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The Third Millennium Gospel of Jesus Christ (The Gospel of WorldPeace)


This is a project that is part of a larger project. For now it is very simple. I take passages from the Christian Gospels, draw a picture and write a haiku poem which is just a very condensed rendition of the passages represented by the drawings. The drawings are not redrawn. The point is that the drawings and most of the haiku are straight out of the creative side of my head and most of the time do not require editing. The drawings take about 5-10 minutes. The poems take about 2 minutes. I have been drawing for 55 years Dr John WorldPeace Art and writing poems for 45 years Poems by Dr John WorldPeace 1970-2015 and writing Haiku for 7 years Haiku by Dr John WorldPeace.

I will try to post one of these each day starting September 6, 2015, to Facebook for about 200 days I think. As I post them to Facebook, I will add them here. I will work through the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John) in random order and in time post these drawings/poems in the order they exist in my The Third Millennium Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Dr John WorldPeace
September 6, 2015
1945 (7:45pm)

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