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Poems 1998

by John WorldPeace

Copyright 1970-2014 by John WorldPeace
Albuquerque, New Mexico USA

All rights reserved

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The wind blows
through the trees.

Who can say
why some fall down
and some
remain standing?

John WorldPeace
5:05 pm

Sailing the Cosmic Sea

The sea of life spins
and within all that lives.

Through the endless
ocean of worlds
this island makes
its way.

One small life
beats its tiny heart
a hair out of rhythm

and all is seen.

Holding on to this place
as peace beckons from
out there.

The road has been long
and the long path
rolls over the horizon
in this linear land

Yet form the top of the world
in the shadow of the earth,
I am so much more
experiencing the pain of
being so much less.

John WorldPeace
6:20 am

With two feet
       each in two worlds
             life goes on here
                   with transparent
                         knowing of

Silence and peace
       permeates all that is -
             the absence of worry
                   and fretting,
                         fear and desire.

Breathing in,
       I remember.
             Exhaling, I see

Each moment is precious;
       coming like tidal waves,
                   moving and changing.

I release my desire.
       I joy in the moment
             finding peace in the
                   chaos and confusion
                         to which my
                               body is attuned.

John WorldPeace
7:40 am

The air turns cool
       and the clouds overcast the sky.

The seasons have come
       and gone fifty times
             but in my mind
                   nothing has changed.

Many have gone away
       not to return
             as they were;

              not to be seen again tomorrow.

But the land remains.
       The ageless dirt still blows dust
             and the sons of hawks I knew
                   still hunt on the wind.

The water trickles down the creek,
       the big rock holds firm.

             I begin to blow into the wind.
                         I prepare to go.

John WorldPeace
1:24 pm



John WorldPeace Poems 1998 | World Peace Poems
John WorldPeace Poems 1998 | World Peace Poems
John WorldPeace Poems 1998 | World Peace Poems
John WorldPeace Poems 1998 | World Peace Poems