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The WorldPeace Insignia 

The insignia has a human hand in the middle which represents human beings.  Red is the color of human blood.  Where two fingers represent peace, four fingers and a thumb represent WorldPeace. When this connection is made within the world community, every time a person waves hello or goodbye, they will think about WorldPeace.

Behind the hand is a yin-yang symbol. This represents the constant change in all dimensions and all aspects of this reality where things constantly manifest and constantly disintegrate which causes never ending disharmony.  The reason there will never be perfect peace on earth is because things will never stop changing.

The yin-yang symbol is in green and blue which represents our planet (blue sky - green earth).  The yin-yang symbol represent the duality of all things constantly encroaching upon each other.  The blue is constantly invading the green.  Also, within the blue is contained some green and within the green is contained some blue.  Within the darkest night, there is light and within the brightest day there is darkness.

Around the earth colored yin-yang is a yellow band which represents the physical sun behind the blue and green earth.  The sun is the light of the physical world and also represents the spiritual light of all the founders of all the major world religions.

The black band around the sun represents the physical universe (even though it is indigo or beige depending on which scientist you listen to) and the spiritual universe from which all things manifest and back into which all things disintegrate.

The overall symbol is round and represents the no beginning - no ending oneness (unity) of all things.

Therefore, this pin represents not just peace during this Iraqi crisis but also an ongoing statement of peace and WorldPeace for all times.  With or without war, we must be constantly mindful that all things change and the only way we can maintain and increase the peace is to acknowledge this never ending change and remain vigilant in our attempt to try to keep the disharmony due to change at a minimum.


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