Dawn Miller: Chief Disciplinary counsel for the State Bar:  who sued WorldPeace in 1993 LINK when she was an attorney in the Houston office.  The complaints in the disciplinary petition had been sitting at the State Bar for six to seven and a half years.  The lawsuit was dismissed with prejudice because it was filed after the statute of limitations had run.  I told Dawn Miller that she had, by filing suit, placed a permanent public reprimand in the public record and if she ever came after me again I would shut down the grievance process and have her disbarred.  That is the driving force in all the grievances against me.  In this current battle Dawn Miller added five additional grievances to an existing disciplinary petition in violation of Rule 3.01 Texas Rules of Disciplinary Procedure which mandates that when an attorney elects a trial de novo in the District Court as opposed to an Investigatory hearing a petition MUST be filed with the Clerk of the Supreme Court.  As per usual, Dawn Miller and J G Molleston believe that they are above the law and they do what they want.  See the WorldPeace's Application for Writ of Mandamus regarding Rule 3.01 below.

J G Molleston: Attorney for the Houston office of the State Bar  

The Honorable James R. Fry: District Judge of the __ District Court, Grayson County, assigned by the Supreme Court to hear the underlying disciplinary petition against John WorldPeace.

Robert Mapes: the non attorney State Bar Investigator who processed most of WorldPeace grievances and then sent them to the Alan Levine/David Wintersgill and Jim Adler committees that were skewed against WorldPeace.  There are thirty investigatory committees in Houston.  Mapes was assigned to work with six of those panels.  And by the way, after Mapes testified at my trial where he looked to Mr. Moleston for the answers to virtually all my "linchpin" questions, he retired.

Alan Levine: attorney at law, and grievance panel member who told a complainant in an investigatory hearing which WorldPeace deliberately did not attend, that she could go out the door and find any number of legitimate attorneys:  suggesting that WorldPeace was not a legitimate attorney and displaying undeniable bias and prejudice.  Mr. Mapes assigned eight of the 12 grievances against WorldPeace to Mr. Levine's committee.  That was out of thirty committees in the Houston office of the State Bar.

The Honorable Jane Bland: District Judge of the 281st District Court in the WorldPeace v. Collins lawsuit.  Collins did not want to pay WorldPeace his $10,000 fee after he won her lawsuit.  WorldPeace sued and McNab Miller, attorney at law represented Collins and charged fees of $33,000 of which he only collected $2,500.  (Interesting that Collins would obligate herself to $33,000 in fees to get out of paying $10,000 to WorldPeace)  Collins is worth about $400,000.  WorldPeace was sanctioned by Judge Bland in the amount of $8,000 and disbarred by Judge Fry for trying to collect his fees. The offer from the State Bar was a public reprimand which I rejected.  Something is really wrong with this picture.  Collins did not pay Mr. Bard, the attorney she had prior to WorldPeace.  She did not pay WorldPeace and she did not pay McNab Miller.  This lawsuit is on appeal.  

And in her pleadings in that lawsuit Collins stated that she had filed a grievance on WorldPeace and thus breached the confidentiality mandate of the TRDP.  McNab Miller, put even more confidential grievance information in the lawsuit when he took over from Colllins who was pro se.  Miller also put lies in the pleadings about what was happening to WorldPeace in the grievance process.  All this was many months before the investigatory committee finished its investigation.   WorldPeace filed a grievance on Miller which included several undeniable TDRPC violations that were thrown out by the State Bar.

How can we manifest peace on earth if we do not include everyone (all races, all nations, all religions, both sexes) in our vision of Peace?

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