Commission for Lawyer Discipline v. John WorldPeace
WorldPeace’s Transcription of Trial 31 Tape from April 23, 2003  

7:17      Fry  

            I am going to find specifically that this constitutes professional misconduct.  Now.  As to the Constitutional Issues that were raised and severed I would urge both counsel to send me whatever briefs they feel are necessary and frankly these are legal questions which I think need to be resolved so that this case might be appealable.  I would urge that you do that immediately.  I am going to find that Mr. WorldPeace owes restitution in the Collins matter for $1,560.00, Lang matter for $930.00, Nash matter $500.00, Williams matter $375.00.  I am going to find the expenses to be $2,831.30.  I am going to find the attorneys fees of the Commission for Lawyer Discipline to be $31,260.00 as testified to by Mr. Molleston.  I am going to grant the request for disbarment.  I am going to order that Mr. Molleston prepare a judgment for the court’s signature.  I am going to order, ask that, I assume there will be a Motion for Judgment NOV and a Motion for New Trial, I am going to suggest after reading about that this morning that those are filed together and that will extend the time on Motion for NOV to the same time for the Motion for New Trial that way they can both be heard at the same time.  Counsel…  

15:41    Molleston  

            I am not aware of case law on this, your honor, but I have tried a number of highly contested, these in the past and I can tell you what is done is the court puts a date, if the court thinks there needs to be time to wind down a practice, like 30 days, then the court can put effective on…

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