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October 31, 2003

The Honorable James R. Fry
15th Judicial District Court
200 S. Crockett St.
Sherman, Texas 75090                                                 via fax at:  903-813-4304

Re:       Cause No.:  2002-42081; Commission for Lawyer Discipline vs. John WorldPeace; In the 269th Judicial District Court of Harris County, Texas

To the Honorable Judge Fry,

            In your letter yesterday, you did not mention my motion to compel Mr. Molleston to produce documents that he had violated Rule 3.01 TRDP on prior occasions.  A copy of the motion is attached.

            A trial court may not arbitrarily halt proceedings in a pending case, and mandamus will lie to compel a trial court to hear and rule on motions pending before it.

            In re: Johnnie Tasby, 40 S.W. 3d 190, 191 (Tex. App. Texarkana 2001)

Very sincerely,



cc:        J.G. Molleston, Attorney at Law                                               via fax at:  713-752-2158

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