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Feedback regarding WorldPeace

Subj: Re: WorldPeace
Date: 11/22/2002 1:18:00 PM Central America Standard Ti
From:  A reader
Sent from the Internet

Dear Mr. WorldPeace

Thank you for responding to my inquiry.  I work with an Arab-American doctor who is also very interested in WorldPeace, especially in regard to Arab-American relations.  We have been trying to find organizations or individuals with whom we can become involved to promote a world community of tolerance, respect and peaceful resolution.>>
I am not a person who trusts organizations.  The reason is because many times if not all the time, the primary objective of the organization is to preserve the organization and only secondarily to achieve the goals it was established to achieve.  Consequently, many times decisions are made to preserve the organization which are contrary to its  founders original objective.  I have not found a way to establish an organization that will be more concerned about WorldPeace than about building a WorldPeace organization.
I would certainly be willing to contribute any ideas I come up with, but may I ask a few questions first?
1)  What is your goal?>>

My goal is to increase the level of peace that exists on this planet.  There will never be perfect peace because the nature of this universe is change.  All things manifest from God (what I usually refer to as the Infinite Potential) and all things disintegrate back into God.  Because of change all things are in a constant state of tension.  When we understand this, we can focus on how to accept change with the least amount of chaos and conflict.

Each religion believes that a messiah will come to bring perfect peace.  I do not believe that you can have a perfect peace in an ever changing world. 

I am a practical person.  We already have a level of peace and what needs to happen is that we need to try to increase that level of peace.  This is a never ending objective.

The most important way to increase the peace is to accept the fact that when you take away religious, political, racial and gender classifications we each become simply human beings who are global citizens.  When this happens we must accept the reality that if it is wrong to sell cigarettes to children in the United States, it is just as wrong to sell them to children in the rest of the world.  In regards to bin-Laden we need to treat him like a murderer and we need to proceed the same way we proceed to apprehend every other murderer.  We do not need to destablize governments when all we are after is one man.  The point is that we need to apply the rules of our local community which are basically enacted to keep peace in the community to the entire world.  We need to be inclusive in our ethic, morals and philosophy and not exclusive. 

 I understand it is WorldPeace, but are you trying to gather interest on a large
I am trying to get people to understand that ALL children are their children, ALL parents are their parents, and ALL people are their neighbors whether they live next door or half way around the world.

, energize individuals to actively become involved in WorldPeace?>>

We are involved in WorldPeace by default.  To do nothing is to do something.  An unpleasant word to your spouse, children or neighbor sends repercussions through the world society like a stone causes ripples on the water.  If we just refrain from saying one hurtful word or refrain from one hurtful act each day, we have increased the level of peace in the world.

The level of peace in the world at any given moment is a product of all the actions of the human society.  As the negative acts of the individuals in society increase, WorldPeace decreases and vice versa.

let people know of your personal goal?>>
My personal goal is to increase the level of peace.  When I changed my name 15 years ago, I believed that if I did nothing more for peace but to change my name, people would have to consider WorldPeace for at least a moment when they saw my name, heard my name, spoke my name.  So my name alone has the power to increase the level of peace in the world no matter to how small a degree. 

The world is so caught up in exclusiveness regarding race, religion, nationality and gender, that it is difficult to break through these mindsets.  Therefore, a generic message of one word "WorldPeace" is acceptable to everyone.  The word WorldPeace does not promote or negate any religion, race, nation or gender but in my opinion it does increase the peace every time it is spoken or written or seen.

Now personally I have an opinion about how to increase the peace.  And I am opposed to racial, national, religious and gender prejudice.  I think Bush is a arrogant  war monger who is a detriment to WorldPeace.  Therefore, I write articles about him and others who do things which I think are good for the United States but bad for the world. 

It is important to understand that I feel comfortable being an advocate for peace without being a pacifist.   I am a practicing attorney.  I fight every day.  Yet I never forget that things could be better and I never stop trying to increase the peace.   Many people promote peace through passive jobs like becoming preachers and monks.  I promote peace by living in a world of conflict because understanding the root causes of conflict will allow me to see some possible solutions to neutralize conflict.

My reason for asking is that I believe a goal has to be functional (useful) to have an impact.>>

Well you have to define impact.  If you are expecting overnight miraculous impact you will not even begin the journey.  But if you understand that just saying the word WorldPeace or writing it will send positive vibrations throughout the world community then impact takes on a different more achievable meaning.

  Would plaques around the world do this? >>

Can you look at the word WorldPeace and not consider WorldPeace for a moment?  If those plaques were at every bus stop in the world where people must spend time waiting, don't you think that they would spend some time considering WorldPeace.  What do you think would happen if every time Bush mentioned Saddam Hussein the word WorldPeace came out of his mouth instead.  Or what would happen if at the end of each hour on the television the word WorldPeace appeared for one second?  Yes plaques are a beginning.  They are beacons of WorldPeace.

I personally don't know, but am asking
what you think.

I think that everything we do impacts on the level of peace on earth and the word WorldPeace is very powerful.  I ran for governor of Texas last year.  I lost of course because I did not have $20 million to spend on the campaign.  But 20,000 people voted for me and my name was repeated all over the state.

I am about to declare my candidacy for Mayor of Houston.  I doubt that I will win because people are not ready to release their racial, national, religious and gender prejudices, but for the next year, 3 million people in the Houston area are going to have to consider WorldPeace.  Next November, I will run against George Bush in the Republican primary.  This will put me on the ballot all over the United States in 2004.  What do you think is going to happen when a hundred million voters see John WorldPeace below the name of George Bush on the ballot?  For about $5,000 I will be able to significantly increase the population's consideration of WorldPeace.

How can your WorldPeace actively contribute to resolving the issues of intolerance and vengence around the world?

Well I daily write about how things that are happening in the world are increasing or decreasing the level of peace.  This is my method.  Each person needs to decide for his or herself how they can promote peace.  It may be as simple as being more tolerant while waiting in line to buy a hamburger or not honking in traffic.  Each person must make his or her own decisions about how to promote peace.  I believe that my job is simply to get people to think about it and so the more exposure my name "WorldPeace" gets, the more peace that will manifest.
What practical or useful goal do you have in mind?
I think putting the word WorldPeace everywhere is practical and useful.  Think about WorldPeace with nothing else attached to it.  You can then craft your own definition and live it.  Each person gets to craft his or her own vision of WorldPeace.

I think it is a more practical word than love.  You can be peaceful without being loving.

  How can that best be brought about?>>

Say the word WorldPeace one hundred times or write it in big letters and stare at it for three minutes.  Then tell me if it made an impact on you.

I ask because I would like to help, but need to clarify the objectives.>>

The objective is WorldPeace. The task is saying or writing the word at every opportunity.

  Awareness of WorldPeace is a good one, but global.>>

Write it in every language. In every place.  In every heart.  The change will come.  You may not be able to measure it but you will feel it.  And if nothing else in the end you can say you tried.  That is all any of us can do.

  It seems to me it must
have some practical way of being taught. >>

I do not think you would want to impose George Bush's definition of peace and WorldPeace on anyone.  The point is that each person must write their own definition.  I doubt that anyone would seriously believe that the real solution to WorldPeace is to make everyone like themselves.

Do you have ideas? 

My idea is simply to write the word WorldPeace in every language in every place all over the world.  Secondly, my person contribution is my web page.  Third every time someone meets me they have to consider WorldPeace.

My colleague is an independent film producer, and has done several short videos within schools to promote Tolerance.   In this approach, she first teaches the word and what it means; uses playdoh to create the letters;
What if the letters were WorldPeace?  Tolerance is a part of WorldPeace.  Love is a part of WorldPeace.  Peace is a part of WorldPeace.  Inclusive is part of WorldPeace.  Your friend is promoting WorldPeace by focusing on tolerance.

and finally
(but most important) teaches children how to make a three dimensional representation of what the word means.

And what would happen if they were making three dimensional representations of WorldPeace?

  This is the most important step because an abstract concept must be literally
created into a meaningful form to actually be used in life; in behavior; in attitude; and in actions.

The first abstract dealing with WorldPeace is to get people to write WorldPeace as one word instead of two.  Abstractly as long as it is written as two words, it will be considered as two separate things.

I am wondering if this type of approach would also be useful in teaching the concept of WorldPeace; a literal definition and a representation of how that would look in concrete form.

The word WorldPeace translates into every language in the world.  Consider that I have the only name in the world that translate into every language.

The definition must be examples of WorldPeace and not dictates of WorldPeace.  Once you begin to demand a concrete definition of WorldPeace you destroy its wholeness and begin to exclude.  It is sort of like a definition of God.  All definitions of God, limit God.  God is infinite and definitions limit God.  Even the word infinite is limiting.  So any definition of WorldPeace is incomplete and therefore exclusive.  The idea is inclusiveness and so you cannot define WorldPeace, you can only give example of it.  See?

It's one thing to talk about WorldPeace and quite another to Truly understand what that means and how to use it to better ourselves and all of mankind. >>

When you demand that others accept your definition of WorldPeace you become unpeaceful.

Have you thought of teaching your concept within schools; community groups;

and other organizations?

I am always available to speak.  No charge except the price to get there if it is more than a couple of hundred miles from where I live.  I speak every day on my web page.

Sorry for the long message, >>
Don't be.  Every question I consider in essence requires me to reevaluate my philosophy and that is a good thing.

but I am interested and would like to participate if I can help in any way.>>

Write and say WorldPeace as often as possible.  Chalk it on the sidewalks.  Put it on every email and letter.  I hope to print some bumper stickers when I get time.  Print some yourself and give them away.  Buy some pencils with WorldPeace on them and give them away at schools.  I cannot carry this whole load myself.  This is why I do not want to restrict WorldPeace.  You can make a bumper sticker with WorldPeace in any form you want.  You do not need my permission.  You can even write it symbolically with a world and a dove.

  I have a 
background in Rehabilitation Counseling, Clinical Psychology, and Metaphysics.  This is probably why I am most interested in how to take your concept of WorldPeace and make it useful.  If we are not able to take a global and abstract concept like WorldPeace and make it useful, purposeful, and functional, it will simply remain abstract.>>
When you write WorldPeace or say it as one word it become concrete.  The more permanent the imprint, the greater the impact.  A brass plaque on a building, or nailed to a post or cemented into the ground is a concrete beacon of WorldPeace.

  Give me some thoughts, if you will, and I'll put my mind to it.
November 23, 2002


How can we manifest peace on earth if we do not include everyone (all races, all nations, all religions, both sexes) in our vision of Peace?

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