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Poems 1997

by John WorldPeace

Copyright 1970-2014 by John WorldPeace
Albuquerque, New Mexico USA

All rights reserved

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As I ride the waves of high technology,
the physical backbone of the awakening consciousness
of the coming metamorphosis of time and space,
I catch myself looking from the perspective of "out there"
at the perfect beauty of this blue marble spinning and
circumnavigating the fiery ball of our radiant sun.

From the swirling dust of exploding creation,
congealed this tiny spherical island within the galactic whole.
The fiery sun tossed and turned and spun the perfect
spheres that traverse the beginningless, endless circular paths.

Through the living dust of endless space traveled this
tiny island embracing and nurturing anything that would
grow upon its ever changing surface.

Slowly, ever so slowly, humanity crawled from the
muddy mist, crawled form the primordial dust,
from the genes of ever complexing cells,
from the intangible oneness,
from the demi-gods and gods
and God and the Infinite Potential.

Now we begin to open the eyes we thought were already awake.
Now we begin to see what we could never imagine.
Now we stand naked like Adam and Eve
in the garden where we thought we knew and understood.
We look down at our hands and feet
and the wonder of our human form.
We feel the infinite light penetrate our fleshy shell
and begin to hear the coming light as the veil of our
childhood is drawn back and the universe welcomes
us into what we could not know.

And as this glorious moment fast approaches,
I begin to cry at all the love that comes
despite all that I have done.

My eyes begin to open.
Where I was blind, I begin to see.
Where I thought I knew all things,
I understand I knew nothing at all.
Where I thought I was alone,
I feel the infinite touch of everyone.

I feel the love that comes from starving children,
I feel the love that comes from those killed by my vicarious acts
and harmed by my careless words.
I feel the naked love from the pain that never stopped as I
traveled my self engrossed way within the darkness that
I perceived as light.

John WorldPeace
5:12 pm

Stacks of human flesh and bone,
packed and pushed, bruised and beaten,
no more than fish in a net,
transported to somewhere, nowhere,
anywhere but here.

Rebels with their blood letting guns,
villagers with their knives of steel
pierce and slash the flesh and bone
of just so much useless humanity.

Who are these people?
Why are they here?
Why don't they go home?
What have they done?

Who knows? Who cares?
What does it have to do with me?
They are not my kin or clan or race or
of my country or religion either.

Just a note on the evening news;
80,000 human beings.
Just a paragraph or two
between ads for cars and clothes.

I can't smell their fear
through the sanitized television screen.

The light changes green,
the school bells ring,
the church bells toll,
another day begins.
Tonight is pizza night.

John WorldPeace


The dark soil lays in the peaceful valley;
season by season nourishing the green grass
that manifests the white rice of life.

Soldier men supported by the businessmen of religion
stalk the valley end to end killing in the name of
Krishna and Muhammed.

The peasant folk, living there because they always have,
go about their human chores and work;
raising children, caring for parents,
resigned to the senseless war that makes this paradise
a living hell.

Fifty years of unproductive war and who knows
how many fifty's more.
This has now become a place where grandsons are
sent after being prepared by fathers and grandfathers
who fired at other fathers and grandfathers
across the fertile valley.

How much rice nourished on human blood spilled in the valley
is being eaten around the world?

One day, all the human beings will be gone,
soldiers and farmers, parents and children,
and peace will return to the valley.

No one will remember the soldiers then.
There will be no one to remember the religious causes.
Only the dark soil, in natural apathy, will possess the
vibrations of the senseless murderings.

John WorldPeace

Strange People

What a strange people are
these Jews and Muslims.
From the same blood of Abraham they
have come;
from the same earth, the same God.
And yet something evil has been embedded
in their hearts.
A hell being that demands they kill each
other for the dirt of their God cursed land.

The intransigent hatred,
the horrendous insatiable craving for blood,
the apathy regarding the future of their children.

Two groups of children from the same father
forever locked together in their murderous insanity.

The world looks on.
Children pray.
And God looks down.

John WorldPeace

Can't we act as if Jesus were already here?

The rolling hills and valleys, oceans,
mountains and plains rotate endlessly
to bask in the light of the sun and
rest in the shadows of the moon.

Each moment awakens and rests
millions of human beings as the earth turns.

If, upon rising, we could focus on the ever present sun,
and leave our shields of race, religion and nation
on the floor next to our beds;
If we could just for one day refuse to prepare
for battle and determine to live in peace
for twenty-four hours;
to acknowledge our parents and children
and allow ourselves to touch our wives and husbands
without the barriers that all shields impose;

If we could just enjoy twenty-four hours one moment at a time
and believe that peace is possible;

If we could just make that commitment,
I am assured and convinced that all sorts of peaceful and loving events
would be set in motion,
all sorts and manners of coincidences would manifest,
the number and depth of which no one can really
dream or fathom.

Can't we act as if Jesus were already here?

John WorldPeace


What is it about religion
that lifts one up and then shackles
both hands and feet?
What is it about religion
that advocates love for all
and then defines all as "less" than everyone?
What is it about religion
that ministers of great power and wealth
revere the poor and penniless
life of Jesus and Buddha?
What is it about religion
that impassions men to kill
in the name of God?
What is it about religion
that condones the subjugation of women?
What is it about religion that
fosters the fear of death?
What is it about religion that promises peace
but delivers hatred, prejudice and war?

John WorldPeace

Drifting away
more each day
the other world beckons
and I cannot ignore the call.

Sailing on the finite seas
navigating the infinite heavens,
Daily I go
walking two realities
to and fro.

Fighting the silly battles
peacing in the Infinite Oneness
unable to focus,
experiencing all.

Come back.
Come back.
Pick up the battle axe
Pick up the shield.
Fight.  Fight.

John WorldPeace
Waiting on a hearing in the 113th

There is a time and place for all things.
The Universe is expanding, as telescopes see so far.
The biologist are unravelng our DNA.
What drives the chemicals?
The inert chemicals,
What energy is this?

A smiling God
personalized, yet Infinite
drives all things to be.

The magnificent Infinite space
where all things come to be
and melt away again
and again.

The tremendous peace
disconnects my nerves.
And I fight to perform
my routine tasks
in this hard cold

John WorldPeace
8:00 am
Waiting on a hearing in the 113th



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John WorldPeace Poems 1997 | World Peace Poems
John WorldPeace Poems 1997 | World Peace Poems
John WorldPeace Poems 1997 | World Peace Poems
John WorldPeace Poems 1997 | World Peace Poems
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John WorldPeace Poems 1997 | World Peace Poems
John WorldPeace Poems 1997 | World Peace Poems
John WorldPeace Poems 1997 | World Peace Poems