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The Capstone of the House of WorldPeace

Love one another.

The Pillars of the House of WorldPeace

1) We are each at one with God, at one with the universe, at one with the
earth and at one with each other.
2) When we quit distinguishing each other by race, religion, nationality and
sex, we will simultaneously stop judging each other. When we stop judging
each other, intolerance, prejudice, hatred and war will be significantly reduced
within the world society.
3) We must treat other human beings the way we desire to be treated. We
need to consider how our every word and deed will effect other human

The Foundation of the House of WorldPeace

WorldPeace will manifest:

1) when we acknowledge that even though our bodies are mortal and finite,
our souls are immortal and infinite.
2) when we acknowledge that we are an immortal, infinite part of a
magnificent Creation which we cannot begin to know or understand.
3) when we acknowledge that there is only one God, and that God is beyond
our conception.
4) when we accept change, which is universal.
5) when we acknowledge that we are incarnate in this reality because we
choose to be.
6) when we synchronize our bodies with the immortal peace of our infinite
souls and not with the aggressiveness of the physical world.
7) when we realize that we are each unique, immortal travelers of times,
places and dimensions who are temporarily residing in this reality and that
everything is as it should be.
8) when we flow with life and stop battling it.
9) when we embrace all of humanity instead of separating ourselves from it.
10) when we allow each other to pursue his or her sexual pleasures, with
the exception of rape and child abuse; and when women are allowed an
equal status in society.
11) when the powerful embrace their responsibility to uplift all of humanity.
12) when we ignore a person's race and acknowledge that there is truly only
one race: the human race.
13) when we understand our relationship with each other, with the earth,
with the universe and with God.
14) when we acknowledge that the naked truth about war is that it is one
human being murdering another human being.
15) when we acknowledge that we are at one with God regardless of
whether or not we belong to a religious faith.
16) when we acknowledge that if there are no religious laws, there can be
no sin.
17) when we acknowledge that we can never balance every negative act we
commit and it is not necessary to do so because we are always at one with
18) when we acknowledge that whether we reincarnate or not, we are at
one with God.
19) when we stop polluting the earth which sustains our bodies.
20) when we consider everyone as our parents, spouse, children and close
friends and love them accordingly.
21) when we realize that within our Oneness, resides our peace.

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