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Written in response to the deletion of all I have posted under World Peace and Spiritual Christians from the Wikipedia data base.

Dear Wikipedia Feds (Wikipedia Gestapo)

Sorry that I do not fit into any of your definitions. There are no courses in the universities of the world that deal with the global issues of peace. There are courses that deal with different aspects of peace such as maybe a course about peace advocates. But all peace advocates to date have a local position. No peace advocate has appeared before me to discuss the underlying core impediments to peace on a global all inclusive scale. Said core impediments being race, religion, nationality and the subordination of women world wide.

Therefore there are no third party discussions or university dissertation or published articles because no one has even acknowledged that the subject exists. So what will you do with me? I have defined the subject. I have spent 21 years both advocating, writing and engaging in these areas. Now that I write what I have learned, you say that nothing can be posted because enough time has not passed for the world to wake up to the discussion that I have defined. Therefore, your encyclopedia is nothing more than an archaic and useless meandering about this most important subject WorldPeace.

You can read the postings in this topic and you will see the the discussion is random, disharmonious and chaotic and basically is just a few incoherent quotes. You read what I have posted. Then I think you need to consider that the subject of WorldPeace is one that must proceed outside all your rules to date. The reality is that all the theories to date have not increased the peace much less manifested WorldPeace.

The discussion of WorldPeace is nothing but a circular reiteration of all the things that have never worked. 5000+ years of religion and no religion has manifested peace. Since the history of mankind there have been governments, none of which have manifested peace. Racial wars simply bolster religion and nationalistic wars. And where will the discussion of the subordination of women as an impediment to peace take place in your encyclopedia.

I have my own web page where all this is discussed. I am too far ahead of the rest of the world society to probably ever be included in your encyclopedia. In a word, you dont even understand what I am talking about. And for that reason your rules and structure fail the human society in your over all goal of educating the world human society in order to create understanding and peace. Maybe you do not even know what you are doing. Maybe you need to redefine the whole concept of wikipedia.

Edison tried to cram DC current down the throat of the economy. AC current developed by Tesla who worked for Edison was the future. Well maybe you are the Edison of knowledge. Historical knowledge that is barred from current comments is almost worthless. By the time that a problem is defined the whole environment has changed and the definition is worthless and the discussion meaningless.

Maybe a competing encyclopedia that allows people to speak their mind may be a better vehicle for change; an all inclusive newsgroup or contemporary encyclopedia. I think we all know that new ideas come from the radicals and misfits and revolutionaries in socieity and not the conformist housed in universities.

Do what you want. I am going to play in my own back yard where freedom resides unhampered.

John WorldPeace
May 31, 2009


Copyright 2009 by John WorldPeace All Rights Reserved

This subpage of the WorldPeace Peace Page, by John WorldPeace, is the condensation of the ideas regarding WorldPeace contained in the 4000 sub pages of the WorldPeace Peace Page written by John WorldPeace since 1988. It is impossible to put this degree of detail on Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is a peoples encyclopedia. However there are those who I call Black Trolls who are in essence the ever present book burners in every time and society. Black Trolls are those who anonymously erase posting on Wikipedia. I have made it clear to the editors of Wikipedia that a monitoring system is necessary to identity these Black Trolls. Every time someone erases something on Wikipedia it should go into a special data base so that these Black Trolls can be identified and then banned from Wikipedia. Anonymous unaccountable deletions of any part of Wikipedia without comment by the Black Trolls who engage in this kind of activity is a major flaw in the entire Wikipedia objective and is nothing more than contemporary book burning. Black Trolls are enemies of the world human society and certainly an impediment to Peace and WorldPeace.

The cousins of the Black Trolls are The Wikipedia Feds.


WorldPeace (not World Peace)is also the ideal of all the major religions. All religious leaders advocate WorldPeace. WorldPeace is also the objective of women who are subordinated world wide and whose subordination is a core issue within the issues of nationalism, religion and race which are the core impediments to WorldPeace. The association with any religion, nation or race is in fact an elitist exclusive mindset which can never increase the level of peace in the world human society because WorldPeace is a democratic (non elitist) all inclusive mindset where nationalism is subordinated to world citizenship, religion is subordinated to spirituality (a belief in God) and race is subordinated to the reality that we are all human beings. As long as women are subordinated within all societies within the world human society, the all inclusive concept of human beings is further chaotically and unpeacefully split into men and women.

Johnworldpeace (talk) 19:08, 27 May 2009 (UTC) John WorldPeace


Section Three should be divided into the impediments (not theories) of WorldPeace of 1) Race 2) Religion 3) Nationalism and 4) Gender bias. Only politics (nationalism) and religion are presently distinguished.

Johnworldpeace (talk) 19:08, 27 May 2009 (UTC) John WorldPeace


World Peace (which is normally written as two words) indicates that world and peace are two things. Conceptually WorldPeace should be written as one word. The discussion is about WorldPeace. A discussion about World Peace is meaningless.

WorldPeace has four major componets of which this article to date has only discussed two. The four core componets of WorldPeace are 1) Political 2) Religious 3) Racial and 4) Gender bias against women. All these four componets are in essence charged with and mandated and responsible for the promotion of peace in the world. Yet as core divisions in the world human population they are divided into elitist exclusive clusters. As elitist exclusive clusters of human beings they cannot promote WorldPeace becasue world peace is an all inclusive democratic concept. Therefore an American peace will never manifest WorldPeace because an American peace excludes other national concepts of peace as opposed to including them. So the concept of American Peace as applied to the world is capable of no more than an American peace which the majority of the world politically rejects. The same way the Buddhist reject a concept of WorldPeace based on Jesus, and White humans reject a concept of WorldPeace based on Black humans and Men reject a concept of peace that gives women true equality in the world human society. So WorldPeace requires a discussion of peace without distinguishing the world human population by nationality, race, religion or gender. A discussion of WorldPeace must be held by WORLD CITIZENS who have subordinated their race, religion, nationality and gender. The problem of course is that in reality these four divisions argue that the absence of WorldPeace is due to the opposition of other componets of the categories of race, religion, nationality or gender.

This discussion of WorldPeace must include a discussion of all of these divisions of the world human society. To propose that WorldPeace is limited to peace among nations and ignoring the underlying lack of peace due to religious and racial wars and the undeniable global fact of the subordination of women is like discussing assault weapons as the only cause of mass murder.

Johnworldpeace (talk) 18:29, 27 May 2009 (UTC) See external links and references sections below.


WorldPeace is One Word

According to John WorldPeace, see reference and external link below to the WorldPeace Peace Page, in order to define Peace or WorldPeace, we must start by writing WorldPeace as one word because it is the combination of two concepts of "world" and "peace" and writing it together indicates the concept of WorldPeace something different from writing the words separately which is really meaningless.

This entire WorldPeace conversation prior to this contribution by John WorldPeace is off the mark. It has been a discussion of how to deal with the reality of the lack of WorldPeace, no nation at war with another nation generally speaking. What it does not consider are wars based on race and religion. These wars cross national boundaries. But WorldPeace is even a broader concept in that it also includes the end of the violence and the subordination of women. These are the four core impediments of WorldPeace; nationalism, racism, religion and gender bias. There are almost an infinite number of sub issues impacting on the level of peace in the world human society.

The reality is that there will never be WorldPeace. The reason for this requires the consideration of the common denominator of all disharmony and unpeaceful actions in the world human society. That common denominator is simply CHANGE. All things change. All things, tangible and intangible, that manifest in this reality (world) in time disintegrate. This constant change requires the entire world human population to shift at the birth of every child and at every human death. There is a constant tension in the world human society between opposing groups with an infinite number of individual and group agendas. And this is complicated by the fact that humans belong to many groups, some even with opposing philosophies and mandates.

So all the arguments under this WorldPeace topic are really about increasing or decreasing the peace. It is ridiculous to consider the end of governments. Whether we have the present nation states or end up with one federal order with subdivisions under it, the world human population will always be divided politically. Further, the world human population will also always be divided by race, religion and gender. There will never be a perfect peace. Not even when Jesus returns. To create a perfect peace would be to freeze everything that exists permanently; to stop change. That is a totally ridiculous consideration. Everything in this reality changes and always will. This reality is dynamic and cannot become static.

The Christian peace essentially requires Jesus to turn all human beings to stone so that there is no interaction and then there will be a perfect peace. The Christian Bible tells of wars in heaven among the angels even as contemporary preachers refuse to consider what this means in their lessons on how heaven will be peaceful.

So WorldPeace requires a new definition. That definition is that we already have Peace and WorldPeace. And it is not a perfect peace because that is impossible. We have a level of Peace and WorldPeace and what we can do is to increase the level of peace or decrease it. That is all that can be done and all the speculation on this topic is nothing but how the various nations, religions, races and genders can increase or decrease the level of peace in the world by their actions. The level of peace in the world human society at any moment is simply a gauge of the existing tension that exists at that particular moment.

There will never be peace as long as human beings gather in groups. When a person belongs to any group, that person becomes an impediment to peace because his association with others of his race, religion, nation or gender is an elitist exclusive mindset. The concept of peace and WorldPeace is one of total democratic inclusiveness. This is why an American peace will never manifest WorldPeace. A White peace will never manifest WorldPeace. A Christian peace will never manifest WorldPeace. And a masculine peace will never manifest WorldPeace. Let me repeat that perfect peace is impossible. So more accurately these various divisions and groupings in the world human society will through their actions increase or decrease the level of WorldPeace. That is all.

Therefore, any discussion about WorldPeace really comes down to increasing the peace by human beings letting go of their individual distinctions of race, religion, nationality and gender and simply come to deal with each other as human beings first and foremost. We all belong to the human race. That is our common democratic denominator. As we subordinate our elitist exclusive mentalities and prejudices we embrace a democratic inclusiveness which is what God is usually portrayed as being and promoting.

All discussions are about increasing or decreasing the peace. However, due to the short lifespan of human beings, each generation has to learn the lessons of peace again. Those who most want peace are those who have lived through the most chaos and disharmony. When the majority of human beings have not experienced the hell of chaos and disharmony, then you can bet that conflict is not far behind. The wars between various groups for superior power in the world human society will never cease. It is impossible for human beings to let go of their group identities because the world will always be full of change and therefore full of treachery,chaos and disharmony. This is fundamental and it requires all human beings to align themselves with groups that will protect them in times of chaos. It is about survival.

Human beings should work and pray for the reduction of political and religious and racial wars and for the end of discrimination of woman throughout the entire world. This is when the level of peace will reach its highest marks.

Now this is a framework within which to discuss increasing the peace in the world human society. The conversations can now turn productive as we understand the conversation. Peace comes to human beings but not to Americans, Blacks, Buddhists or men as long as each insists upon such a distinction in the world human society. Let go of group identity and association and embrace humanity and accept the humanity in others and the level of peace on the earth will rise dramatically.

This is a unique contribution written by John WorldPeace on May 17, 2009, for the sole purpose of defining the Peace and WorldPeace conversation in Wikipedia. External links and reference to more specifics can be found below in the external links and reference section to the WorldPeace Peace Page maintained by John WorldPeace.

Johnworldpeace (talk) 18:04, 27 May 2009 (UTC)


The Baha'i Faith has the same problem as all the other major religions. It subordinates women. No matter how much Baha'is advocate women's equality, the fact is that the Universal House of Justice, the Baha'i ruling body, is restricted to men only. Until women achieve parity with men in the world human society, the level of peace will not increase to its true potential. The subordination of women is a impediment to peace and WorldPeace that festers inside the other impediments to WorldPeace; Nationalism, Racism and Religion. As much as the Baha'is claim to be a religion that embraces all other religions, the truth is that you cannot participate in many Baha'i functions unless you are a card carrying Baha'i. So sadly, despite their advocacy for WorldPeace, they are just another elitist exclusionary religious movement that is incapable of truly embracing a democratic all inclusive spirituality which will increase the level of peace in the world human society. Spirituality is a belief in God without the human institution of religion. All religions are elitist and exclusionary. Religions make war on each other. Spiritualist don't. What I have said here applies to all the other religions as well.

Johnworldpeace (talk) 17:45, 29 May 2009 (UTC)

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