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In my many daily endeavors, I on occasion encounter those who think that I
am wasting my time attempting to manifest any semblance of WorldPeace.
Some laugh at my name and some have bumper stickers on their cars that
say; "Visualize Whirled Peas." I have even encountered Christian
fundamentalist who think I may be the devil. All in all it is not easy to be an
advocate for Peace and WorldPeace.

Many people tell me that my efforts are futile and there will never be
WorldPeace. Some say only when Christ or Buddha or a Hindu Avatar or
an Islamic Imam appears will there be WorldPeace.

To those in the first group, I remind them that I am an attorney and that I
am daily involved in the airing of the dirty laundry of humanity.  I am not
some idealistic fool ignoring the nature of humanity to be inhuman. I tell
them that it does not matter whether the goal of WorldPeace is impossible
or not. Only time will tell. It only matters to me that at the end of each day,
in some way, I can say I tried to manifest WorldPeace.  I cannot change
anyone. I have no desire to foist my views on anyone.

All I can do is to simply communicate the word "WorldPeace". That word
embodies the whole of everything I have to say.   Everything else I say or write
is just commentary.

For those who are waiting for a Messiah to manifest WorldPeace, and
almost all the members of all the major religions of the world are expecting
one, I simply say that I cannot sit back in apathy while children starve and die
of AIDS, TB and Malaria and are murdered in wars and on our streets and as racial,
religious, national and sexual prejudice and hatred daily manifest grief within the 
realm of humanity. I am sure that some day some great soul will appear and that
great soul will help move the world toward peace but in the meantime I
realize that WorldPeace begins with me; right now!

People ask if I get discouraged advocating WorldPeace. My answer is that
I have no expectations and so I cannot get discouraged. I am doing what I
have to do and that gives me peace; nothing more.

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