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I have a dream that all the World abides in peace.

I have a dream that I and my colors travel the world path creating beacons
of WorldPeace.

I have a dream that all the angels of the heavens and the God of all the
universe travel by my side as I carry the light of love and love of peace
to each and every mountain, valley, sea and plain, to each and all that travel
the blessed earth.

One simple man WorldPeace; One simple message WorldPeace

I have a dream that with each passing, with each creating, a beacon of love
and understanding is forever established, forever ignited, forever to radiate
Peace and Light.

One simple man WorldPeace; one simple message WorldPeace.

I have a dream that all that is pure in love and light comes continuously to
touch each tiny beacon, to add Light to light, to make the earth a beacon in
the infinite heavens that radiates into the hearts and minds of all of
humanity; Peace and Light.

I have a dream that all who come, that all who are called to each tiny
beacon, receive the infinite gifts of God; wellness and love, peace and

I have a dream that all who come, receive; each according to his need, each
according to her love, so that as they travel one by one their separate paths
each carries the love and peace unconditionally given to each and every
vibration of the earth; until that never ending day arrives when each and
every one, when all in all, forever flows, in love's most precious gift

John WorldPeace
April 6, 1988


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