March 3, 2004

From:  John WorldPeace  

Re:  WorldPeace - Legal Ethics Update  

Via email  

Dear Professor,  

I sent an email to you about a month ago in which I asked you to direct your students to my web page regarding my litigation with the Commission for Lawyer Discipline.  

I can tell from the increased traffic on my web site that some of you did direct your students to my web page.  Thank you.  

Since my last email, the Supreme Court has requested a response from the Commission for Lawyer Discipline regarding my application for writ of mandamus regarding restitution, res judicata and severance; due by March 9, 2004.  

Also, the Fourteenth Court of Appeals has requested a response from the Commission regarding my Motion to Dismiss the Appeal for want of jurisdiction because the Judgment for Disbarment against me is interlocutory; due March 8, 2004.  

I also have a Motion pending in the Fourteenth Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court in which I ask for a stay of the Judgment for Disbarment based on the fact that the courts have not enforced the "must" provisions of Rule 3.01 TRDP against the Commission so why should they enforce the supersedeas and stay provisions of Rule 3.14 TRDP against me.  

The Texas Rules of Disciplinary Procedure is defective and its application by the Commission is corrupt.  The TRDP affects every lawyer in Texas and therefore affects every citizen of Texas as well.  




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