January 8, 2004

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To:   All attorneys in the State of Texas



1)  This is the most important fax that you will receive this year.  It is about your rights as an attorney against frivolous grievances and the corruption of the State Bar Grievance Process.  The time to deal with this matter is now.  If you are not livid about what the Supreme Court is allowing the Commission for Lawyer Discipline to do to attorneys in Texas , then you need to ask another attorney to explain it to you.

2) The Supreme Court, not the legislature, promulgated the Texas Rules of Disciplinary Procedure in 1992.  Those rules were modified and renewed on January 1, 2004 , by the Supreme Court as is required by the Texas Sunset Law.  At the time the Supreme Court renewed these rules, it had twelve Applications for Writs of Mandamus that I filed pending before it regarding the major defects in those rules and how they denied attorneys in Texas all sorts of constitutional rights of equal protection and due process and against self incrimination. 

3)  Did you know:

a) That non-attorneys are the gatekeepers under Rule 2.09 TRDP in regards to which grievances filed against an attorney are classified as a Complaint or an Inquiry?  In my trial, Mr. Mapes, of the State Bar, a non-attorney, testified that he did not understand the Preamble or Scope of the TDRPC.

b)  Under Rule 8.04(a)(8) and 8.01(b) TDRPC you can be disbarred for refusing to cooperate with the Commission by asserting your rights against self incrimination even though in the first letter you receive from the Bar with regards to a grievance clearly states that information may be forwarded to law enforcement per Rule 6.08 TRDP and every investigatory hearing begins with a Miranda type warning about the attorney’s right to remain silent.

c) Under the new rules, the Commission can place all the grievances filed against you in one particular investigating panel and no longer has to assign those complaints randomly.  In my case, they violated the old Rule 2.07 and sent 66% of the complaints to the Alan Levine’s panel, knowing that Alan Levine said in one of the investigatory hearings against me which I did not attend, “that the complainant could walk out the door and down the street and find any number of legitimate attorneys.”  So according to Mr. Levine, all licensed attorneys in Texas are not legitimate attorneys.

d) That the “must” provisions of the TRDP, like Rule 3.01, do not apply to the Commission and the time limits under Rule 15.07 TRDP do not apply to the Commission.  More importantly there is no enforcement provisions applicable to the Commission under the TRDP.  In other words, they can do as they please.  This makes these rules unconstitutional in that they are arbitrary.  These issues are before the Texas Supreme Court and they have refused to vacate, modify or enforce these provisions.  All they did was renew these rules without change or comment.

e)  The TRDP, and by inclusion per Rule 1.06(q)(1) TRDP, the TDRPC is incorporated into the TDRPC are selectively enforced against the respondent attorney and not enforced against the Commission’s attorneys.

f) The Commission’s attorneys can lie to the court and because they allegedly have immunity under 15.11 TRDP they are not held accountable.  In the lawsuit against me, J G Molleston, attorney for the Commission, lied to the court stating that the Commission frequently violates the “must” provision of Rule 3.01 TRDP and in 14-03-00531-CV, 14th Appeals Court, Steve Nelson v. CLD, Jennifer Hasley, attorney for the Commission, lied to the trial court about substituted service and through her lies achieved a default Judgment for Disbarment.

g)  If a client refuses to pay you and files a grievance and the Commission files a disciplinary petition, you cannot counterclaim for your fees in the disciplinary petition.

4)  The above is just the tip of the iceberg.  Go to http://www.johnworldpeace.net/indexsb.htm for the full story.

5)  The whole State Bar disciplinary system is defective and corrupt.  Ten years ago, Dawn Miller, the now Chief Disciplinary Counsel, filed a disciplinary petition against me knowing that all the complaints were past the four year statute of limitations.  The court dismissed the suit with prejudice but Dawn Miller achieved a permanent Public Reprimand against me.  And there is nothing I can do about it.  For her corruption, Dawn Miller was promoted.  The present disciplinary process is an unconstitutional Inquisition.  

6)  Further, take notice of the rulings Judge Fry made in the underlying disciplinary petition against me.  Come to your own conclusion as to whether I received a fair trial from an impartial judge.  Then consider that Judge Fry was appointed by the Supreme Court and that the Supreme Court has endorsed the illegal acts of Judge Fry by their refusal to hear my Applications for Writs of Mandamus.

7)  So the bottom line is that you have no rights under the present disciplinary system and the $27 per hour attorneys at the State Bar can play God with your right to make a living.  It is time to revolt against the oppressiveness of the disciplinary system.

8)  No doubt there are some lawyers who should be disciplined.  But the present system is set up to allow the Commission to arbitrarily select a few attorneys each month to disbar in order to placate the public.  What is happening in fact, is that legal services to the public are becoming more restricted because of the precautions attorney must take to protect themselves from frivolous grievances and bad intentioned and immunized State Bar attorneys.

9)  I have laid the foundation to put an end to the abuse.  It is unlikely that the opportunity will come up in the future when Applications for Writs of Mandamus that are questions of law regarding the TRDP and the TDRPC and the TRCP  are pending before the Supreme Court at the same time that the Supreme Court renews the TRDP knowing the defects of the process.  I have laid the foundation and preserved error.  But I cannot do this alone.  Now is the time for you to get involved to protect your license and your ability to earn a living as well as your right to collect fees from dead beat clients without fear of the State Bar taking your license.

10)  Remember, one violation of the TRDP or the TDRPC can result in your disbarment.  Remember that when you do not return a phone call or decide not to execute a twenty page Retainer Contract signed by a client, you’re putting your license on the line.


Very sincerely,


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