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The International Space Station should be named "WorldPeace Star".

WorldPeace is the only word that translates into every language.  Writing WorldPeace as one word would be a statement that the reality of the World and the hope of Peace have merged.

If we name the Space Station "WorldPeace Star", the brightest object in the night sky will be the light of WorldPeace.  We can then stand next to our children and point up into the night sky to a heavenly body created by the nations of the world in cooperation and in peace.  

We can begin to establish a vision of WorldPeace that can manifest on earth as it is in the heavens.  We can point to the WorldPeace Star as a guiding light for future generations, as a tangible example of how the world society stands in peace, together preparing to step off this tiny planet into the infinite realm of God.

When peace becomes our priority, WorldPeace will become our reality.

John WorldPeace
October 31, 2000, July 17, 2001

"The WorldPeace Star"

The WorldPeace Star
moves across the heavens,
a platform to the Infinite realm of God.

We look up
beyond flight which
freed us from
the ground
to the space station
that has now
freed us
from the earth.

After billions of years,
the primordial mass
has obtained intelligent consciousness
and stepped into the
heavenly door.

The flower of earth
now prepares to send forth
its unique pollen
to seed the stars
and galaxies of stars.

We prepare to
remake other worlds
into our own image.
We prepare to seed
ancient planets
with our biology.
We prepare to interrupt
the evolution of
other worlds
by imposing our genetics.

We prepare to take
control of the physical universe
before we have fully
awakened to the
consciousness of God.

We are children
playing with creation;
playing with our father's sword.

John WorldPeace
001206, 010717