November 15, 2003

From:   John WorldPeace,  Attorney at Law       Houston, Texas 77057

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To:   All attorneys in the State of Texas

Re:   The State Bar Grievance Process


1)  Ten years ago, Dawn Miller, the current Chief Disciplinary Counsel for the State Bar, filed a disciplinary petition against me in which all the grievances were past the statute of limitations.  The lawsuit was dismissed with prejudice.   However, the net result was that a permanent public reprimand was placed in the public record and my good name as an attorney was forever disparaged.  There is no recourse at law for these bad acts per Rule 15.11, Texas Rules of Disciplinary Procedure.   I told Dawn Miller in 1993, that if she ever came after me again, I would have her fired, disbarred and the State Bar grievance process shut down.  Three years ago, Ms. Miller, decided that she would process another frivolous grievance against me and I began to lay the foundation to make good on my promise.  

2)  The battle has been ongoing for three years now and is recorded on my web page at  (See the WorldPeace v. State Bar of Texas link at the bottom of the page.)  There you will find all the answers to your questions about what is wrong with the State Bar grievance process and a first hand look at how the process is stacked against attorneys in this state.  You will see how the draconian process is imposed on attorneys by the Commission for Lawyer Discipline who, due to the virtual absolute immunity of its misguided personnel, intimidates and harasses many good attorneys into accepting unjustified reprimands.  

3) The grievance process is defective and corrupt and cannot be reconciled with the significant attorney malpractice law in this state.  These two bodies of law must be reconciled.  The low threshold for a grievance puts every attorney in this state at the mercy of any disgruntled client.  An attorney can be disbarred for a single violation of the TDRPC.  

4) Please forward this letter by fax or email to every attorney you can so that the grievance process can be restructured to create a just and fair system as opposed to the Inquisition mentality that presently exists.  

The Texas Rules of Disciplinary Procedure is presently under review.  Now is the time to act.  I have put my license on the line to stop the abuse.  The least you can do is to email the Supreme Court with your comments.  The contact info is on my web page.  Remember, the license you save, may be your own.   



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