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November 13, 2003  

To the Honorable Justices of the Supreme Court
Supreme Court of Texas
201 W 14th Street , Room 104
Austin , Texas      78701                                                              via HAND DELIVERY  

Re:       Cause No.:  2002-42081; Commission for Lawyer Discipline vs. John WorldPeace; In the 269th Judicial District Court of Harris County , Texas

Dear your Honors,  

1)  Attached you will find a copy of an open letter to the Supreme Court that I have regarding problems with the State Bar grievance process.  I think that you consider the open letter you will find it hard to deny that the grievance system is, biased, oppressive, and arbitrary and beyond fixing without complete rethinking of the entire system.  

2)  This letter and all future correspondence and pleadings and documents related to my grievance will be posted on my web page at (see the WorldPeace v. the State Bar of Texas link at the bottom of the page.)  

The purpose of the web page is to initiate a discussion inclusive of all the attorneys in Texas with an objective of shutting down the State Bar Grievance process.  

3)  This week I have filed several Applications for Writs of Mandamus against Judge James Fry, the judge appointed by the Supreme Court to preside over the disciplinary petition filed against me.  I will file one more application against Judge Fry by Friday if time permits.   

4)  That being said, I would like to point out a couple of facts that give me great concern about Judge Fry.  

a.  Judge Fry allowed Dawn Miller, Chief Disciplinary counsel and J G Molleston, attorney for the State Bar in Houston , to add five grievances to the underlying disciplinary petition without filing them with the Clerk of the Supreme Court as mandated by Rule 3.01 and 3.02 TRDP.  (In Re: WorldPeace 03-0990) Dawn Miller has a history of violating the law as evidenced by her filing a 1993 disciplinary petition on WorldPeace after the statue of limitations had run.  (Exhibit “A”)  The suit was dismissed with prejudice.  (Exhibit “B”)  

b.  At the pre-trial hearing in the underlying disciplinary petition, while discussing the Rule 3.01 matter, J G Molleston told Judge Fry that during the six years that he had been with the State Bar, he had frequently violated Rule 3.01.  (Exhibit “C”) On June 24, 2003 , I sent a letter to Mr. Molleston demanding to know the names of those lawsuits.  (Exhibit “D”)  These would have to be cases that were never appealed because none of the discipline cases that were appealed since 1992 when the TRDP became effective, had a fact pattern regarding Rule 3.01.  Mr. Molleston refused to produce any cases.  (Exhibit “E”)  

On August 5, 2003 , I filed a Motion for Judge Fry to compel Mr. Molleston to produce those lawsuits.  (Exhibit “F”)  My belief is that they do not exist and Mr. Molleston lied to the court.  I believe that if Mr. Molleston lied to Judge Fry in open court, he should be summarily fired and then disbarred.  The attorneys at the State Bar should be above reproach and not above the law.  

Judge Fry has refused to hear my motion.  In the hearings last Friday on my Motion for New Trial and so on, Judge Fry said discovery was closed and he would not hear the Motion to Compel Molleston to produce those cases.   (Exhibit “G”)  

However, that is nonsense because the Rule 3.01 matter came up in pretrial.  Certainly, discovery on the case in chief was closed but discovery on any pretrial Rule 13 violations by Mr. Molleston were not passed the discovery date.  

I would allege that Judge Fry is covering for Mr. Molleston more than a little bit.  

c.  On July 29, 2003 , Mr. Molleston wrote a letter to Judge Fry stating that he had read my Seventh Amended Petition and found nothing new in it.  (Exhibit “H”)  That was a lie.  On the last page of the Seventh Amended Petition was a cause of action for injuctive relief for Mr. Molleston’s and Dawn Miller’s violation of my constitutional rights of due process, equal protection, religious discrimination and so on.  (Exhibit “I”)  This was another lie to the court by Mr. Molleston.  

d.  I filed a Motion to Recuse Judge Fry on October 7, 2003 , which was denied by Judge Olen Underwood of the Second Administrative Region on October 23, 2003 .  

e.  Judge Fry granted the Commission’s Motion for No-evidence Summary Judgment and incorporated it into his August 27, 2003 , Judgment of Disbarment against me.  Judge Fry knew that my Seventh Amended Petition was timely filed within seven days of the July 28, 2003 , submission of the Commission’s Second Motion for No Evidence Summary Judgment.  Judge Fry knew it was an abuse of discretion for him to grant the Judgment for Disbarment knowing that my cause of action for injunctive relief had not been adjudicated.  This argument is contained in my Application for Writ of Mandamus, Cause No. 03-1023, In re: WorldPeace.  

e.  On November 12, 2003 , I received by fax, a Motion for Continuance from Victoria Gallagher regarding Cause No. 2003-22965, In the Interest of Ashlynn Page Simpson and Destiny Michelle Simpson, Minor Children, 246th District Court, Harris County, Texas.  (Exhibit “J”)  In that motion, paragraph 3 states, to wit:  3.  “ I have spoken with Jed Molleston, who is the attorney representing the Commission for Lawyer Discipline, in the subject disbarment of John WorldPeace case.  Mr. Molleston informed me that the Judge who issued the Order of Disbarment has decided not to enforce the order until after the court loses plenary power because that means jail time for John WorldPeace.  

I have an Application for Writ of Mandamus on the disbarment date/plenary power issue before the Court, Cause No. 03-1022, In re: WorldPeace.  

There was not a single word mentioned about jail when the date of disbarment and the court’s plenary power came up in the November 7, 2003 , hearings on my post judgment motions.  Not a word.  See the _______ November 7, 2003 , transcript.  

The undeniable conclusion anyone would draw from the above is that Judge Fry and Jed Molleston had ex-parte communications about putting me in jail.  It is obvious from Judge Fry’s abuse of discretion rulings that he has a bias and prejudice against WorldPeace.  This statement by Ms. Gallagher seems to me to be undeniable evidence that Judge Fry and Jeb Molleston have conspired to deprive me of my Constitutional rights.   

The evidence is not overwhelming but it is significant and there is certainly more than a scintilla of evidence and reason for this court to look deeper into this matter.  

5) Shortly, I will begin faxing a memo to all of the attorneys in Texas directing them to my web site.  The purpose is to involve the entire Bar in a conversation about the grievance process because the grievance process affects every attorney in Texas .  

Respectfully submitted,  



cc:        The Honorable James R. Fry                                                    via fax at:  903-813-4304
J.G. Molleston, Attorney at Law                                               via fax at:  713-752-2158

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