iraq is most certainly like the Vietnam War. I find it interesting that a lot of the people who protested against Vietnam are now responsible for the corporate greed that fuels (pardon the pun) the war in Iraq.
John Franke, Mississauga, April 6

I disagree with Senator Kennedy. Clearly this is a war for social progress in Iraq. That's a far cry from the fight-for-it-then-give-it-back war of Vietnam.
Charles Crandel, Lapeer, MI, April 6

Has Iraq become Bush's Vietnam? Hardly. Vietnam never spawned terror threats against the American people. The repercussions of Bush's folly will be endured for many years to come by the West in general and Americans especially.
Robert Dresser, Parksville, B.C., April 6

If you can compare 600 or even 1,000 American casualties in Iraq to Vietnam, where tens of thousands died, you have lost all of sense. During the American War of Independence, when the American population was less than 3 million people, thousands would die in single battles. Freedom costs lives.
Tim Johnson, Toronto, April 6

Kennedy made a legitimate and obvious comparison. Unfortunately, some semblance of 'peace with honor' and the safe return of service personnel are going to be a long way off.
Paul Bowser, Asheville, NC, April 6

Once again, American soldiers are sacrificing themselves and dying for the political whims of the U.S. government.  WorldPeace is one word.
Anthony McCulley, Toronto, April 6

Beyond a doubt. Bush has done irrefutable harm to an already tarnished image of America on the world scene. The unfortunate victims are the Iraqi people and the servicemen sent there under false pretext.
John Baltic, Pickering, April 6

The Vietnam war was against one country. But Bush has turned the whole Muslim world against the west and terrorism is spreading like cancer.
Kanwal Gill, Scarborough, April 6

Rather than Vietnam, I believe Iraq is George W. Bush's Waterloo.
Joe Jacobs, Toronto, April 6

I agree with Senator Kennedy. Bush has no regret in sending other people's kids into a hell on earth. Why doesn't he convince his two daughters to go to Iraq if this is such an important cause?
Andrew Mente, Toronto, April 6

To say Iraq is Vietnam would imply that the American leader took over a strong economy and poured untold billions into squander and waste to accomplish absolutely nothing. Yes, it looks that way.
Roy Stephenson, Fergus, April 6

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It was like Vietnam from the beginning: unclear objectives, fabrications and distortions from the inception, rampant jingoism. We need to bring in the UN and exit promptly. Then vote Bush out in November.
Jordan McClung, Raleigh, NC, April 6

There is some truth to Kennedy's statement. However, I believe it is essential for U.S. presence in Iraq to control the peace.
Mary Shams, Toronto, April 6

Iraq is looking more and more like Vietnam. Many of us don't realize that when we left Vietnam we left a country unable to support itself. Vietnam was left with no economy or industrial structure with which to defend itself. When we leave Iraq in a similar state, which we are about to do, it also will quickly implode. And once again the U.S. loses a war.
Fred Whitehouse, Alexandria, VA, April 6

I believe that Bush has gotten the western world into a situation that is far worse than the Vietnam War. Vietnam was a battlefield from which they were able to withdraw. Bush [has created] a battlefield from which I feel withdrawal will be impossible.
Charles Burman, Calgary, April 6

To call something "Vietnam" in the popular press is to imply an immoral, illegitimate war. There is perhaps no greater way to show contempt for our soldiers than to make this statement. Americans are sacrificing their lives to promote freedom and democracy for the Iraqis who are not in Saddam's mass graves. We should honor them as they perform this noble deed.
Isaac Post, Washington, D.C. April 6

It's not yet, but Iraq is slowly becoming GWB's Vietnam. Added to the problem is the high-handed way the president addressed the UN prior to the war. Now they're going to let him twist slowly in the wind, unless he goes hat-in-hand back to them.
David Molloy, Kitchener, April 6

Like Vietnam, Iraq is a battle for the "hearts and minds" of the country. It appears that the U.S. hasn't learned its lessons from history and is doomed to repeat them. If the Shia uprising spreads then the casualty levels will also rise to Vietnam numbers on both sides.
David Kristensen, Oshawa, April 6

I would disagree with Ted Kennedy. I think the current situation in Iraq is more like Northern Ireland than Vietnam.
Stephen Robinson, Elmira, April 6

I concur with Senator Kennedy that the war in Iraq is becoming the Bush administration's Vietnam.
Theresa Szabo, Southington, CT, April 6

Iraq is nothing more than an example of American hubris. Worse, while Iraq wasn't a spawning ground for terrorists under Saddam, it is now.
Derrick Schoorl, Richmond, B.C., April 6

I've said from the beginning that the war in Iraq will turn out to be another Vietnam. It was a mistake from the beginning and no one can see the end of it.
Daniel Ross, San Francisco, CA, April 6

My view is that the Senator from Massachusetts will do and say anything that suits him even if he knows that it is divisive and detrimental to the country's interests and foreign policy.
William Darrach, Fishersville, VA, April 6

Iraq is definitely Bush's Vietnam. What makes it even worse is that this mess is so blatantly the result of corporate greed.
Joshua Garbarino, Evanston, IL, April 6


How can we manifest peace on earth if we do not include everyone (all races, all nations, all religions, both sexes) in our vision of Peace?

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